Unguarded Chaos

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He stood at the gates shaking, the gates that he had called home for so long. Now he saw them in a different light, one far less appealing. He grips a golden dagger in his left hand, a dagger that was forged from the pits of screaming souls. The heat from behind the gates caused his frustration to grow. He gripped the dagger tightly, as he battles something internally. A vein in his neck threatened to explode—As he fought something internally. The gloomy gates rattled as more creatures wanted out, their sweet taste of freedom had spurred an addiction—They wanted to spread their chaos once more… Cerberus could not allow them—He would not allow them. He would not endanger the lives of those he had grown to respect and even care about. Every battle had always had a purpose. The one he had just fought had been the most meaningful. The sweat pooled down his brow as he fought off the orders of Hades… His menacing whispers echoing down his ear canal. “Let them out… Pet…” No—Cerberus was no longer just a dog or just a pet. He was a saviour. She had taught him how much better he could be and how much love can change you.

Fantasy / Romance
Chloe. J
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The gates loomed above him as he chewed a bone of a soul who had tried to escape. Nothing ever escaped his jaws; no soul escapes the underworld. No one escapes Hade’s torture, no one defies his rules. Cerberus kept the screaming souls at bay—They banged on the gates day in-day out. Those who dared chance the leap—Leapt right into his jaws. They would cease to exist in any realm, becoming merely more than dust. The toasty hellish winds whispered through Cerberus’s black fur. Among the whispers a whistle chimed, the only chime Hades used to call him. Reminding Cerberus that he was just another pet to Hades. Nothing annoyed him more lately.

Cerberus followed the whistle chime—He hated it, but he would follow his king’s orders. The chime led him to Hades, who sat tall on his black throne. Bones marbled throughout the throne, the personal touches of Hades. The bones had been unwillingly donated by those who begged for mercy merely minutes before their torture began. If that alone said little about Hades persona—Then nothing will. Cerberus had sat at Hades’ feet. The Greek god of the underworld glared down at him with his fiery eyes.

“You took your time—Dog.” He muttered.

“I had souls to chew.” Cerberus answered.

“Perhaps we get a new pup, at least then one of you will do your job right.” Hades hissed.

“The souls never made it past thirty centimeters…” Cerberus muttered.

“Whatever Pet, I have a task you will do, regardless.” Hades smiled down at Cerberus wickedly.

There was an evil glimmer in his eyes, a glimmer that was brighter than Cerberus had ever seen in them. It caused a chill to ride up the underworld guard’s spine, and he swallowed nervously. Knowing the consequences would be doubled if he failed. Hades rambled with joy—But first Hades told Cerberus a story he had never heard. The story of how he became the underworld guard dog…

Why he was picked, how all the gods had agreed and the fine print in the contract would lead Zeus to fall. Now was the time Hades would use the fine print Zeus had missed. Yet he had signed it—And now, now the darkness begins…

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