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Asher's pov
In the evening, of the same day
I slowly opened my eyes and saw that it was evening. I realized that I was naked, in one of the rooms of my club. I have got many rooms which are mostly used by me for hook ups. I don't allow any of my one time thing in my bedroom. Someone suddenly rapped hands around my shoulder and I realized who it was.
"Hey Alpha boy! Want to go another round." She said.
I pushed her away and said," First of all it is Alpha to you and I don't use the same thing twice so. Get. The. Fuck. Out."
"Oh baby. Come on. I know you liked it a lot. I think you would love to give another shot to me. Come here. Let me touch you." She seductively said but I lost my control, grabbed her from her neck and pushed her against the wall.
"How many time do I have to tell you, it is Alpha and I don't use things twice. And. You don't have to tell what I like or not or what I want. You are nothing special, you are just a slut who throws herself at anyone. So. You better get out of here or I will rip your bones from your flesh." I shouted at her in my Alpha command.
She quickly grabbed her things and immediately left the room. I took a cold shower and dressed in a t-shirt and jeans and left the room to grab something to drink.
When I reached the bar, I grabbed a scotch and sat in my private, VIP area. Everyone in the room would always be cautious when it comes to me because I am very short tempered person and I have technically zero patience so sometimes I myself don't know that what I would do with the person who annoys me.
I know I can be too hard on my pack sometimes, well I am hard all the time but I couldn't help it. I just want what is best for my pack and just protect them.
Everyone calls me a heartless person but I believe I not, completely. Once, I was the kid who was loved by everyone, always the center of attention which did make me spoiled so I became careless.
Due to my carelessness, my aunt, my uncle and their five year old twins lost their lives. Mom and Dad never blamed me for thier death but deep down in their hearts they know that if I was a better Alpha they would have been alive.
It has been eight years since that accident. I was seventeen at that time and now after so many years, I still couldn't get over the guilt. Since that day, I was never the same. I became the coldest Alpha and became distant more and more from my family. I hardly ever talk to them now.
There are lot of people who hate me because of my coldness but like, I care. But. When I care about everything when it comes to my pack. That's why I want a strong Luna for my pack. I couldn't afford a weak wolf to be my mate.
Luckily, I have not yet found her and have no plans on finding her. The elders are forcing me find my mate or choose a mate. I know I am better off without a mate but I have to satisfy elders so I am planning on choosing Isabelle as my mate and if I find my mate in future, I will just make her my mistress or just get rid of her.
Isabelle is the daughter of my neighbouring pack, The Red Moon pack, Alpha's daughter. She is perfect fit as my luna. She definitely knows the leadership and would be definitely able to handle all the matters. I had few hookups with her in the past. And she have no problem in being my luna.

After few hours.....
I was sitting in my club with my beta and my best friend, Lucian who keeps babbling about a girl who is going to perform tonight. I was becoming totally irritated by him. I was surprised that Lucian for the first time in life was talking about a girl but he consider her as his sister.
If you find a hot girl just fuck her, not make her your sister. Secondly, my wolf has been hyperactive the whole day. I don't know why but he is just.... too much some times. If he was a real person, I would have definitely kill him for irritating me so much.
"Here she comes. Ash are you listening?" Lucian said.
"Yeah yeah. I am listening. " I replied.
"Fine. Just listen to this one. I bet that you will definitely be lost in her voice." He said and moved his attention to the stage.
I just simply rolled my eyes and took my phone out and started to scroll through my messages. Suddenly, the sweetest and the most killer voice entered my ears.
I looked up and saw the most amazing girl I have ever seen in my life. She has that aura around her which make anyone lost in it. Her face was covered with the mask.
My wolf became highly attentive. All the eyes were on her. The thought of eyes of any other men on her made my blood boil, even my wolf growled.
Then, Lucian shaked me hard and brought me out of my thoughts and said," Told you." Later Adam, my club's manager introduced me to the girl. Even her name Black Star heightened my body senses. After she was alone, I saw a boy running his hand over her. Seeing her with anyone else made me very angry. I was sure of one thing tonight that I was definitely going to have her.
When I went inside the changing room and locked the door, I heard the shower running. I was just wondering in how many ways I can have her, when I heard the bathroon door open. As soon as she entered the room, my wolf became over excited and said the words which, I never thought he would say.
Mate Mate Mate........
Her smell. What. The. Fuck. She is a human. This can't be happening. I least expected was an omega to be my mate but this. This is worst, a weak pathetic human. I lost my control. I was so angry that I was not even able to hear my wolf and pushed her against the wall.
"You got to be kidding me. You are a fucking human." I shouted at her in my Alpha command. "What is your name?"
"Li..Lily Collin. "
Lily Collin. I have heard her name but where. Shit.
"You are the human that was saved by Lucian right. " She just nodded in response. I stepped away from her and threw the vase on the table against the wall.
"A human. A weak pathetic human. Why do I have a human as a mate ? Dear Goddess." I shouted, I knew I have definitely lost my control.
"You human will never be fit to be Luna. Person who is so delicate can never take so much pressure. How the heck Goddess can mate me with a human !! Listen, here human you will not say a word about this to anyone. Do you understand?" She nodded again. So weak.
"How a weak pathetic human can be Luna! I will never accept you. You know what let end this here right now. I don't even know why Goddess mate me to you. You better don't come any close to me after this day and don't ever show me your face." I kept shouting at her.
I knew if I stayed any longer, I will definitely snap her neck. I immediately left the club and turned into my wolf and ran as fasta. sI could.
After few hours, I returned to the club and made sure that she has left the club. I went to the nearest pole dancer grabbed her hand and dragged her to one of my rooms.
I took out all my anger on her. I don't even want to remember her name ever and I am going to mate Isabelle and like she is ever gonna know.......

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