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Lily's pov
It has been few days since, Lucian found out about my mate and few days since, I found out that he was cheating on me and the bruise marks on my body were proof of it. And. One more interesting fact, he has announced Isabelle, I don't know who is she, as his future Luna.
My heart, my body, my soul, everything was seemed to be shattered. I couldn't help but think that, What I ever did to face auch fate. Mates who are supposed to love and cherish you, hated me with all of his guts.
Since last few days, I had three to four encounters with Alpha Asher and he had not left any moment to remind me that, I was a human and did not deserve to be his mate.
But day before yesterday, I met his wolf and he was definitely the opposite of what Asher was. He was really sweet and heartwarming. His voice and his words melted my heart. It was like they were two completely different persons or so I thought.

It was late at night when I was in the kitchen, and making a late night snack. I was eating very less these days. I was not able to get over him. Someone has truly said that it is easier said than done.
My whole body has been restless. I tired of everything and I have blocked everyone out. Whenever someone tries tries to talk, I just find an excuse to run from them. I feel terrible for doing it but I don't feel like talking to anyone. Jennifer had been trying to make me do things but everytime she tries, I just ignore her. I know she is trying to help me but I cannot do it, I was broken more than anyone could imagine, broken beyond repair.
Suddenly, I heard someone entering the kitchen, but I ignored it cause my mind was too occupied. Who ever it was grabbed me by my waist and pushed me against the wall. When I looked up I saw Alpha Asher, caging me againt the wall with his arms.
I noticed that, he was wearing ripped jeans and a hoodie with its zip open. His abs were clearly visible. His hair were messed and his face had dark circles showing he had not slept for a while.
"Al...Alpha Asher......" I started to say but my fingers moved to my lips and stoped me from saying anything. He was directly looking in my eyes. I felt myself feeling lost in his eyes. Slowly his hand went towards my head and he started to run his finger in my hair.
"I am not Asher. I am his wolf Ash." He said and moved his hand to my waist and pulled me closer to him. I was completely frozen and my mind was gone blank. Wherever his hand moved, I felt spark erupting throughout my body.
"Don't worry my little kitten. I am going to show Asher that you are our true mate. No one in the world could replace you. You are perfect for me. I will do anything for you. Even fight with my human to get to you. You are so perfect. So beautiful. Your ocean blue eyes are the most eyes, I have ever seen." He said. I don't know how but somehow, his words were melting my heart. For the first time ever in my life there was warmth in my heart.
Then he slowly closed the distance between us and started to kiss me and I kissed him back. His kiss was soft, tender and full of passion. Then he slowly moved to my neck and kissed me on my collar bone. I slowly moaned under his touch.
Suddenly, he pulled from me and rested his forehead on me and said," I am trying my best to control myself. It is taking everything inside me to not mark you. Your scent is so overpowering, I really couldn't think straight when I am around you. Promise me kitten, you will wait for me. As soon as I convince that dumbass Asher, I will come for you. Please just wait for me. Will you?"
"I promise." I slowly replied to him without thinking.
"Someone is coming, I have to go but I will come back for you." He said. He quickly kissed me on my lips again and then left. I stood in the position for few minutes and then brought my hand to my lips. My first ever kiss. The first kiss which I wanted and I wanted again. I have never been kissed willingly, they all were forced but this. This was something else.
I returned to my room and layed on the bed and replayed everything happed. I didn't realize when I drifted to sleep. The best sleep, I had in a while.
When I woke next morning, I felt amazing. It was like someone has lifted up huge load from my shoulders. In the evening, I tried to tell Jennifer about it but we both didn't get much time with each other.
By night, all my hopes shattered. When Jennifer and I were watching another episode od Shadowhunters, I suddenly started to feel nauseous. Then sudden pain hit me all over my body. I realized he was doing it again. I screamed in pain. Jennifer rushed to my side and hugged me tightly.
I felt disappointed. Not in him. In myself that I could I let myself with his lies. I should have seen this one coming.....

I still feel the pain in my entire body. All of my senses are very weak. Jennie and Lucian wanted me take me to the pack doctor but I denied it. I didn't want more people to know about this.
I was helping Mrs. McBride in the kitchen. I was trying to ignore all the talk as much as possible. I knew that if I talked to someone, I would definitely have a breakdown in front of everyone. I don't want any attention on me right now.
I was carrying a coffee mug to the living room. I was just thinking of ways of avoiding peopel when suddenly I collided with someone and spilled the coffee on the person. When I looked, I saw a blonde hair woman.
"I am so sorry. I was not looking where I was going. I am so sorry." I apologized. I didn't even who she was. I just hoped that I don't get into any trouble.
"It's alright dear. It happens. Please can you show me the bathroom." She said. Her voice was very sweet and friendly. I took her to the nearest bathroom and helped her clean her. After getting her cleaned up. She thanked me. She was turning to leave when she suddenly sniffed me. I was supposed to get used to but still I was a human and itw as weird.
She looked into my eyes and said," It can't be. This is impossible."
"I am sorry what?"
"Ohh. I mean nothing. I just don't sense your wolf." She said.
"I am human ma'am."
"Ohh. What is your name ?"
"Lily ma'am. Lily Collin." I replied.
"Don't call me ma'am. Just call me Luna Kristina dear." I just nodded in response.
"So Lily tell me about yourself. Where are your parents?" She suddenly asked. I became tensed.
"Relax. It's alright. I think I will take my leave now. My daughter......" She stopped saying.
When I looked at her, I noticed she was looking at my bruise on my left wrist. I tugged my hand behind my back but she grabbed my hand and rolled the sleeves all the way up and eyed all my bruises. I tried to retrieve my hand but her hand had a firm grip on my hand. Her eyes started to tear up.
"Luna Kristina it is fine. I was just working in the kitchen and got the bruises. Nothing to worry about." I said and tried to my hand out of her grip but she didn't let me.
"I know what these marks means because I know what it feels when your mate sleeps with someone else." She said and tears fell from her eyes. I was completely frozen at this. She hugged me tightly.
"Lily please tell me who is your mate. I will ask Asher to talk to him. I will make sure that he accepts you. Just tell me I can help you." She said hugging me.
"No. Luna Kristina please leave it. I have already gone through a lot and now I don't have strength. Please leave it please." I said crying in her arms.
Suddenly there was a knock on the door and we quickly swiped our tears. She held my face in her hand and placed a kiss on my forehead and said," Take care of yourself please." After this she immediately left.
I dashed out of the bathroom and rushed to my room. Locked myself in the room and layed on the floor and just sobbed. I slowly drifted off to sleep......

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