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Rouge and a family

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Willow became a rogue at 7 years old without a choice. Then at the age of 10 it was just her and her brother. Willow can’t wait till she turns 16 so she can get her wolf, she wants to feel the freedom and maybe learn something about herself and who she is. Xander is the next Alpha inline to run the pack. He can’t wait to find his other half his mate. He sees the undying love his parents have for each other and he wants that as well. What will become of these two wolves? Can Xander look past the fact that Willow is a rogue or will he reject her?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Willow pov............ To humans supernatural beings are a myth in books or movies but I happen to be a mix of two different beings of the human myth, I am half werewolf and half witch. My father was born a full blooded wolf while my mother is like me half wolf and half witch. She had several of the traits of a werewolf like the hearing, enhanced smell, the fast speed, and eyesight but for some reason she couldn’t shift. I have a big brother Ace who is five years older than I am and very annoying with the protective tendencies over me. Our Alpha of the Silver Moon Pack always puts his foot where his mouth is thinking he is the strongest Alpha that lives. My father who the Beta eye’s fog over with a mind-link from one of the pack members. My father looks at me with an expression I have never seen before…. Fear. “ Willow stay in your room and don’t come out for anything. ″ Being a normal child at the age of 7 I look up at him with curiosity “ but why daddy?”. He runs to the door before looking back at me “ Please just listen to what I’m telling you and always remember I love you” After my father ran out the door locking it behind him I went to the window looking out and hearing a lot of growling. I saw my father shift into his huge dark brown wolf standing in front of our Alpha to protect him. It’s his job as second in command to give his life to protect the Alpha and the pack. Four rouges suddenly appear jumping out from behind some trees surrounding both of them. Two rogues attack my father while the other two chase the running Alpha. He starts to toss pack members in front of the rogues as he tries to escape the fight. I stood there watching as each member’s throat got ripped out of their neck I had to see them die. Tears running down my face while watching Alpha run like a coward and my pack my family getting massacred. It was Alphas job to protect the pack to make sure we were all safe not to run away and cause more deaths. I looked back to where my father was as he killed a rogue but he is so badly injured he has blood dripping off his fur. The next thing that happens has a scream escape my lips as I see his throat get ripped out and his body collapse to the ground. My big brother runs into my room picking me up while covering my eyes running to the bunker locking the tight behind him. Once it was silent and we guessed all the fighting had stopped we heard a banging on the door. Ace pushes me behind him as he slowly opens the door, there stands the rouges Alpha covered in blood. My brother takes me in his arms away from the Alpha while I look around seeing pack members dead on the ground. Then I see our parents’ bodies. The rogue Alpha looks at us and gives us a choice to obey his command or die like our family. Ace looked at me with tears in my eyes. The decision wasn’t hard we obey. I was 7 and my brother was 12 it was just the two of us with no where to go. What else could we do? That night the pack’s name was changed to Rebel Rising Rouges, we saw several new rouges pledge their allegiance to the Alpha. My brother and I cooked and cleaned for everyone to be able to stay since we didn’t have our wolves or know how to fight. We all had to chip in and be useful in a way to this rouge pack to survive or to have somewhere to live. When I turned 10 I started to come into my witchy magic but having no one to help teach me to control them was scary, I can use the four elements and telekinesis. My first incident happened when a 16 year old boy named Tim was pushing me down to the ground and kept picking on me day after day. I tried to ignore him but I could feel the anger rising inside me. I pictured his pants catching fire inside my mind all of a sudden I smelled smoke, opening my eyes I see him trying to put the fire out. Laughing, I cover my mouth while walking away thinking to myself that should get him to leave me alone. My brother looked at me knowing how it happened, he walked over to me taking my arm as we went to our room “ You can’t do that Willow if something happened I can’t protect you” I looked at Ace while biting my lips holding back my tears knowing he was right.“ I’m sorry big brother I didn’t mean for it to happen, it just did.” He took me into his arms hugging me tightly nodding his head“ I know little sis I know”. That night the Alpha came to our room with another rouge then the rouge picked me up heading towards the basement. I began to kick and scream when I looked up seeing Tim smiling. Ace came running after us “ please she is just a little kid she will learn to not disobey please give her back to me.” The Alpha turned around and growled at him and my brother looked at me whimpering as they threw me into the first cell locking it. “ She will be there for a week no more and no less to deal with it. She is a hybrid she will learn my way.” I sat there day and night crying wishing everything was back to normal. At least they fed me twice a day. It was scraps but still food. On the fifth day I laid down on the metal cot closing my eyes to sleep when a white light appeared. I sat up with my mouth wide open not knowing what was going on then the light spoke, she spoke. “ Hello Willow I know it is very tough to be living like this but it will get better I promise” I tilt my head as she comes into view. She is so pretty with blonde hair, a white dress, and blue eyes. "Who are you? How do you know it will be alright?” She just laughs at me softly” I am the moon goddess my child and I will keep you safe you and your brother need to leave here before the rouge Alpha finds out how powerful you are.” I just keep staring at her while nodding my head then just as sudden as she appears she is gone. I have to tell Ace what happened, maybe he will know what to do. Once I was out of the cell I told my brother what happened and we made a plan to leave, go somewhere no one knows us. Ace starts to pack all of our belongings along with the money we were able to collect that our parents left us and what we were able to steal. Then we look around all the corners and listen to our surroundings as we head to the closet vehicle. We load our things in the back seat of the old 2005 Chevy Camaro and quietly drive away. Now it’s just the two of us but what are we going to do from here on out? Looks like this is the start of a new chapter in our lives: two kids, a 15 year old boy and 10 year old girl. Moon Goddess please watch over us and keep us safe.

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