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Lily's pov
It was late in the night, when I was running in the woods blindly. I was scared, terrified but still I was not going to surrender to them so easily. I am going to fight until my last breath. I could hear the faint sound of footsteps behind me.
When, I was short of breath so I stopped for few minutes and then start running again. Soon, I realized that I have completely lost the way, I didn't know in which direction to go. I was able to feel the fast beating of my heart. Whatever this part of forest it was, it was very very dark and was giving me chilling feels in my bones. The area was vety very quite. The silence of the area was deafening. While I was looking around the area, I stumbled upon something, I fall on the ground hard. The sound of me falling, echoed in the whole area. I felt a stung on my knee and saw that left leg knee had started to bleed.
Suddenly, I heard the sound of the footsteps. I slowly made myself to stand. My leg was in tremendous pain, I didn't know what to do. I slowly started to walk away from them. After a while, when I couldn't take the pain anymore, I let myself fall on the ground. I heard some moment in the bushes near me. I slowly dragged myself to the nearest tree amd hid behind it. I was terrified and didn't know what to do next. I just looked blankly around me.
Suddenly, something grabbed me from behind or someone, and threw me hard on the ground. I felt a sudden pain in my back but I was terrified to scream. When I looked up, I saw a tall man, looking at me with anger. I don't know what it was, but hia presence was making me giving me chilling vibes.
He grabbed me by my hair and said," Who are you human ? What are you doing on thsi land ?"
I simply just struggled against his strong grip on my hair. His grip became tighter. "Talk human or I am going to rip you into small pieces. I am going ask this last time. What. Are. You. Doing. On. This. Territory. " He said.
"I was running. I didn't know this land was belonged to someone. I am sorry please let me go please." I slowly replied to him and started to cry.
He slapped me across my face and shouted, "You fucking liar. You think you can lie and escape. Tell me who send you here. Tell me who are you working for?"
I opened my mouth to speak but no voice came out. He slapped me again and started to drag me.
"I don't have time to waste with you. You are going to be locked up in the dungeon and when the Alpha returns after two days, he will deal with you." He said dragging with with my hair. I just kept on screaming and crying and shouting at him to let me go.
Soon we reached a dark place. The place smelled of false odor and there were no souce of light.
He threw me hard on the floor of a small room and locked the door behind him. My whole body was screaming with pain. But. That did not bother me was the place. Since, I was a kid I had been scared of dark places. It was a phobia. Even I never closed all the lights when I used to sleep. This place was triggering my memories which had broken me, the memories which I thought I had buried deep down but this place was surfacing all those memories.......
It was the month of the December. It was heavily snowing. And I was sitting in the corner of my room, crying. I couldn't believe that she was gone. My grandmother was gone. The one person who had ever loved me was gone.
I was sitting all alone in my room. My parents did not allow me to go to her funeral. They said that they had tolerated my presence more than they could so I better not bother them.
I was not able to understand that why they did this to me. She had always showered me with so much love. I just wanted to see her last night. My brain and heart were not able to accept the fact that she was gone. I layed on the floor, curled into a ball and let darkness consume me.
When I slowly opened my eyes, I saw it was completely dark. I decided to go down to see how my family was doing. When I went down, I saw my father doing some paperwork with my brothers and my mother was cooking.
I slowly approached my mothet and said," Mom. Let me help you." I started to help when suddenly, my mom grabbed my hand and poured the hot water from the kettle. I screamed in pain and fell on the ground.
"Don't you dare to touch me bitch.
My father rushed to my mother's side and hugged her tightly and said," Darling. What happened to you? Did this bitch did something to you?"
"No. No. I am completely alright. I was just showing her place in house." She said, turning towards me. "Listen to me bitch very carefully. You have enjoyed all your privileges in the house till mother was alive and she is gone, you have to learn your place in this house. And your place in this house is just of a maid. Don't ever call me mom again. Mom word from your mouth, disgust me. You will call me madame and Emmett sir from now on. Do you understand ?"
I looked at her in shock. I didn't know what I did wrong. She suddenly came towards me and slapped me hard across my face and said," Don't give me those looks and go back to your room night now and don't come out of the room untill tomorrow morning. Tomorrow wake up early in the morning, clean the whole house and prepare breakfast for everyone. Then return to your room immediately. After that, I will tell you afterwards. Go now."
I rushed towards my room, locked the door and fell against the door. I started to sob hard. I was not able to understand what I ever did wrong that my parents hit me. This was the first time ever, I was physically abused. I don't know how to react at this.
I slowly closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep. Praying to God to save me from the wrath of own family.

This was one of the most haunted memory of mine which I thought I had buried deep down inside me but I was wrong. This cell was haunting me. I don't know why but it was surfacing all my nightmare.
I closed my eyes and start to focus on my breath and try to calm it down but it was not helping.
Suddenly, I felt myself feeling suffocated, I try to scream but no sound came out of my mouth. I curled up into a small ball and started to grip my leg hard into my chest. I was not able to think anything straight and suddenly I felt no air in my lungs and I fell into darkness.......

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