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Book 2. Join Alester, Kody and Kylah as they navigate parenthood, running the pack and facing more obstacles. Walk with Sadie as she uncovers the truth about what happened to mate and raises her son. Meet Antonio and Cadence (this book was written before Mistake).

Fantasy / Romance
Nicole Davis
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Chapter 1

Just over three years ago my mates and I took the throne. After our battle with my father we held an Alpha summit. During the summit the other Alpha’s decided that my mates and I were what our world needed to hold the monsters among us accountable.

All the wolves that were involved in my father’s activities had their day in court to either come clean by taking the truth potion Dani makes or be sentenced to death should they choose not to comply.

Out of the sixty-five wolves that had survived the attack on Les’s side and the one hundred fifty in the cells at Blood Moon only forty-five chose not to take the potion. I assumed it was because they didn’t want their loved ones to know how truly evil they really were.

I can almost respect that. Most of those wolves were rogues, their families in well respected packs. Not wanting to tarnish their names is something I can fully understand. My name would have been tarnished if not for Kody walking into my training camp.

Some of the wolves who took the potion were sentenced to life in our cells and others were put on probation in Blood Moon, which is now Raven Wood again. Others are here working in Blue Moon or The Royal Wolf Pack as the rest of the packs call us.

After the official coronation we had a special ceremony for any wolves that wanted to come and meet us. Thousands came out to see us and pledge themselves to us. It was weird and still is at times.

Thus far, we’ve taken out twenty horrible packs like Black Blood and are working on more. Sadie’s team of specially trained wolves is now plural and we still handle disputes all over the world but we don’t just help wolves, we work privately for governments when their teams can’t go, this only happened because of the wolves we have planted in all the governments around the world. We stay out of human matters for the most part, the wolves are planted to help keep us safe.

You would think that things are wonderful for us but sadly we are still not over the death of Brandon. Sadie has never accepted that he is gone. She says that the bond was different but it never broke. She insists that she can still feel him.

Sadie has done an amazing job raising their son Toby. She does her duties as a Mother and Beta and as soon as that sweet little boy goes to bed or is playing with Jett and Maze she is searching for her mate.

The rest of us have tried to appease her by going out and searching for him but we have no leads, he just vanished, or was blown to dust. Sadie insisted that because we never found any body parts that he is still alive. I saw him pull the pin on the grenade myself, I wish she could accept the sacrifice he made for her, Toby and the rest of his pack and move on. He wouldn’t want her to work herself so hard.

I promised Brandon that I would look after Sadie and their cub and Kody, Kylah and I did that by having them stay with us. On the Royal floor we had a part of the west side set aside for Sadie and Toby. There are four bedrooms with private bathrooms, we share a large living space and kitchen as well as guest rooms and a main bathroom with them. Then you have our private quarters.

Our other Beta’s also got new suites as well, It was necessary to renovate the entire house and add on. The house is very large, a modern castle in the woods. Everyone is doing well except Sadie and it kills me a little inside.

Dani and Luke are expecting their first cub together which is amazing, It took her a long time for her to say yes and she decided she would carry their cub without having Kenji manipulating her genes. Luke and Dani didn’t want to take away a part of their cub, however the little one is born, they will be perfect.

Marcus and Tessa have a beautiful little girl named Maze, she is a few weeks younger than our son. Toby, Jett and Maze are best friends. They spend most of their time together. They are also really close to Wyatt and Willow, my little brother and sister.

In other exciting new Jett has become a big brother. Kody and Kylah are in the infirmary right now with our beautiful little girl. Jett is my biological son and our daughter is Kody’s biological daughter.

Jett turned two a few months ago. We wanted to throw him a huge party but he was only interested in being with Kylah and his baby sister. He hardly leaves Kylah’s side which is sweet but I had to pry him away from her so she could give birth to our little Arcadia or Adea (ehdia) as Jett calls her.

“Little Luna, she is so beautiful.” Kody says, looking down at our beautiful mate.

“She looks like her daddy.” she responds.

“Yes she does, she’s perfect.” I say looking at my beautiful family.

“Little Wolf, can you please sit behind me and put your arms under mine for added support while I feed her?” she asks,”I didn’t bring my nursing pillow”.

“Of course I will”.

“I love you.” I kiss them both and head for the door.

“I will come help you later.” Kody says.

“Absolutely not. You ran things on your own for two weeks when Jett was born and I will do the same, Enjoy this time with Little Wolf.” I insist.

When I open the door Dani is standing there arm up like she was about to knock.

“I have a big brother that would like to see his baby sister.” she says with Jett struggling in her arms.

“Jett you be a good boy for Mommy and Daddy, ok?”

He nods at me and squirms more in Dani’s arms. She puts him down and he runs to the chair I left beside the bed, climbed up on to it and then onto the bed. Seeing my mates and our cubs together makes me so happy.

“Adia… my Adia.” Jett says as he looks at her.

His Adia? Interesting. I’ll have to talk to my mates about that later. I close the door and I walk with Dani to my office.

“Sadie is gone.” Dani announces the second my door closes.

“She’s out looking for him again?” I ask.

“Yes, she is convinced that this lead will be the one”.

I sigh.

“Alester, I believe her. She knows their bond and she has never wavered in her belief that he’s still alive”.

“But Selene sa-”

“I know what she said but she’s wrong. Sadie is the one that felt him for years, we should trust her”.

“Ok, alright. Well you can focus on looking for him. You should be doing less strenuous duties right now anyway”.


After my sweet little boy climbed into the hospital bed with us he gently caressed his baby sister’s face and mumbled ‘Adia, my Adia’. It was so precious, he had always been so drawn to her. He somehow knew she was a girl before we did and he randomly called her Arcadia one day while he was snuggled up to my belly. Jett said that Arcadia was sleepy and it was time to go to bed. I was nap time for him so I went with it but now I’m thinking they might be mates.

“His Adia?” Kody says, looking at me.

“I guess”.

“Howd Adia, I howd Adia Mama.” he demands, bossy little thing my little boy.

“Just a second.” I lift up Dia and Kody helps to position Jett’s arms so he can hold her.

“Pitty Adia,” Jett says.

“Awe Little Wolf, look at them.” I say and he kisses my temple.

“I know Little Luna. I think we need to have a talk with Daddy Alester about them”.

“You think so too?” I ask.

“Oh yeah”.

Kody turns my face to the side so he can plant a living kiss on my Lips.

“With the next one we should just see what happens instead of planning it.” I kiss him.

“Whatever pleases you my Queen”.

“I want more cubs with both of my Kings.” I purr.

“You just gave birth four hours ago.” he chuckles.

“I know but I am all healed up and ready for more.” I smile.

“Fucking hell, Kylah”.

“Kody!” I pinch his thigh.

“What was that for? They are asleep”.

They look so sweet asleep in mine and Kody’s arms.

A little while Later Tracy came to see us and she brought the twins Willow and Wyatt and she brought Mia and Tia. Those girls are so wonderful with all the cubs and now that they are six they aren’t as hard on Sun.

Not long after they leave, Alester comes to check on us, Jett went with Grandma and the twins and Arcadia just finished eating.

“So I think our cubs are mated.” he says, no hesitation.

“Little Wolf and I think so too”.

“I didn’t think you’d have heard him.” Kody says surprised.

“Oh I definitely did”.

“I want them to grow up knowing we accept them.” I say.

“Of course Little Luna.” they both say, comforting me.

“I can’t lie, I was hoping she’d be mated to Toby.” I sigh sadly.

The door swings open and Tessa strolls in with Maze on her heels.

“I hoped that Jett would be mated to Maze.” Kody says, continuing our conversation.

“Why don’t you think he will be now?” Tessa asks.

“It seems that my babies are mated to each other.” I tell her.

“Awe is that why he was so attached to her?” she asks.

“That’s what we’re thinking.” Alester adds.

“That’s sweet. I think my baby girl has a little crush on Toby”.

“Where Jett mama?” Maze asks.

“Jett is with Grandma Tracy. I think she has cookies in the kitchen.” Alester tells her after down to her level, making it sound like a secret.

“Alester.” Tessa scolds him.

“Relax, they are the super healthy ones she makes that are probably better for them than what we normally feed them.” he smiles and winks.

Tessa goes on to ask about our sweet new cub and while swooning over her. She then hands her back to me and announces that her and Marcus are expecting again. I am so excited for them. They have been trying for a while and it seemed for a while like Maze might be their only cub.

“What are you hoping for?” I ask curiously.

“I am hoping for a boy this time but I’ll be happy no matter what we have. Are you three going to be trying for more?” she asks.

“Oh yeah”.

“You just had Arcadia.” Alester says, seemingly in shock.

“I know but I love being pregnant”.

We sit and chat a little while longer, reminiscing about how adorable Toby was when Sadie was pregnant with Elijah and Easton.

“Do you remember how sad and confused Toby was when he learned that they were going to be living with Atlas and Axel?” I ask them.

“Yes that poor boy, he was so upset that he wouldn’t get to see them everyday.” Tessa adds.

All of our lives have changed so much.

Alester and Kody asked when my Mom and Dad are coming to visit again but I haven’t talked to them about it in a while. They are making my brother and his mate come down to visit me. That jerk hasn’t come down to see me once.

Don’t get me wrong I love my brother but ever since he found his mate he’s been closed off and all about his duties as Alpha of White Moon.

Kody hates that he hasn’t met Tyler yet. He says that it’s weird that we have two cubs together and still don’t know my best friend since birth.

Tessa is still holding Arcadia talking sweetly to her, “Auntie Tessa is going to spoil you beautiful princess, yes she is”.

“Don’t spoil her too much, she will be spoiled enough by everyone else. We need all of those closest to her to help keep her from becoming a monster.” I say.

“Boooo! Mommy sucks.” Tessa laughs and sticks her tongue out at me.

Alester reminds Tessa they have work to do and she groans and reluctantly gives me my little princess back.

“Oh no.” Kody says, “You need to rest”.

He picks up Arcadia and leaves me to rest. Alester and Kody are the most amazing mate’s a girl could ask for. Sometimes visitors ask how we make it work but we love each other so much we’d do anything for each other. We sleep together every night but we make sure to have one on one time too.

It’s important to us that we have a strong bond together but also when one of us isn’t around. Even with our strong bonds we still fight but we don’t ever go to bed angry. We communicate well and we now have an amazing psychiatrist in the pack so sometimes when ruling gets stressful we take a few hours and go talk to her. We don’t want leading these packs to complicate our relationship, just compliment it.


I leave my beautiful mate to rest and head down to the kitchen. Sitting at the pups table Toby, Maze, Jett, Mia, Tia, Willow and Wyatt are eating cookies and colouring. Tracy is packing up their school work. The pups go to a half day of preschool Monday, Wednesday and Friday from age three to five then they go to kindergarten and after those pups are done for the day they go to a different martial arts class every day. Rinse and repeat until they hit age ten.

When they turn ten they learn how to handle firearms and other weapons and then when they shift for the first time, at age twelve, they learn to fight with their wolves. At least the pups that live in Blue Moon. We have incredibly high standards. We never want our pups to be caught off guard. We even teach them how to pick locks and fight blind and deaf.

Raven Wood has the same high standards we do in fact Blue Moon, Raven Wood and Amber Wood are building a school for our pups. It’s located in a piece of land that is protected by all three packs.

Unfortunately everyone thinks they are safe with us ruling over them but that may not always be the case. We don’t know what the future holds.

So far Amber wood is the only other pack nearby that has implemented the same rules. The cubs still get days off from training. Holidays, birthdays and the birthdays of cubs in the same training group. We just want them safe. Alpha’s Talon, Alan and Jacob also follow our training regimen. Everyone else just expects my mate’s and I to clean up their messes.

As I watch the pups colour I decide to go see Alester. I can’t help but worry about all the work he’s got to do. When we took over all the responsibilities we weren’t in the middle of finding an Alpha for a pack who’s Alpha passed. Alfred was super old, no pups and he never bothered to look for his mate. They just mind their own business but that’s caused issues. No other Alpha’s have been born there and finding one takes time.

“Alester?” I call out to him.

I walk into the office and notice our little Luna straddling him on the couch.

“Oh good you’re here.” she says seductively.

“Aren’t you supposed to be resting?” I ask her.

“Resting is for the weak, and im horny”.

Goddess, she’s going to be the death of me.

“I understand that little Luna but we need to focus. We still need to find a new Alpha for Hidden Acres.” I tell her.

She thinks about it for a moment, There is another Alpha in Alaska. He’s never really fit in anywhere but he’s an amazing wolf. All he needs is his mate.” She says it like it’s the best news in the world.

“That is almost worse Kylah.” Alester sighs.

“Can we send Marcus and Tessa to HIdden Acres until we can sort this out?” I ask.

“Marcus is already there but I suppose we can send Tessa and Maze up there as well.” he says.

“I will go let Tessa know, you two can finish what you started.” I wink before heading for the door

“I love you Little Wolf.” Kylah shouts after me.

Before going to see Tessa, I make a quick stop at the playschool to leave my little princess with her Grandma Tracy.
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