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Jennifer's pov
Two days later
It's been two days since I find out Lily is such a bad condition, since I found out that Alpha Asher was her mate. For the first time in my life,I have felt so much hatred for anyone, never in my I have despised someone so much.
Lily had been a mess since the last two days. She was worst that night. She became better in the morning but at night, Alpha Asher would sleep with one of his whores and pain was faced by Lily.
Since that, I have came to know all about Lily. She was having a mental breakdown so she told me everything about her past life. I was heartbroken after hearing her story. How people can be so cruel ? How they can mentally and physically torture a small child. No wonder Lily was so broken right now.
She asked me more about mates and Alpha. I told her almost everything, just excluding the part that Alpha was sleeping with someone else. I couldn't have that gut feelings to tell her about it. I think it's better this way.
Lily has not been talking to anyone for the last two days. She had not even left the room and nor I did not force her. Everytime anyone asked me about her, I either told them that she was having a bad hangover or just find an excuse to run for her conversation.
Even though she was not saying anything, she was in lot of pain. Last night, when she asked me that why she was getting so many bruises on her body, I literally excused myself and left her alone in the room for the entire night. Even if I want to, I am not able to find a way tell her that her mate is cheating on her.
I was lying to everyone and now I was running out of them. I still don't have any idea whom to tell that Alpha Asher is Lily's mate and she is in so much pain. I had to think fast before I run out if lies.

It was almost dinner when, Mrs. McBride came to the dinner an announced that Alpha has arranged a pack meeting and everyone is supposed to be there in half an hour.
As soon as Mrs. McBride announced this, I became tensed because I didn't want Lily to go and face Alpha Asher right now. I cannot afford to make her condition any worse. So, I decided to talk to Mrs. McBride about it.
"Mrs. McBride actually I need to talk to about something." I said approaching her.
"Of course dear but do it fast cause the pack meeting is in half an hour so I have very less time for making all the arrangements. " She said.
"Of course Mrs. McBride I won't take too much time. It is about Lily. She is burning with fever so is it fine that she stays in her room tonight and skip this meeting? Please Mrs. McBride she is very unwell." I said.
"Ok dear but do tell about her absence to Alpha or beta. Ok?"
"Thank you so much Mrs. McBride. And yeah I will definitely tell Beta as soon as meeting ends."
"Ok. Go on. Complete your chores." She said and left for the dinning room and I started to look after my work.
It was ten minutes to meeting when, I returned to my room and saw that Lily has fallen asleep. When I checked, her fever was low but I didn't want to leave her in such condition all by herself. Before leaving, I put her medications and juice with a note on the side table and left for the meeting.
When I reached the pack hall, I saw Luna Kristina and her daughter Isabelle talking to Alpha Luca, Alpha Asher's father. Strange. Other pack memebers in a sudden meeting of other pack is quite strange.
Then Alpha Asher came in the centre and addressed the pack," The pack members of Blood Moon Pack, I have called this sudden meeting to make an important announcement. Today, I choose Isabelle Ryder as my mate and the future Luna of Blood Mood Pack. So, one month from now the luna ceremony would be held and I will mark her as my mate as soon as Alpha Ryder, father of Isabella will return from his important meeting. I want you to all to raise your glasses for your future Luna."
No. No. No. No. This can't be happening. If Lily is feeling the pain of her mate cheating on her then if he mate with someone else she will....
She will die....
No. No. No. Goddess no. Please not this. She cannot die because of some else's fault. No no no. I have to think fast. Everyone was celebrating around but I always could think of was Lily. I have to think fast. I have to tell someone. Then, I saw my little hope of light...
I immediately rushed towards Beta Lucian's side. Seeing me he said," Hello Jennifer. How are you this evening and where is Lily ? She was supposed to in the meeting."
"Beta Lucain, actually it's about Lily. She... Please can you come with me. It's very important." I said.
"Jennifer let's talk about this when the meeting end. Ok? For now just relax." He said and started to leave but I grabbed his hand.
"Please Beta Lucain, it's very very important. It is the question of Lily's life right now. Please come with me. Please." I said and dragged him to omega quarters.
When I reached my room Beta Lucian questioned me," what is this about Jennifer? Why have you brought me here ?" He was going to say something further but I stopped him and said," You will see when we enter the room."
As soon as we enter the room, Beta Lucian was shocked to see Lily's condition. She was still sleeping, maybe the effect of her medication.
"What the hell happened Jennifer? Why is Lily is such condition? Why there are bruise mark all over body? What happened to her?"
"Alpha Asher happened to her. " I said.
"What the heck are saying. Be careful what you say next about your Alpha." He said with shock and anger in his voice.
I started to explain him, from the start that how did I find her two days and how Alpha Asher's scent was all over her and about all the cheating he has been doing. By the time, I ended, Beta Lucain was shocked and sitting on Lily's bed next to her.
Before Beta Lucian can say anything, Lily woke up and almost screamed on seeing Lucian sitting next to her.
"Lucian what are you doing here?" Lily slowly asked him.
"I told him." I interrupted him.
"What? Why? Jennifer I told you." She said and started to sob.
Beta Lucain wrapped his arms around her and said," Don't be angry at her cause right now, I am angry with you for not telling me this."
"I am so sorry Lucian. I didn't know what to do. I am sorry. "
"It's ok flower. I understand but there is something I need to do first. "
"Lucian no please promise me you will not say a word to anyone else. I want to forget him. Even though, I met him once but I feel myself having some feelings for him. Please just let me forget him. Please." Lily said with burying her face in Beta Lucian's neck.
Beta Lucain looked at me and we both knew that this was going to be lot difficult than we think...........

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