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Lily's pov
I slowly try to calm myself from another panic attack I was going through. I don't even knew what day it was or was it night. The cell has been a hell for me. I had not been able to sleep for as long as I can remember after, I came here. I had only one peacefully sleep when Alexander was here.
His presence some how made me feel safe and comfortable. He had this aura around him which made me feel safe but thses people who has kept us as prisoners had taken him away.
I am very scared of this place and these people. They are truly monsters. I still feel the goosebumps arising all over me, at remembering the sight of these people dragging Alexander from his cell.

Few days ago....
I was just woken from the most peaceful sleep, no nightmares, no bad memories, no flashbacks, just perfect dream less sleep.
As soon as I woke up, I realized where I was, the cell. I looked into the next cell and saw Alexander peacefully sleeping. It was clear that he was in pain but still managed to get atleast some rest. I felt terrible for him. I was feeling terrible at fate. How cruel fate can be to some people.
Just talking to Alexander has made me feel safe and comfortable. He was much older than me yet I felt like that he was like me and was in the same condition as me. He lost his family, I lost mine and we both were stuck in this place and didn't know whether we were going to make out of here or not. I have just met him few hours ago yet I felt like I have known him, my entire life.
Suddenly, Alexander's cell door started to opened. He woke up immediately and sat in the corner of the cell.
"Don't let them know your weakness little girl. They are ruthless, heartless people, they will not think for a second before harming you. And I am sorry that I couldn't help you. I am so sorry little girl and when he walks inside, don't say anythingto him or try to talk to me. I don't want to hurt youany way." He said slowly with tears falling from his eyes.
Before, I could say anything, his door was wide open and a very muscular man walked in. As soon as he came inside, he walked towards Alexander and kicked him hard on his stomach.
Then the muscular man grabbed Alexander's hand and turned his hand in the opposite direction which definitely crushed his bones. Alexander screamed in pain.
Not able to bear to see the sight, I crawled towards the corner of my cell, brought my knees to my chest and covered my ears with my hands in order to cut down his sound of him screaming.
His screams reminded me of myself that how one time my brother John, broke my arm. How cruel God was that he was making us go through so much pain. What was even our fault.
After few minutes, when the screams became distinct, I slowly opened my eyes and saw Alexander's cell empty. When I went closer, I saw the floor covered in fresh blood. The sight of blood made my stomach sick. I crawled away from the cell bars and curled up in a ball on the floor.
I was starting to feel suffocated again. My breathing became uneven. I tried to maintain my breathing but I seemed that all my efforts went in vain and I drifted into darkness, into another sleep just filled with my worst nightmares.

Present time....
This was a new a nightmare for me. Every time I try to forget a bad memory, the fate give few new worst ones. I didn't know what happened to Alexander but still it did not stop me from praying to God for his safety.
After a while, my cell door opened amd in walked the man who brought me here into the cell. His presence made me scared.
"Aren't you a little pathetic thing. I am going to enjoy a lot in breaking you." He said with a smirk on his face.
I started to panic arising me. I know exactly what he going to do next. Without thinking, I screamed ad loud as my lungs allowed me to.
"No. Stop. Please don't. Please stop." I shouted with tears falling from my eyes. I curled up into the corner in order to protect myself from him. He grabbed me by my hair and slammed me hard against the wall. I screamed again.
"Shut up you pathetic human. Stop screaming or I will rip your body parts. I bet you are going to enjoy this. " He shouted at me.
He started to rip my clothes but suddenly, he was pulled away from my body and slammed against the bars of the cell hard. I saw another man standing in front of him with his back in front of me. He was a six feet man with blonde hair and very muscular body.
"Who the fuck you were doing? You are a fucking guard who is supposed to look after prisoners and torture rogues, not raping anyone. I don't care what her crime was or what she did to end up here. You are not allowed to fucking lay a finger on a human untill you are ordered to." The blonde man shouted.
Before the man who brought me here could say anything, the blonde guy slammed his body against the walls again and shouted," Guards, take him away and lock him up in the dungeon. Alpha will decide what has to done with him."
Two men immediately came inside and took him away. The blonde man then turned towards me. I eyes me cautiously and then took his jacket off and tossed it to me. I quickly took the jacket and coverd my body with it.
"Tell me human, what did you do end up in here." He asked me.
"I promise, I did nothing. I did not plan on ending up on this claimed land. I didn't have any idea that this land was claimed by soemone. I was just running away from my abusive parents. That's it. Please let me go. I promise that I will never return. Please don't hurt me. Please. " I answered him and then started to sob hard.
He kept looking at me for a while and then said," Do you know what are we and what a pack is ?" I slowly moved my head in denial.
"Alph.... I mean I will talk to my boss and he can allow you to live here. Come on. I will walk you to your quarters." He said. I slowly lifted myself in standing position and started to follow him out of the cell. Soon, we reached a very big hall.
"You wait here." He said and went inside a room through the hallway. After ten minutes, he returned with an elderly woman. She had silver white hair. She looked like, she was in her late seventies.
"This is Mrs. McBride. I have explained your situation to her. You will be working for her. She is head chef and you have to follow all of her orders. Remember follow all her orders and don't screw up anyones trust or you will face fate more cruel than death." The blonde guy said. I slowly nodded in agreement. He moved him head in a weird way and then turned towards Mrs. McBride, nodded towards her and immediately left.
"What is your name dear?" Mrs. McBride asked me.
"Lily. Lily Collin. "
"You will be working as the maid in here for now on. Follow all my orders and you will be fine. Ok?" I nodded in her agreement.
"I will escort you to your room, then clean yourself and come down back here. Then I will tell you, your duties. Follow me."
I silently followed her.
I was feeling a relaxation in my bones. It was like someone had removed a stone from my heart. I don't why but I was trusting these people but what other choice I had than following them or I don't know where I would end. I could have died but they didn't kill me and are giving me a job.
I realized that, I can start fresh from here....

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