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Danielle Kellyann Danester is a sixteen-year-old girl who lives in a pack full of werewolves but the only thing different about her is that she never shifted. That all changes when a Unicorn spirit comes to her in her dream. With a chance to rebirth, a whole new species and a dark force trying to hunt her she will have to rely on her mate and friends as being the last unicorn means she is the last hope for all unicorns. Hansel Winthrup is the alpha of The Blue Amaryllis pack in Texas to lead in an oncoming war he is busy training and the one thing he wasn’t expecting was his pack being the birthplace of a whole new brand of magic. He longs for another chance at love after his mate’s betrayal and when Danielle comes into his life he started to know what love is like again. Danielle is his second chance mate. Will he learn what it means to love again? Will Danielle be able to trust her pack with her new status as the last unicorn shifter in the world.

Fantasy / Romance
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Wolfless Shifter

Danielle’s POV

“Hey give me my Shirt back” I yelled as my little sister Morgan who had a habit of stealing my clothes. Her excuse this time was she had to look good for Picture day today. I knew it was bullshit cause picture day was last week so I knew she just wanted to steal my shit like I didn’t have feelings on the matter.

“Like I need to listen to a non-shifter like you. Why do you need it anyway?” My sister said knowing that me not shifting would really hurt my feelings.

If you haven’t guessed yet I live in a pack of werewolves. Why do I live in a pack if I can’t shift? Well, the rest of my family are shifters but for whatever reason I never did. I am sixteen and I really just wanted to be like everyone else in the pack. They have never made me feel less because I am human because of the whole southern hospitality thing. My parents love me no matter what and they have never made me feel any less loved apart from my other siblings.

My sibling’s names are Hunter and Morgan Danester and my name is Danielle. My sister and I fight as any normal siblings would. We would insult each other but would be damned if anyone outside of our family insulted one of us to our faces. Hunter is my older brother who is really protective of me because I never shifted. He never allows the guys at school to come anywhere near me as he thinks I am too good for them. I love them both but right now I wanna kill my sister but it could be different later if she gives me my shit back.

“Mom, Morgan made fun of me for not shifting and she stole my shirt and she won’t give it back!” I yelled downstairs with tears in my eyes and anger brewing in my chest. Not shifting is a really sore subject for me. My mom came rushing to me with an angry look on her face and a flip-flop in her hand. One thing you don’t do is piss off a Mexican mother. She looked like she was going to open up a can of whoop-ass.

“Morgan Gabriella Danester you apologize to your sister this instant and don’t make me come up there and drag you down here myself,” she said with a ferry of an “I’m done with this shit” mother. Morgan peaked her head around the corner with a guilty look on her face as she slowly descended the stairs while slowly walking up to our mother.

she turned to look at me with a mournful look and said”I’m sorry I won’t do it again.“Tears now collecting at the rim of her eyes. Morgan was always a trouble maker and she had already had six ISS’s (A/N In school suspensions if you guys are wondering) and she was only in her first year of high school. The principal of the school said if she gets one more she would have to repeat her freshmen year. they had zero tolerance when it came to being a trouble maker.

“Now get ready for school or you both are gonna get it.” My mom scolded both of us. She didn’t have to ask me twice. Morgan and I booked it upstairs and Morgan gave me my shirt back. I went into my room and started to get ready for school.

I wasn’t the type of girl who liked to wear makeup in fact I really hated makeup with a passion. Why would anyone want to cake up their natural beauty? I went into my closet and put on a red flowing shirt and my skinny white crappie pants. I styled my hair in curls and applied some lip balm to my lips. I put on the necklace that my mom gave to me on my quinceanera that she said was a gift from grandmama before she passed away. Morgan would get her gift this year as she would be turning fifteen in three months.

Grandmama passed away last year a few months after my birthday but she made sure she left something for all of her grandkids. She was a sentimental person with a lot of love to give. she gave my brother and Antique a watch that was our grandfather’s. My dad was the only child she and her mate could have. Grandpa died during a rouge attack a year after dad was born but grandmama stayed strong because she didn’t want to leave dad alone in the world.

When a wolf loses their mate it’s like they are a shell of themselves but for whatever reason, grandmama never lost the joy in her heart, and she was never bitter. Hunter met his mate a month ago and she is the beta’s daughter Grace Wimbleton and they are perfect for each other. She is funny smart and very adventurous and he is protective brave and adventurous as well. she really is his perfect match.

I don’t think I will ever have a mate. The moon goddess didn’t bless me with a wolf so why would she bless me with a mate? I tried to push the thought away as I made my way downstairs to put my shoes on for school. mom and dad were dancing in the living room like they did every morning. I loved seeing how in love my parents were and you could always see it in the way they looked at each other. like they are looking at forever. I wanted that feeling but I don’t think that would be possible seeing as I have no wolf as they do.

“I’m headed to school mom dad see you later. I love you” I said grabbing my book bag from the hook and grabbing my car keys in the process. I would need to wait till Morgan came down cause today we were riding together.

“bye sweetheart see you after school and we love you too.” My dad said while hugging my mom closer. My dad like my brother was super protective of me as any father would be with their child. he told me he would jump in front of a bullet to keep his family safe. it made sense though considering he is the gamma of the pack. ( that’s the third in command ) My brother would be taking over the Gamma position in a few months as my dad was getting too old for the work he needed to do.

I rushed out the front door and made my way to my Toyota Prius that my dad surprised me with on my sixteenth birthday after I passed and got my learner’s permit. My dad was so proud of me but I know he would be proud of all of his kid’s achievements. He was a big family man and he loved us all with a passion. I couldn’t have asked to be born into a better family.

Morgan was in the car already which shocked me cause she usually took hours to get ready in the morning. she had a smirk on her face as I noticed she was wearing my pink PINK top I got for Christmas last year. I didn’t really have time to yell at her for this so I started the car and we made our way to school.“Fucking Bitch” I thought as I pulled into the parking lot of the school.

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