Moon fairy

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A young moon fairy is flying above a stream when she noticed a light in the water. The light is a piece of the moon. She gets powers and finds love. But most of all she learns something new about the world.

Fantasy / Drama
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Chapter one The Big Flower

Starlight was flying to a meeting about humans. Starlight hated meetings they were so boring and she wasn't even aloud to talk. Because she was so young, only sixteen.
She made it to the new building called the Gathering. " Ugh, Star your late!!!" Fate called as Starlight landed beside her. Fate was twenty-one and beautiful. She had pale skin and black ish blue hair. Fates full name was Fateseeker but most just called her Fate. Star flipped her blonde hair out of her face and said "Yeah yeah, sorry Fate it won't happen again." Star was maybe the most beautiful fairy in the tribe with her short blonde hair and green eyes and tan skin. Fate marched out of the entrance room and in the meeting room. The Gathering was made up of four rooms. The entrance room and the meeting room and the cleaning pantry ( room) and the room that had a flower that you could talk to and your voice and all the words would be heard in the over other building flowers.

Star walked in the meeting room and sat on the bolder seat assigned for her. She looked up to the rest of the fairy's politely and stayed quiet as they spoke. " Well now that everyone is here it's time for order," almost shouted Lady Skymagic. " Yes indeed Lady Skymagic today's topic is Humans. Fateseeker please in form us one why there are topic," Mr Sun said to Fate. Fate started playing with a strand of her curly hair. " Well there have been Human sightings at the eage of the forest. They looked like all males and wore odd dark purple robes" Fate explained dramatically. " Well how many sightings have there been?" Asked Lady Skymagic. " There have been four. But from each direction. North East South West." Lady Skymagic was even more pale then usual which is rare because Lady Skymagic is almost normally paper white from hair to skin to clothes and only her eyes had color, they were a fading blue. Fairy's lost the eye color as they got older. But everything else is just you, you are born looking nothing like your parents but like your own personal self. But most moon fairy's are very pretty. Lady Skymagic was born very colorless. " Well have they spotted us or found our village." Lady Skymagic said starting to worry. " And have they done anything harmful to the forest," asked Mr Sun. " No they have not done anything harmful that we now of, they have not seen us or our village." Fate reassured. " Oh good Heavens okay thank your report Fateseeker." Mr Sun said well technically his name was Sunshine but for reason no one called him that.

Star was so bored when finally I was time for her to go to work for the first time witch meant is your working you can talk in meetings and it won't be so boring. So she fluttered out of the meeting room and into the flower room. Her assigned job was a rare job. She now had the job to keep the flower alive it was a great responsibility and great honor.

She stopped at entrance to the flower room and opened the door. Wow she thought that is one big flower. Standing in front of her was the biggest flower in the world.
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