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Jennifer's pov
Today had been fantastic. Lily's performance was fire. She did blast the entire club with her voice. When Chris told me about this job, I just knew that Lily is going to be perfect for this. She was really made for singing. She could be a professional singer.
Chris and I had been waiting for Lily at the bar, for the last half an hour. She usually doesn't take this much time. I was getting a worry and weird feeling.
"I think I am going to check on her. It's been too long." Chris said.
"Wait Chris. She might be changing so it is not the best option if you go inside. Let me go. If there will be any problem, I will let you know." I said.
"Ok." Chris said.
I went towards the changing room and knocked on the door few times. When I respond came, I slowly opened the door and was shocked to see Lily on the floor crying. I quickly locked the door and rushed to her side.
"Lily. What happened? Lily." I was starting to panic myself but I controlled myself because I knew Lily needs me right now. She was shaking very badly.
"Lily please talk to me. Please tell me what happened." I slowly grabbed her hands and made her sit on the floor and I hugged her slowly.
"Calm down Lily. Please calm down. I am here now. Ok." Her breathing slowly became normal and I suddenly realized shehad Alpha Asher's scent all over her.
What. The. Hell.
"Lily you have to tell me what happened or I won't be able to help you. Please tell me Lil please." She slowly pulled herself from me and swiped her tears.
"I don't know Jennie. I don't know what happened." She slowly replied.
"What do you mean Lil? What exactly happened ? Did Alpha Asher did something to you. His scent is all over you." I questioned her and slowly made her sit on the couch with me.
"He.....He said..... What's a mate Jennifer ?" She asked.
I was suddenly confused by her sudden question but I put aside my confusion and said," Mate is like a soulmate with whom you are bonded for eternity. Mates are each other's missing pieces, thier other halves. Without them they are incomplete and in werewolf world mates are the most important thing in one's life because without a mate one can not have childen and can never love anyone else. But. Lily why are suddenly asking about mates ? Did someone call you mate ? Please Lily tell me something."
"Asher.... Alpha Asher said that I was his mate but he said he is never going to accept me because I am a weak pathetic human." She said and started to cry again and I was speechless. I didn't know to say to her. I slowly wrapped my hands around her and hugged her tightly.
I always thought that Alpha Asher was tough. Whatever he did was best for the pack but this. Now I am having a feeling that all the rumors about hom being a heartless person, is true.
How can he reject his own mate ? How can he call her such names ? It is not Lily who is weak and pathetic, it is Alpha Asher who is a weak pathetic excuse for an Alpha. How cruel he is.
I was suddenly brought out of my thoughts by a knock on the door. I slowly let of Lily and went to open the door but Lily grabbed my hand and said," Please don't tell anyone about this please. I don't want to see or anything from anyone. Please. Just take me home." I slowly nodded in agreement.
When I opened the door, I saw Chris and Beta Lucian standing on the door.
"What are you both doing? What is talking you so long ? Is everything alright?" Beta Lucian bombarded me with questions and I blocked their way of getting inside the room.
"Don't go inside. Lily is having a girly emergency so leave it on me. I will take care of her and please you both can leave. We both to take a small trip to the nearest Target to get few other things." I said.
"No. No. You are not going anywhere alone at this time of night. I will take you where you want to go and then drop you home myself." Chris said.
"Lily said she is not feeling well too and she wants to be loved left alone and she might not be comfortable with two men right now. So please. I promise that I will text both of you as soon as we reach home. Please let us go. We are going to be alright." I slowly pleaded to them and just prayed that they buy it.
"Fine!!" Beta Lucian said.
"But beta......" Chris started but Lucian stopped him.
"It's fine Chris. They both are two grown up women so a little freedom won't harm. But. You better text me as soon as you both reach home." He said.
"I promise." As soon as they were gone, I quickly went inside the room and locked the door. I went towards Lily and saw that her condition was becoming worse. I had to take her home before anything more happens.
When I reached home, it was very difficult to reach our room without anyone noticing. I had to sneake is through the kitchen window then to our room. I layed her slowly on bed and covered her with blanket. I always keep some medicines in my room. After making Lily take the medicine, I myself fell on my bed and fell asleep.
I was suddenly woken up by a small scream. When I woke, I saw Lily saying something in her sleep. As I went near her, I felt her temperature rising. She was burning with high fever. I tried to wake her up but it was seemed that she was having a nightmare.
Suddenly, my eyes fell on her left cheek, it was bruised. What. The. Hell. It was not there before. Then another bruise started to appear on her wrist. Then, it came crashing down on me.
Lily's mate, Alpha Asher was cheating on her. He was sleeping with someone else just the day he found out his mate. But. How is this possible ?
She is a human. It's not that humans can't be mated to wolves but they cannot feel the bond this much. Only a werewolves can have this much high connection with their mates. Is she ? Was she lying about being a human ? But it can't be. I cannot sense her wolf.
Another small scream escaped Lily's lips. I don't have time for thinking about she being a wolf or not. Right now, I have to help her.
I shaked her again and this time, she woke. She was in so much pain that she was not even able to talk. I slowly carried her to the bathroom, filled the bathtub with hot water and layed Lily in it.
She relaxed little bit in water. Seeing her in such condition was breaking my heart. Tears started to fall from my eyes and my heart was being filled by hatred for Alpha Asher.
How can he do it ? How can he not accpet his mate. Even if, he did not want her, he could have rejected her, atleast that would have lessen the pain for Lily.
While I was bathing Lily, I saw her body covered in scars which was a proof that she had been physically abused earlier. She even has marks of cut on her wrist which showed that she had been doing self harm. Lily had told me that her parents wanted to marry her to someone for money but did they abuse her too.
After giving her bath and changing her in fresh clothes, I slowly carried Lily to her bed and layed her down. I have to give her sleeping pills because her pain keeps increasing and I wasn't able to watch her in such condition.
Then, I slowly layed next to her and tightly wrapped my hands around her. I had to do something because if this keeps happening, it would be a risk to her life. I have to take help from someone and for getting that, I have to tell someone......

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