Love's Destiny

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Sophia was like other little girls until the man in black showed up. Suddenly she was taken from the home she knew and locked within a facility with two thousand other little boys and girls. they put her through tests and experimented on her, turning her into a beast and contracting her to the goddess of love. Through the friends she makes and the pack she leads she has but only one goal, to destroy the very people that made her and her pack. At three hundred and fifty years old she will reflect on the memory of living a normal life. She misses her parents and the life she once lived. Will she make it back to the parents who gave her up to the Man in black? Or will she come back only to find that there is nothing left of the life she once lived? Follow her journey of love and sacrifice as Sophia learns what it means to be the destiny of love. Will she be able to stop the very people who made her from doing the same thing to other little kids? What is this strange force of power embedded in her heart? What does it truly mean to love where there is only pain?

Fantasy / Drama
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Chapter 1

Sophia’s POV

( Flashback )

My life from what I remember was good and simple. It was the year 1683 and I was living in a small hut that my father built. We weren’t the richest people but we did have a lot of crops as we owned a farm, at least that’s what I think it was. I was four when I was sold to this man in black for cash so my family could survive.

I had older siblings two brothers and two sisters I can’t really remember their names. I know they had the same dark hair and the same caramel skin complexion. I had natural blond highlights in my hair from my father whose blonde hair shined like the sun. I inherited my father’s hazel eyes from what I remember. It is all foggy after the three and a half centuries I have lived.

The man in black showed up looking for a diamond in the rough as he put it and got one look at me a told my mother and father that he needed to take me. He offered a price that my parents just couldn’t refuse and it was off to my place of darkness.

“With her and our care, she will be well taken care of. You need not worry she will be harmed.” He said as mother and father exchanged looks.

“Mommy, Daddy. What’s going on?” A four-year-old me asked as the man in black gave me a creepy smile.

“Baby you are going somewhere, someplace where you will be safe and cared for.” My daddy said as he scooped me up into his arms for what I didn’t know at the time would be my last.

“Please take care of her. she is my baby girl and I want her safe. Can you promise me that Mr. Flint? My mother asked with tears in her eyes.

I still couldn’t believe they would buy all that crap about me being safe and cared for. What my foolish parents didn’t know was that they were opening me up to a world full of pain and a world full of hurt. At the time I was unaware of everything going on around me and I was quite clumsy. I almost died a lot of time due to my clumsiness. My mother and father were quick to never let me outside as they feared that they would lose me. I guess in the end I didn’t matter.

“Mommy I don’t want to go,” I said tears stinging my eyes as I silently begged for them not to do this to me.

“Phia you have to do this for us. We love you very much and we know this man is telling the truth. I can promise you that we will see each other again.” My mother said as my father put me in the arms of Mr. Flint. I tried squirming to get out of his hold but, it was no use. his hold on me was tighter than anything I was used to.

“We love you Sophia forever and always.” My mother and father said as the man put me on his horse as he got on in the back. We took off on a long journey as I wiped the tears from my eyes with my little hands.

We must have been riding for hours as I lost track of time because Mr. Flint stopped at a really nice house. I remember all the trees and views we passed as we rode down the trail. He got off the horse and help me get off the horse as he gently took my hand and we walked towards the large building.

The building was a huge mansion but the inside really took the cake. The people who owned the mansion seem to be in a hypnotic state as we were let in. we slowly walked through the threshold We continued to walk in the mansion as no one tried to stop us.

I knew that this wasn’t normal as no one would willingly let people come into their house like we just did and it made me feel uneasy. when we walked in I was greeted with a large foyer. The floors were marble and the trim was gold. maybe what Mr.Flint said was right. These people would be able to let me provide for my family. My thoughts were interrupted by Mr.flint clearing his throat.

“This way Sophia.” He said as he tugged at my hand leading me in the left direction. We kept on walking till we reached an old wooden bookcase. He pulled one of the books and it opened a secret passageway. It felt like we were walking for hours till we finally came out the other end.

I looked a Mr. Flint and I really wanted to ask him where we are because I was scared. “Mr. Fwint Where are we?” I asked as I tilted my head to the side looking at him with my hazel eyes.

“Welcome to the world of the Gods Sophia.” Mr. Flint said as I look at everything in awe. it looked like heaven brought to earth as the light touched everything. There were buildings made of white and gold and the streets were lined with silver. The sliver lined the streets and made the sand-colored pith light up. My mouth was probably wide open because I heard Mr. Flint chuckle at my reaction to the land of the gods.

“I know it’s beautiful but, we must hurry to get to our location, the master is waiting for us.” He said as he tugged at my hand again. Four years old me didn’t know what was going on and I really missed my mother and father and I was sure I was gone a day already. We continued to walk along the path as I took in the sight before me.

We reached a huge building that was even bigger than the mansion. There were pillars that wrapped around the building and torches that lit the outside with amazing light. There were bushes clinging to the outside of the house and a huge garden in the front yard. It would have taken a lot of people to upkeep this garden.

My arm was tugged at again as we walked faster than my legs could carry me. I tried to wiggle my arm out of his hold but he would not let go, if anything he held on tighter.“You’re going too fast.” I said he slowed down giving me the time to catch up to his large strides. At this point, I just wanted to go home because I missed my siblings and I missed my home. I had a feeling this was my new home, and I would just have to get used to it.

We walked along a long pathway that leads to the entrance as we made it to a large door that was bigger than Mr.flint and me together. I remember thinking that this door was way too big for anyone to open because no one was that tall. I mean look at this door and try and tell four years old me that that wasn’t physically possible.

I was mad wrong when a huge woman opened the door wearing a beautiful baby pink greek style dress with gold and jewels all around her. She had long blonde hair and these piercing blue eyes that sparkled in the light. She wore a warm smile on her face as she greeted us at the door. The lady began to shink to our size as she looked at Mr, Flint in the eyes.

“Welcome back Hankswell, long time no see.” She said as they exchanged hugs. She must have noticed my presents because she bent down and greeted me with the same smile on her face.

“And you must be the little Ugee Akuminatis. Hank has been looking for you in your world. Tell me little one, What is your name?” She said scooping me into a hug.

“Sowphia.” I said in my baby-like lisp shaking in my skin.

“My Name is Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty.” The woman said to me with a caring voice. I assume the voice was meant to relax me but it had the opposite effect. I started to shake even harder in my own skin.

“Oh you poor dear, your shaking lets get you inside where it is warm.” She said as she scooped me up and propped me up on her hip.

She walked into the humongous building holding a scared little me as I looked around the ginormous building. I quickly began to notice that Mr.Flint was not following us as Aphrodite walk her and myself into a large living room area.

“why isn’t Mr.Fwint following us?” I asked in utter curiosity as I looked back to where Mr.Flint was once standing but he was now gone. Aphrodite set me down on a soft fluffy chair that could easily fit three people. She told me it was a couch which I thought was a weird name for an item at the time.

I would quickly realize this place existed in and outside of time so there was weird stuff here. The place seemed to be warmed from the inside leaving the cold air outside. I found it weird that it was this warm on the inside as we did not have a heater system at the time that I was born. We had fireplaces and smoke-filled houses, but this house didn’t have that at all.

Aphrodite had seemed to have left the room because she came in with some juice and a blanket. She wrapped it around me and sat down next to me and cuddled up next to me. I liked feeling her warmth and she had this motherly feel to him and she made me feel welcome. I didn’t realize my eyes were becoming heavy as they closed of their own accord as I drifted off into a deep slumber.

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