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Lily's pov
I was awoken by the sound of someone screaming. I slowly opened my eyes and adjusted myself according to the darkness. There was no source of light in the cell, so it was very hard to see anything. Then, I heard someone screaming again. I slowly crawled to the bars of the cell. I was not able to see anything as it was too dark.
"You fucking rogue, you think you can cross the pack land and think that we will easily let you go." I heard someone shouting.
"I am sorry. I didn't mean to cross the land. Please let me go please." Someone said. He was speaking more but it was hard to understand anything as he was saying in very low voice.
"Same mistake, same fucking story. Blah blah blah.... Shut your fucking mouth. You are lucky that alpha has gone for the Monthly Alpha meeting or he would have shown you what really happens to the rogues when they cross the pack land." The first kept shouting.
What was he saying ? I heard Alpha from the man who brought me here yesterday. But. What were these things ? And. Who were they ? Why did they had captured me and kept as a prisoner ?
Suddenly, I heard the opening of my cell door. I immediately, crawled away from the bars and sat against the wall. A highly muscular man walked in the cell and looked at me from top to bottom. He gave me a disgusted look and then started to write something in his some kind of notebook. His presence was giving me some scary vibes. After few minutes he left and locked the door of the cell.
I slowly start to sob. The only think I could think of was hiw cruel my fate. I escaped one hell and ended up in another one. I didn't know why they had locked me up ? Will I ever be able to see freedom ever ?
"You are a human. When did wolves started keeping humans as prisoners?" Someone suddenly said. When I looked closely, I saw a injured man sitting in the very next cell to mine. He was badly hurt.
"What did you do end up here?" He said.
"I don't know. I don't even know where I am or why did they capture me ?" I slowly answered to him.
"You don't know about werewolves. Right?" He said looking at me.
"Werewolves. Aren't they supposed to be myth ?"
"Of course. They are." He said with a giggle.
"Why are you here ?" I questioned him.
"Me. I did nothing. I just crossed Alp.. I mean Asher Ajmone-Marsan's land. He is the owner of the land and no one is supposed to cross his land unauthorized. "
"You just crossed the land and these people are torturing you. How cruel are these people. I think, I did the same thing but I didn't have any idea that this area belonged to someone. If I would have known, I would have never crossed it. I swear. "
"I know little girl. I know. These people follow supid rules and don't even give chances to let people explain themselves. "
"So, I will never be able to get out of here." I said with tears falling from my eyes.
"I don't know little girl but I can promise you that if I get a chance to escape, I will definitely take you with me."
"Why would you helping me ? We just met." I asked him.
"Well! I am not helping you for your benefit. I am helping you because of my own personal selfish. You remind me of my daughter who died few years ago. If I get a chance to escape, I will return to human world and take you with me as my daughter."
"I am sorry for your daughter. "
"Don't be. It was not your fault. So tell me, about yourselves, and how did you end up in the this deep part of the forest."
"My name is Lily. I came from the town nearby. I was... I was running from my family. Or I thought they were my family. "
"You were running. Why?"
"They were abusive towards me. They had been torturing me as long as I can remember. And. They were forcing me to marry someone for money. And Recently only I found out that they found me on their doorstep."
"Abusive. Oh dear! No kid deserve to be treated like that. You know kid, if wife would have been alive today. She would have loved to take you in."
I gave him a shy smile. Listening to his word gave me soem calm. It's been a long time since, I have talked to soemone. I felt good but still there was a stranger feeling inside me telling that not all good things last for long.
"Please tell me about yourself. It's been a long time since I last talked to someone. " I slowly said to him.
He chuckled and said," There is not so much to know about me. My name is Alexander. I had a wife and a daughter who were killed few years ago. They were the most important people to me. I loved them more than my life and they begin gone destroyed me so I left everything behind and started wandering in the woods and live here and there...."
He continued to tell me about himself and I silently listened to him. Listening to him made me feel safe so due to lack of food, rest and pain in my body, I drifted off to sleep.

Alexander's pov
I continued to tell my story, when I noticed that she has fallen asleep. She looked so innocent and beautiful while she was sleeping. I don't know what it was but I was drawn to her. Listening to her pain, made my heart ache. Why a little kid had to face so much at a such a young age.
My wolf was shouting in my head to get out of here fast and take this little girl with me. He was feeling very protective of her.
There was something but her. I couldn't point my finger at it but there was something about her. She was reminding of her. She had the same eyes as hers.

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