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Lily's pov
It was 4 'O clock in the morning. I knew everyone would be sleeping so this is the only time for me to get out. After taking a quick shower, I dressed into a oversized hoodie, denim jeans, a pair of sneakers and a cap. I removed every jewelry from me. I just owned a few pair of earrings and few necklaces. I even removed the disgusting engagement ring from my finger and flushed it down the toilet. I grabbed my small escape bag from the bathroom and my lily pendant from the night stand. I turned towards my room last time. Whatever this room was but it was my room. This room held lots of memories, memories of me and grandmother specially. I will missing this room a lot.
I slowly went down the stairs, making least sound as I could and sneaked out of the house through the back door. As soon as I was out of the house, I ran towards the highway. I was really hoping for the cafe to be open right now.
When I reached the highway side, I saw the cafe to be opened. I became happy. When I reached closer, I remembered that this was the cafe grandmother always took me for breakfast whenever we went out for a early morning walks. Just thinking of her good memories, made me smile. I smelt the morning fresh air. How much I missed this. The smell of freedom.
When I opened the cafe door, a small bell rung. When I entered the cafe, all the memories of this place, came crashing down to me. All the small moments with my grandmother were so lovely.
As I reached the counter, I saw a young lady standing there. She seemed to be sweet.
"Good morning dear. Welcome to the Morning's. What I can get you this morning?" She said.
"Actually, I wanted to meet Mr. Richard or his wife." I slowly said.
She looked at me with surprise.
"And..... what might be your aim of meeting them." She asked.
"Umm.. They actually...mmmmmm. Actually I was told that I would find them here and they would help me with something. " I tried to explain.
"What kind of help!"
"I cannot tell you that. Please can I meet any one of them. It is kind of important. Please. "
"I am sorry young lady but Mr. And Mrs. Richard don't like to have meetings with anyone. If you have any message for them, I can give them that. "
Fast Lily. Think fast. This is important. I thought.
"Yes. I have a note please can you give them right now. Please it is very important. "
She kept looking at me for a while and then said," Ok. Write it fast."
I quickly grabbed a napkin from the holder and started to write the song as grandmother had directed me. The song was "It's the singer not the song" by "The Rolling Stones."
As soon as I wrote the song in the napkin I handed it the young lady. She took the napkin from me and went inside the kitchen of the cafe. I waited for ten minutes there but still no sign of anyone. I kept waiting there for around half an hour, when the young lady walked into the cafe again.
"Mrs. Richard is not in the condition to come outside and talk to you but she handed me this and said to give it to you." She said giving me the envelope.
I took a seat at the corner and tore the envelope. When I looked inside, there was some cash in it and a small note.
I hope that you find this envelope. Here is some cash for you get out of this place and start a new life. I know it is not enough but please find a way out.
Love you my baby girl.
As soon as I read the letter, tears formed in my eyes. I closed my eyes and calmed myself. Then the young lady on the counter, walked towards my table and placed a coffee and and pancakes on the table.
"I didn't order that." I said to her slowly.
"It's on the house dear. " she said walking away from the table.
I soon finished the coffee and the pancakes. I knew that I cannot stay here long as it will not take long, for my family to find me. As soon as I stepped out of the cafe, I saw his car driving toward the road of my house. I realized that they must have find out about my escape.
I didn't have time to book a cab and go outside the town so I rushed toward the nearest hotel. I reached a hotel called Hotel Diamond. I quickly went inside the hotel and booked a room under the name Elizabeth. I knew I couldn't take any risk of using my original name. As soon as I reached my room, I locked the door and all the windows. I was very scared. I was not able to think properly. I layed on th bed and drifted to sleep.

It was my third day in the hotel. For last three days, I have not came out of my room. I just went to the hotel counter once to pay them the payment of the room amd get some refreshments. I had still not decided what to do and where to go. I have never known anyone in my entire life. I did not even have any friends when I was in school. It's not like that I never tried. I tried to make friends but everyone usually bullied me at school and always called me names.
After three days of continuous thinking, I couldn't came up to plan to escape this town. I was sure that if I stayed here long, they will eventually find me. I have to go but where and how. All did was in my hotel room was to eat, think and sleep and yet I have not come up to something.
Like everyday, I was ideally sitting on the bed, just thinking, God knows what. I was scared of going out of the rom and do something. I don't even know someone whom I can contact and seek some advice. After finishing last of my food, I had brought with myself, I sat on the side of the window, looking outside.
It was dark outside, aroud 10 in the night, there were no signs of any lives outside. It was so quite that I was able to hear the slow sound of wind blowing. That's when suddenly, I saw a car driving toward the hotel. As it came nearer, I recognized it, it was my adopted parents car. I became terrified at that moment. I quickly grabbed my bag and filled it with all my belongings. I was not able to think straight. There were lot of thoughts going around in my mind but all of them were telling me not give up hope, there might be a way out. I can make it.
I looked out of the window and saw my siblings coming out of it. I quickly walked out out of my room and made it to the restaurant side of the hotel. As soon as I reached there, I asked for the washroom and rushed towards the washroom and locked the door. I started to look for escape. I saw a small window and quickly opened it.
The window was quite high but all I knew that it was do or die situation for me right now. First, I threw my bag through the window and slowly climb out of the window with the help of the sink. As soon as I climbed out of the window, I fell on the ground with a loud sound and directly fell on my back. It was a hit directly on a bruised part which made it ache more. Ignoring the pain, I grabbed a bag and made a run for my life.
I heard few shouts behind me but I ignored them all and run blindly into the woods........

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