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All Rachel Livingston wanted was a normal life but she stumbles into a world she didn't know existed. A world where creatures of the dark and light live off the energy of other beings. A world where battles have raged over the centuries and creatures have fought for power and dominance. Rachel has unintentionally bonded to Vlad, a creature of the darkness, a vampire. Desperate to break the bond, Vlad discovers that Rachel is the rarest creature of them all, the Aphrodite. Lurking in the shadows is a creature so evil the world cannot hold his body. A creature who has for centuries, killed every Aphrodite that lived, the Abaddon. Desperate to find the rare Aphrodite, the Abaddon must find a way to re-materalize on earth. If Vlad cannot break the bond before the Abaddon arrives he will be forced to fight the ultimate creature of darkness. Regular Updates

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AD 70

Sun bathed her milky white skin as she stood in the courtyard, hand upon the large column. Screams filled the air as people scattered in all directions, running to safety. An explosion erupted, black plumes and smoke filling the air; the last external defence obliterated.

The usually bustling market stall, empty. Flames licked the flimsy wooden structures; the ripe fruit of the spring harvest scattered over the ground, animals running fast. Young and old fled, running in all directions, their footsteps marking the muddy paths.

From the Roman palace looking down upon the city, she watched praetorian guard rushed to the gates. Their courage was admirable, but neither their armour nor skill could save them from the darkness that approached. Warning of the impending danger had come from a young boy, his horse galloping fast like lightning, fields of fire following. The gates were closed; the city evacuated. Humans had fought creatures, building walls strong enough to withstand an attack.

The guards formed a line, ready to defend the city should the gate be breached. Over the decades, enemy armies had wasted away trying to invade the city, but this was no human army; this was the creature of darkness.

“Aphrodite, he is here,” said Aquila, who trembled noticeably. Even this brave woman could not hide her fear, for this was not a battle of civilizations.

Disappointment and dread twisted her stomach as reality dawned upon her; no matter how far she ran, no matter the protection, he was always destined to find her.

“We knew this day would come. I had just hoped it was not so soon.”

Together they watched as the afternoon sun dwindled, dwarfed by growing black wisps that rose like smoke, wrapping around the grand, fortified city gate. Aphrodite sighed; their defences would not hold for long. Hiding had not worked; avoiding bloodshed was inevitable.

“It is time,” she said.

Aquila gasped as she took Aphrodite’s hand, squeezing it tightly. It had been decades since Aphrodite entered these lands, seeking refuge from creatures that hunted her. The creatures believed that the pure darkness of the Abaddon could only be stopped by the Aphrodite, the creature of love and rebirth.

In the palace, she found love for those who opened their hearts, but love for humans was a mortal love that ended with the short time they had on earth.

“It can’t be,” Aquila said, tears forming, “surely there is something we can do,” she begged.

“You must do as I asked. Once it is done, you must flee the city, for he will take no prisoners.”

Flames erupted into the air, searing heat knocking them back. Both flinched, stepping back into the column as they watched the black wall of wisps consume the gate, remnants of vaporized dust exploding in all directions. In the darkness, she could see the outline of the demon, his dark silhouette bringing a chill to her spine.

The guards shielded themselves, readying to face the end. She wiped a tear from her eye - if only humans could join her in the underworld. Their bravery had been rewarded in advance, for she knew this day would come. It was a sad day, but the humans were the only ones who could provide protection; the creatures wished to see her sacrificed.

Pushing past Aquila, she ran inside, where she saw Maximus rush towards her, a cup in hand. She rushed to him, flicking her long blonde plait over her shoulder as she hugged him tightly, anxious to let him go. Middle-aged, she had met him when she entered the city, charmed by his kind, giving nature. Ignoring his greying hair, she only ever saw the youth of his personality, his physique still strong like the other soldiers.

“I am sorry,” she sobbed.

“You said this day would come. I am sad to see the city burn, but you said it yourself, the day he claims you darkness will fall upon the earth. Neither man nor creature can stop the evil outside.” His voice was calm, his duty evident.

Relishing in his warmth one last time, she breathed in his scent, scared to let him go. She looked up at his face, his blue eyes shining bright, lines of age a reminder of all the happy times they had together. She wiped away her tears, taking the cup.

Aquila sobbed as she stood beside her, holding her hands to her toga, her soft brown hair falling forward. Aphrodite touched her gently, tucking the soft strands behind her ear. Young and innocent, Aphrodite hoped Aquila would not be so stubborn and stay. She had shown her the tunnels under the city, an escape route only a few knew of.

Opening her arms, she embraced Aquila one last time. Visions of the warm afternoon walks, the parties, the late-night talks, all of it flashed before her eyes.

Reluctantly, she let Aquila go and turned to face them both.

“I am thankful for the time we have spent together. Aquila, I have known you since you were a young girl and am glad to have watched you grow into a beautiful young woman. I hope you will take my advice and leave the city, for you have a bright future ahead of you.

“Maximus, I have loved you since the beginning, and I am thankful you have chosen to spend your mortal life with me. I am sorry to you both that it came to this, but this is the only way to stop him. Each time I enter the underworld, I forget, and I hope this time that I will remember.”

Aphrodite lifted the cup and, before Aquila could stop her, swallowed the wine. She glanced around, admiring for the last time the beauty of the Roman Palace. Art and statues adorned the space, brightly coloured as if each day was that of spring. No other civilization compared, which attracted her to them; their passion and, of course, their power.

Looking one last time, she admired the art she had herself commissioned, leaving behind memories. In each of her works, she left behind her essence so that one day she could retrace her steps, find her memories again.

The Abaddon would not be able to destroy them like he did others, for the King of creatures was ready with an army. Nearby they protected the gates of the underworld, ready to defend against the Abaddon.

Stepping outside, she looked down at the Guard’s, fighting against a force that was akin to a black hole consuming a planet. With a touch, they turned to dust, the Abaddon’s power growing as he neared.

Her heart fastened as she wiped beads of sweat from her hairline. He paused upon sensing her, his red eyes looking up. She stepped to the edge of the courtyard, the poison working its way through her bloodstream.

“You should give up and leave,” she yelled, “it is too late.”

Her legs collapsed, grazing as she struggled to stay upright.

“In this world, or the next, you cannot run forever,” he bellowed as he ran forward, attempting to reach her location.

Barely able to speak, she whispered, “you will never find me. One day, I promise, I will find a way to stop your power, for you destroy everything you touch.”

“We are destined to be together. A taste of my power, and you run,” he said as he moved closer.

“The humans don’t deserve this,” she whispered, accepting her fate, preparing to enter the underworld.

Black wisps climbed the edge of the balcony, reaching towards her. She pushed herself back, feeling death closing in fast.

“The humans are weak, pathetic. When I find you again, we will rule this land and the underworld. We will rule the creatures. It will not be long, my love, I will follow you.”

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