The Beta's Redemption

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Hazle Brightwood comes from a line of powerful witches and is the youngest person to work for the magic council. Being 19 she is very independent and a force of nature to everyone she crosses. It's what she doesn't want that makes her new situation hard. She doesn't want a mate and she feels like she will be fine without one. Axel Carmikeal has a dark past and a lot to make up for. After years of mistreating his little sister and a war brewing in the family, he doesn't feel he deserves a mate. When fate pairs them both they will find that the mate bond can do more than grant forgiveness, it can heal hearts too. Will Hazel be able to let go of the need for control? Will Axel be able to find redemption in the heart of his mate? Why are his Parents so dead set on killing his sister? Find out kind the third installment of The Rejected One book series as a Bate Redeems himself with a fiery redhead.

Fantasy / Romance
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A Day In The Life

A/N Hi guys I just want you guys to know that this is going to be slow uploads till I finish the first and second book in the eight-book series. The person up top is Hazle. I want people to know that I do not own any of the Pictures in this book what so ever so don’t come at me.

Hazle’s POV

Let me start off by saying that I fucking hate Mondays. You go a whole weekend doing nothing and enjoying your time off then this bitch comes around saying” Hey you gotta go to work today.” and you still want to stay in bed all day. But I digress because I love my job sometimes. I work for the magic council and today we are heading to the Dusty Rose Pack to get information on a pack member who has been abused. Apparently, she is the future luna of the pack and the alpha wants justice.

I sat up and started to get ready for work. With my magic, I managed to put on a Silk emerald green shirt and black skinny jeans with my plain black high heels. I matched it with the white pearl necklace my mother gave me when I was eight. she and My father are going through a late in life pregnancy and will be welcoming my little brother in a few weeks. To be honest, I am really excited to be a big sister and I was going to spoil him.

I ran a brush through my long red hair and curled it with my curling iron. I knew that by the end of the day they would be more like soft waves but it was still worth it. I loved my red hair as I got it from my mom. she has red curly hair while my dad has blond straight hair. I got the middle with my hair being red but naturally straight. it was easy to manage and because of my hair, I am the easiest person to find in a room.

I walked downstairs and into the kitchen as looked for some bread. once I found it I popped two pieces into the toaster and while I went and made myself some fried and egg, as I dashed salt and pepper over the uncooked side. I also got myself an avocado and carefully went about cutting it into slices. I heard the toaster pop indicating that my taste was done. I flipped my egg and waited for it to cook on the other side.

I spread the slices of avocado on the piece of toast and lightly sprinkled salt and pepper on it before bringing my attention back to my egg. It was done so I picked it up with my spatula and gently placed it over the avocado and toast and put cheese over the egg before placing the other piece of toast over my creation. This is what I did almost every day as it was my favorite breakfast and it was easy to make. I was no Gorden Ramsey but I still knew how to make a healthy meal.

My mom and dad were in the living room while I ate. Once I was done I cleaned my plate and went back to my room to grab my stuff as I would be gone for a few days. The council for the last year has been sending me out with a few council members to packs, covens, and clans to help with grievances and for the most part, it was pretty easy.

I rushed downstairs duffle bag in hand and my satchel hanging from my side while I hoped I wouldn’t be late. I was stopped at the door by my mother who just wanted to say goodbye to me before I got. I loved my mother more than anything in the world as she had always been supportive of me and my council work. Not many witches get positions in the high magic council.

“You heading out?” My mom asked in her natural mother tone.

“Yeah you know the drill if I am not back tonight I will be back in a few days. I love you.” I said as I hugged her like I would be my last.

I really did love my mother with all my heart, my father too who was just as supportive of my work. I got scouted when I was fifteen when they went around coven to coven looking for a witch to work with them. They saw me and saw my power and Naturally, they chose me.

“Just be safe Hazle that’s all we could ask for.” My father said as I walked out the door and into my red bug that my parents got me when I passed my driver’s test at seventeen. I always wanted to make My parents proud.

“See you when you get back sweetheart I loved you.” My dad said as I got in my car and started the engine and buckle myself in because safety first.

I put the bitch in drive and started to make my four-hour drive to the Dusty Rose Pack, I stepped once for gas before making it into the wolf’s den. I was met by the alpha who said that the other council members were already there. I parked my car in front of the meeting hall that turned out to be more like an auditorium. Once I was inside my magic felt like it was going haywire.

I knew what that meant, my mate was in this pack. I never would have thought that my mate would be a Wolf but I guess that made sense since I was a pretty stubborn girl. I didn’t really want a mate because I think it will interfere with my work. Having a werewolf mate meant that I would have to leave my mom and dad and I would not get to help them with the baby.

Wolves were known to be very possessive when it came to their mates. I knew that I would not be the exception to that natural rule. I just hope that my mate won’t reject me or hate me because I am a witch. Wolves and witches don’t have a good history due to the many witches who use to try to use their magic to gain luna positions in the pack. Using false mate spells on ranking individuals is now forbidden and anyone using one is put to death. It would be going against the accords we all signed centuries ago.

The alpha brought me to the front row of the many rows of seats and when I looked up I was met with green eyes that set my world ablaze. He had chestnut hair and he looked like he didn’t get sleep all that often. When the person I was here for walked into the auditorium, the room went silent, and then whispers could be heard around the room.

This poor girl looked scared and nervous about being here. You could tell that she was not fed well as her outfit looked way too big on her. she had long chestnut hair and the same green eyes as my mate who was sitting on the stage. I quickly realized that they were siblings. I knew that she was uncomfortable being here so I needed to be as gentle as possible. The alpha made introductions and brought her up to the stage, it was my time to shine.

“Hi fellow pack mate my Name is Neveah Carmikeal and I am here to talk about my parents.” The girl said as the crowd again erupted in whispers.

“Hi Neveah my name is Hazel and I am here to ask you a few questions about your parent so just answer them as honestly as you can. Can you do that for me?” I asked in my most gentle of voices. I knew I needed to be as gentle with this girl as possible as she had clearly been through a lot.

“Yes, I can,” she said in her beautiful soft voice. I decided to start with an easy question.

“Okay, first question why are we here today?” I asked taking out my notepad so I could document what she was about to say.

“We are here today because My parents are being punished for torturing me and abusing me for ten years,” she said as I fight my magic and write down her testament.

“How was your treatment in your home for the ten years you were in the Carmikeal residence?” I asked in my most confident voice that I could muster as I prepared myself for what she was about to say.

“My parents first started out by telling my brothers to disown me as their sister when I turned five. Even when I was four I could remember that My mom didn’t really love me. The beatings really didn’t start until I was six. When I was five my parents would yell at me all the time for the smallest things I did wrong. They forced me to be their slave at the age of seven right after I shifted into my wolf. The beatings got worse after that with sometimes ripping my hair out to me ending up with broken bones. They never once showed me love nor did they show any type of regret for how they treated me. They would chain me up in their basement and beat me with a whip the had silver embedded into the threading. sometimes they would inject wolfsbane into me to make the beating worse and it would take weeks for me to heal.” She said as a sad feeling settled in my stomach at the horrors of her early life. then she continued.

“They only let me eat once or twice a week if I was lucky as they didn’t think it right to make sure I was properly fed. The three items of clothes I had I had to steal because they said I didn’t deserve to have clothes at all. I only got to take clod shower and they could only last three to five minutes. They didn’t even teach me about puberty and how to take care of myself. I had to teach myself all about this stuff by going to the library, which I was eventually banned from going to three years ago.” The made me almost break my pencil as I had to listen to her whole life and try not to kill the parents for their mistreatment. Who does that to their daughter? she went on to finish her life story as I could do nothing right now but feel bad.

“When I was rejected by my mate in the halls at school something in me broke and I tried to kill myself. I really felt like no one cared about me and that I was going to be alone and unloved my whole life and it almost worked if my mate hadn’t found me at the bottom of the cliff that night. I was at the lowest point in my life that night.” The poor girl was bullied and abused to attempted suicide and no one tried to help her? What the fuck is wrong with these people. the boy next to her noticeably stiffened at her statement.

“You poor child you have been through hell and back and yet you are standing here alive. is that your mate right beside you?” I prodded as she decided on what to say next.

“Yes, he is. I chose to forgive him for my wolf’s sake because she needs her mate but I made clear rules for him to follow if he wants to keep me,” she said with a fearfully prideful look on her face.

“Now for my last question. Why did they put you through all of this torture your whole life?” I asked not prepared for her next answer.

“They wanted to keep me weak so I wouldn’t overthrow the pack at least that’s what they said. I now know that it’s because I am the true daughter of the moon goddess sent here to fight in a war coming up. You see while I was in my coma She came to me and told me that I was her blood and that she was livid about how I was treated here on earth. I had to plead with her that her creations could be saved. I also begged her to take me with her but she needs me here. She was also the one to convinced me to forgive my mate because I would need him for the coming war.” she said shaking at the end of her confession.

I was mad for her as she didn’t deserve any of the treatment she had endured for ten years. her parent’s reasoning for doing what they did was a pretty shitty reason to abuse their daughter. By the end of it all, I ran up to the stage and gave her a hug because it looked like she needed it after reliving all of her pain.

I packed all of my stuff up ready to leave when I felt someone reach out and grab my hand. The sparks tole me that it was my mate. Magic was in the air as I heard his voice for the first time.” Now, where are you going in such a rush?” He asked and I knew I was a goner at the sound of his voice.

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