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Lily's pov
Life had become a routine. Wake up in the morning, prepare breakfast, then clean the entire floor, make preparations for lunch and dinner.
Today was just like any other day, I was cleaning bathroom when Jamie, came inside the bathroom and suddenly splashed water on me and started laughing at me very loudly. I looked at him with shock but then I splashed water back at him. And just like that a battle of water splashing started between us.
Jamie was ten year old boy. He was Gamma Simon's son, he has dark brow eyes with beautiful black curly hair. His hair are till his shoulder which made him look very cute. Gamma Simon's wife, Jocelyn is pregnant so she allowed me to take care of Jamie. So, Jamie has became very close to me. He even started calling me Auntie Lily. He is the most adorable child, I have ever met.
Suddenly we heard someone clearing his throat. When we looked up, we saw Jocelyn looking at us with anger. I knew I was in trouble. She didn't said anything, just looked at us and turned back towards her room. We both knew, she wanted us to follow her. Jamie and I looked at each other with pity and followed Jocelyn to her room.
When we reached her room, she sat down on the rocking chair and we stood in front of her with both of our heads down.
"I am eight months pregnant that's why I gave you, Lily the duty of taking care of Jamie but I didn't not expect you to spoil him. You have completely spoiled him and you young boy, you are grounded for next two days and I will talk to you later. Go in your room." She said.
"But mom. We were just playing." He starting saying but Jocelyn interrupt him.
"Jamie Alberto Dweller. I don't want to hear anything. Go in your room right now."
Oh shit she said his full name.
Without saying anything else, Jamie rushed towards his room.
"Lily darling. I know you love my son but loving doesn't mean you have to agree to all of his requests. Sometimes it is good to disagree their demands. It's for his own good. He is still a kid and if he starts thinking that giving any body little tantrums can make the other person get him anything is not a good thing. I am not going to stop you from seeing him but you have to a little strict with him. I know by handling him to you, I have given you more responsibilities than you can handle. But. Just one more month and I will help you in taking care of Jamie. Ok ?" She explained me.
"I am sorry Jocelyn. I didn't realize that I was spoiling him too much. I am gonna make sure to strict with him after this. And. Thank you for letting me take care od your son. To be honest it is kind of an honor for me. " I replied with a small smile in my face.
She smiled back at me and said," You better get back at doing those chores or that Gamma of mine is going to rip both of our heads."
We both laughed and then I left her room to complete the cleaning.

It was in 6 in the evening when Jennifer and Chris (Chris is the healer of the pack. Healer- a kind of doctor. We met when few weeks ago I cut myself in the kitchen. Since then we have became great friends. ) came to library where I have been sitting and it seems that that were fighting over something.
"Are you fighting?" I said.
They both said at the same time.
"Yeah. I can see that. " I said looking at them.
"Leave that. It is not important. First answer my one question. " Jennifer said.
"Umm.. Ok."
"Do you want to take up a job ?" She asked.
"Of course." I shouted in excitement.
"See. I told you. She will love getting a proper job outside pack." Chris said.
"What !!" I said.
"There is a job place empty at the club and it is perfect for you. So we were guessing that you will take up the job or not." Jennifer explained.
"Ohhh.... Wait you were guessing or fighting! " I said.
"A little bit of both." Chris said with small laugh.
"Ok if you want the job, get ready by 8' O clock and meet us at the gate. Ok?" Jennie said.
"Ok Jennie sir. " I said with saluting at her and all three of us bust into laughter.

After completing all the chores, I looked at the clock and saw that it was already 7:55 p.m. indicating I was definitely going to be late. I quickly rushed to my room, changed into some white off-shoulder top and skinny jeans with black flats and rushed towards the entrance gate.
As soon as I reached there, I saw Jennifer and Chris waiting for me. I waved at them and then we hugged each other.
"Hop in the car quickly. We are already late." Jennie said.
All three of us remained silent on our way, when I realized that in my excitement of getting a job, I even forgot to ask them what was the job.
"Jennie. What is the job by the way ?" I asked.
"Umm.... It is a singing job. You will know when we reach there." She replied.
I eyed her suspiciously and then asked," Jennie. What. Is. The. Job."
Jennie and Chris looked at each other then said at the same time," A Bar Singer."
"Ohhhh..... Wait. What! No. No. This is a terrible idea. Chris turn back the car please."
"Come on Lil. You can do this. This job is nothing for you. You just have to sing in front of the crowd. That's it. No one is going to lay a finger on you and most importantly no one would know that it is you." Chris said.
"I don't know. " I answered.
"Just give it a try and if you don't feel comfortable or you don't like it, we promise you we will not force you. But please atleast give it a try. Please try it for us." Jennie said with pleading eyes.
"Lil please. For us." Chris said.
"Umm.... ok. I will give it a try. But how no one in going to find out that it is me ?" I said.
"Well. It is the policy of the bar that, if you don't want they will keep your identity secret." Chris said.
"How ? Aren't werewolves able to recognize scents of different people" I asked.
"They have a special kind of perfume which masks your original scent. So, no will recognize you." Jennie answered. I slowly nodded into agreement.
When we reached the bar, the entrance had a huge line and the place was too much crowded. I started to feel panic arising inside me. I slowly closed my eyes, focused on my breathing and counted to ten. I slowly opened my eyes, when I felt Jennie and Chris dragging me to the back of the club.
Looking at all the crowd around the bar, I felt myself thinking only one thing, "What the fuck I did to myself."

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