The Wild Side

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Isabella is the daughter of Alpha Callen and Luna Abby and the sister of Julian Webster. She was born with a mental Illness where she blacks out and attacks people for no reason. She thinks that there is no cure but what she doesn't know is that her mate might be just what she needs. Gabereal Hollester is the Alpha on a neighboring pack and he has been searching for his mate for five years and came up empty That all changes when he visits Isabella's Pack on a business. He thinks he will be able to dominate his mate but that all changes when he sees her wild side. Will their mate bond survive Isabella's Mental Illness? Will the dark forces that threaten war keep them apart? And will she be able to stop her wolf from completely devour her soul?

Fantasy / Romance
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A Great Day To Meet

Isabella’s POV

The pack has been wild as we prepared for a visit from the Black Dahlia Pack There alpha and my brother were going to have a meeting about territory and as my brother put it old friends catching up. they went to do their alpha training together and they easily became bros as Julian put it. His friend was older than him by three years and was twenty years old.

My brother and his mate were expecting their first pup real soon and I had been there with Naveah for the whole thing so far. I really couldn’t wait till my niece was born and I got to spoil her as any awesome aunt would. She was going to be loved so hard in this family and so spoiled.

My wolf Violet was very antsy today and I really didn’t know why. She had been like that the whole week and she was starting to get on my nerves. I mean I have had to shift three times a day every day this week. and I was having a hard time keeping my werepolor bythropy in check.

I was born with a werewolf mental illness that I see as a curse. werepolor bythorpy and it has made my wolf way too strong for me to handle her one hundred percent of the time. I would blackout and do mean things when I come to I don’t really remember doing them. I almost lost my relationship with my sister-in-law because of it. She is an absolute saint and forgave me and for that, I am blessed.

everyone lined up in front of the packhouse as the black cars arrived. My wolf getting even more energized at the sight of the big black car that arrived. Eight men stepped out of the car and when the last man stepped out of his car the most mouth-watering scent hit me all at once. The smell of hazelnut and caramel made my wolf go crazy and I now knew why she was going nuts all week. today was the day I would meet my mate.

My scent must have hit him too because he looked took a deep breath and looked around and when his eyes found me my wold stopped. suddenly I wasn’t alone in the world and that it wasn’t gravity holding me to the earth, it was him. my feet moved toward him all by themselves. What surprised me most was he was doing the same thing. once we were face to face we said the words that had yet to be spoken.

“Mate.” we both said in unison as my heart started to beat hard in my chest.

“Finally after all this time I have found you mate.” He said in the deepest and sexy voice I had ever heard. My wolf was jumping around in my head screaming “Mate. Mate. Mate. We found our mate.” she was so happy.

“What is your name baby?” He asked as his hazelnut and caramel smell sent me into overdrive. He had dark hair and the most beautiful silver eyes that bore into my soul. he was wearing a black leather jacket and dark pants and a green shirt. His hair was spiked and in a messy but sexy way and I had to try hard not to drool.

“Isabella Webster,” I said as a new feeling of shyness swept over me.

“So you are my friend's sister I have heard so much about. Who knew we would end up as mates?” he said in a dark and sultry voice that left me weak in the knees. My wolf was already in love and I was trying hard to keep her from taking over.

“My bitch-I mean brother talks about me around his bros?” I asked giggling about my “accidental” slip-up. He chuckled at my attempt at humor and Violet purred in delight.

My new fear made itself known as I realized I would have to tell my mate about my werepolor. Would he reject me for having a mental illness? Would he stick through it with me? Would we be able to make it out the other end with it?

I really didn’t want to get rejected due to something I couldn’t control. My wolf was trying real hard to assure me that my mate would love us no matter what. But this overwhelming feeling of fear hit me like a tone of bricks. I needed to find a way to cure myself of what was wrong with me so I could be a normal mate and wolf.

“What's your name sexy?” I asked as my wolf purred. He turned to me and with a sexy smirk replied.

“Gabereal Hollester Alpha of the Black Dahlia Pack and I’m glad you think I’m sexy mate,” he said as heat flushed my cheeks. Holy hell now I’m blushing god how a mate can change you even though you just met them.

He laced his hand with mine as we walked into the packhouse. The warmth of his hand laced with mine settled my wolf and for the first time in years, she was calm. she had always been so rambunctious and loved to rough house with anyone who would be down. I remember this one time she and Jasper my brother's wolf had it out in the woods a couple of weeks after I shifted.

I lost but it was very fun non the less. But right at this moment, she was calm and I couldn’t help but think the Gabereal had something to do with it and for that I was really grateful. We continued to walk into the packhouse and once we were inside my brother pulled me and Gabereal apart and growled at him. Great just what I needed, an overprotective brother.

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