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Lily was always her grandmother's favourite but after her death, her whole life is turned upside down. Her own, lovely family stars abusing her. She even starts to question her own existence. But one night she finds a letter in her late grandmother's closet, addressed to her. After reading the letter she decides to run away. After she runs away, she stumbles into a world of mystical creatures where she finds some untold mysteries of huamns and find herself falling deeper and deeper into the world. What happens when she learn more truths about the mysterious world ?? Will she fall in love while surviving into the world ?? Will she find her place into the world ?? Will she stand against the world on her own or will die trying ?? Find out about Lily's ups and downs in her life and her way of finding herself in the book...... Trigger warnings: mention of physical abuse, depression, suicidal thoughts, attempt of sexual harassment, attempt to suicide. Mature content- 18+

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16 years ago

A hot summer day. Sun was high up in the sky. No human or animal could be seen around. The river was calm, without any disturbance. No sound of any bird could be heard. It was very calm that day
One must have heard of the phrase "Calmness before a storm."
The calmness was disturbed by the sound of Cassie's footsteps. Cassie had been on run from her kidnapper for last three days. The man who had held her captive for five years and now when she was free, the only thing she wanted to be happy once again, to be with her family once again but none of this was possible as her captive had destroyed her family. Killed her family, her loved once.
And now she was only left with her two years old daughter who looked exactly like Cassie.
The little girl has blue eyes, which was only thing she didn't heritage from her. Her eyes were uniquely beautiful, whoever looked in her eyes, gets easily lost in them.
Unluckily! The little beautiful girl's father was the same evil person who has held Cassie captive, tortured and raped her for five years. Cassie could remember her time with her beloved family and when the evil man stumbled into her life and turned it upside down. After torturing and raping Cassie, when he found that she was pregnant with his child, all he could think of killing Cassie but he always had a great desire of having a son. But when Cassie gave birth to a girl, the man was outraged and just wanted to kill the little girl along with her mother. But Cassie was able to escape from him by drugging him with the same tranquilizer, he had been using on her.
Now, Cassie was running along the river with her little daughter in her hands. All she could think of protecting her child. She was just praying to reach a safe place before her captive could find her. She knew she cannot outrun him but she was willing to sacrifice anything for the sake of her daughter.
While running she saw an old cottage near the river so she ran towards the it looked at the little girl in her arms who was soundly sleeping.
She looked her daughter for the last time, kissed her, all over her face and slowly kept her on the doorstep and rang the doorbell of the house. Looking at her beautiful little girl for the last time, she ran from there as she fast her feets could take her and she hid behind a tree.
An elderly woman opened the door and saw the little girl sleeping on her doorstep. She delicately picked the little girl in her arms. As soon as she brought the girl close to her chest, she felt a bond forming between them. She started looking around her house to see any signs of the person who might have left the girl on the doorstep. After looking for few minutes, the little girl started crying in her arms. So the woman had no other choice, other than to take her inside. She took the little girl inside the house and closed the door behind her.
Cassie who was looking at all of this was heartbroken but what other choice she had or they both would have been exposed to him who would have not thought twice before snapping both of their necks.
After few moments, she started running again as she was sure that it won't take long for him to find her. She felt that the person, who had destroyed her life, killed her family, forced her to abandon her daughter, she is not going to let him cause any more problem to her. She was willing to do one last thing of not giving the pleasure to him of killing her.
So, she ran to cliff which was above the woods. When she reached the edge of the cliff, she heard his evil laughter. She was terrified but she was not ready to show him that. He told her to come with her willingly or he knows different torturous ways to drag her from there. But she was not any of his threats, all she could think was of her little girl who was somewhere safe, away from the clutches of her own father.
She was just praying for the safety and happiness of her daughter and with that she jumped from the cliff with the last thoughts of the beautiful blue eyed girl whom she gave birth to. Last thing she heard before hitting the ground was him shouting at her but it did not bother her any more.
One last time she was able to remember the memories of her beloved daughter who she got very less time to spent. With the beautiful thoughts of her daughter, she closed her eyes and sneaked into the forever darkness of peace......
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