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Lily's pov
I slowly ended the song with a small humming tune and when I slowly opened my eyes and saw every eye in the room on me. The crowd burst with applause. Suddenly, my vision started to blur and I felt myself having a panic attack. I quickly left the stage and rushed towards the bathroom.
As soon as I reached the bathroom, I closed the door and fell on the floor. I slowly closed my eyes and started to focus on my breath. I counted from one to ten and relaxed. I know, I wanted to do this more than anything else but my past wasn't letting me move on.
My past had become a pool of mud for me. Everytime I struggle to come out of it, I get more and more dragged inside it. Everytime I try to forget my past, all my bruises come alive. The fate again and again keeps reminding that I cannot run from my past. And. I am damaged beyond repair.
After ten minutes, when I completely calmed myself down, I went outside. As soon as I went outside, I saw Chris and Jennifer eagerly waiting for me. When they saw, they quickly rushed towards my side.
"Where the heck have you been ? We have been looking for you, all over the place. " Jennie shouted at me.
"I am sorry but I was suddenly not feeling well. Please can we go home." I said.
"Ok." Jennie replied.
"Please tell me you are taking the job." Chris asked.
"I don't know Chris. I am not ready for this. I cannot take being the centre of attention. "
"Lil. It is just anxiety. Don't worry about it. Everyone faces that when they do things for the first time. Come on. Please Lil. Take up the job. Jennifer and I will always be by your side." Chris said.
"Yeah. Lily. We both will always be by your side. You will get over your anxiety before you even know." Jenny said.
Get over. Yeah. That's all I want to do. I wish I can get over, Jennifer. Just get over.
"I just need some time. " I replied.
"Ok." They both said.
All three of us making are way to the changing when, we saw Mr. Smith approaching us with Lucian and one other man whom I did not recognize. He was tall, maybe 6 feet. He was a t-shirt through which, his well build up body was visible. His face was perfectly shaped and his eyes. Oh God his eyes. They were beautiful grey. Just like a mesmerizing smoke arising from fire. And. His lips of God. I wonder what would they taste like.
What the heck I am thinking. I am fucking drooling a man and just in front of him. What the hell ? I am not like this. I don't know why but his presence made me forget myself. Dear God what the heck I am doing.
"Miss Black Star. You were fantastic tonight. Well! Look like you really made the audience tonight lost their minds and definitely might have killed a few what that voice of yours." Mr. Smith said and I smiled at him.
"Thank you Mr. Smith. I was my pleasure to get a chance to perform tonight."
"Miss Black Star I think you already know Beta Lucian and this is Alpha Asher." He said pointing at the man, on whom I was just drooling a dew minutes ago.
Alpha. Oh God.
I looked at him with wide open eyes. He then extended his hand toward me for a handshake.
"It's a pleasure to meet you. You have definitely got a voice of a angel. I was really amazing to watch you sing."
Ohh. His voice. So velvety.
What the hell I am doing.
I cleared my throat and said," Thank you Alpha." I extended my hand to meet him. As soon as my hand got in contact with his hand, I felt a electric spark in all the parts of my body. I quickly pulled my hand back.
"It's been a pleasure meeting you. Now. Excuse me I have some work to do." He said and immediately left. I kept looking at him when Mr. Smith cleared his throat.
"Miss Black Star, you have got the job. You will be working only on Saturdays. I really want people to literally wait for you a whole week. " Mr. Smith said. A giggle escaped my lips.
"Thank you Mr. Smith for the opportunity. "
He nooded and said ," Well. See you next week. Miss Jennifer I need you to come with me. There are some formalities and forms, you need to look after." Jennifer and Mr. Smith immediately left. Then Lucian hugged me hard.
"I know you would be amazing. You are the best singer in the world flower. "
"Thanks Lucian and now I think, I really gotta go and change because this dress is killing me now."
"Ok. Go and change. I will drop you home ok." He said kissing my forehead and left.
"You were really amazing Lil tonight. You are just.... lovely and beautiful. " Chris said. I looked and smiled at him. Suddenly his one hand moved on my face and started to play with my hair. He slowly closed the distance between us and hugged me tightly.
"I have always got your back Lil. Always remember that. Ok?" He said. I slowly nodded into agreement. He kissed my cheeks and left.
I went inside the changing room and started to strip off my clothes. I took a quick shower and wore my clothes. When I stepped outside the shower room, I saw Alpha Asher standing in the room. He looked at me with wide open eyes and the suddenly pushed me against the wall. I felt my whole body being ignited under his touch.
"You got to be kidding me. You are a fucking human." He shouted at me angrily. "What is your name ?"
"Li..Lily Collin."
"You are the human that was saved by Lucian right." I slowly nodded. He stepped away from me and threw the vase on the table against the wall. The vase fell on the floor and breaking into million pieces.
"A human. A weak pathetic human. Why do I have a human as a mate ? Dear Goddess." He shouted. Mate. What the heck is a mate.
"You human will never fit be to be Luna. Person who is so delicate can never take so much pressure." He shouted at me. I didn't have any clue what he was talking about. I kept looking at him blankly.
"How the heck Goddess can mate me with a human !! Listen, here human you will not say a word about this to anyone. Do you understand?" I just nodded.
"How a weak pathetic human can be Luna! I will never accept you. You know what let end this here right now. I don't even know why Goddess mate me to you. You better don't come any close to me after this day and don't ever show me your face." He said and left.
I suddenly felt a stab of pain in my heart. It was like someone was pinning thousands of pin in my heart. This was kind of a pain, I had never felt before. I was not able to understand what the happened. I don't even know him then why the heck my heart felt pullef out of my chest. Why? Why?
I fell on the ground and curled up into a ball and started to sob hard.....

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