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Lily's pov
I was cleaning the living room when I heard the doorbell rung which was my sign to go to kitchen and get ready all the last minute things. I heard my parents greeting them and my brothers entering the kitchen. They all looked at me with disgusted eyes. They ignored my presence, as always, and started talking and smiling among themselves about the guests. I wanted to listen to their conversations but I was too scared to get caught. I knew if I did something in front of the guests, I would be definitely in some serious trouble. So I went to the laundry room and sat on the small stool in there.
I wanted to go out and see what was happening but I cannot. I have never been so curious before, on someone's visit at our house because I was never allowed to leave my room whenever anybody visited. Furthermore, I was never given a dress to wear. This is the strangest thing ever happened to me. I don't know I should be scared of this situation or be just curious or maybe I am overthinking.
After about half an hour, my mother walked in the laundry room, I immediately stood from my stool.
"Walk properly in front of them. Don't you embarrass us in front of them. Now, listen to me very carefully. Whatever they ask you, answer them with extreme politeness. They are not going to tolerate any disobedience towards them. And most importantly, don't speak unless you are told to. Or. I think you know the consequences much better than anyone else. So, did you understand all the instructions?"
I slowly nodded.
"Words Lily. Words. I want you speak with your tongue." She said angrily.
"Yes madame. "
I slowly walked behind my mother. I didn't have any idea what was going on and what I am supposed to do. As I entered the living room, I saw three men sitting on the couch. All the three men were wearing expensive looking tuxedos.
The first man was an dark husky man, probably in his late 70s with beard and mustache. His face was kind of scary. The second was a middle aged man, who was wearing spectacles and have a scare on his left cheek. The last one was the scariest among all of them. He might be in his late thirties and was constantly looking at me. For a moment I eyes met his and they gave chilling sensation in my bones. Looking at these men I just knew that this was not a formal meeting, it definitely has to do something with me which was terrifying me even more.
(Sorry guys, I am not good in describing someone's appearance.)
"Est-ce la fille ??" Said the old man. [Is this the girl ??]
"Oui" My father said. [Yes]
"Et. Qu'est-ce qu'elle pour vous?" The old said. [And. What is she to you?]
"Ma fille" my fathere said. [My daughter]
I was having no idea about what they were talking about as I did not any idea even what language they were speaking but it seems that they were talking about me. I was scared but I didn't dare to show it on my face.
"Je vois. Quel âge a-t-elle ?" [I see. How old is she ? ]
"18" my father said.
"Comprend-elle le français?" [Does she understand French ?] He said.
"non". My father said. [No]
"Je vois." [I see]
The old man said something to two other men and then turned towards me. He kept staring at me for few minutes which felt like hours and then said, "So tell me girl do you know how to follow orders ?"
"Yes Sir." I slowly answered.
"We will see about that." He said. "Serve dinner to all of us now and no would be helping you. Okay?"
"Yes sir." Like I always got help from anybody. I thought to myself and the went up to set up the dinning table.
During the whole dinner the youngest men among the three kept staring at me. Whenever my eyes met his, it gave me chill across my bones. Luckily, the entire time I didn't do any mistake.
After the dinner was over and everyone except me, went to the living room, I started cleaning the table, when the youngest among the three walked into the kitchen. He asked me to show the bathroom upstairs. I was confused that why the heck he want to go upstairs. But I didn't have any other choice so I lead him upstairs to the bathroom.
When we reached the bathroom, I told him that I can wait outside untill he is done and then I will escort him back but instead of relying he just kept staring at me.
Without saying anything, he pulled me into the bathroom, locked the door and pinned me against the wall. I was frozen and slowly asked him that what he was doing.
"So, can you keep up to my orders ?"
I was completely shaken and didn't know what to say.
"Answer me." He said.
"Ye..s...I....can." I said hesitantly.
"Let's see. Strip out of you dress for me."
I looked at him with shocked eyes, I was too scared to move and my eyes started to water.
"Strip yourself. you don't want me to do it because if I do it you are not going to like it."
With tears in my I slowly pulled my red dress off me and there I stood in my house's bathroom, in just my undergarments in front of a stranger. I slowly started to cry.
"Good." He said while wrapping his hands around my waist.
"Now, kiss me." I was very terrified but I know no one is coming to save me.
I slowly closed my eyes and pushed my lips on his. His lips became aggressive and deepened the kiss. He went to my neck and started attracting it with his lips and teeth. Then, slowly his one hand went inside my underwear and started rubbing my opening. I started to feel disgusted. I tried to pull away from him but his grip on me became stronger.
"Stop moving or I am going to fuck you very hard right now and take your virginity." I froze. I looked at him with confusing eyes.
"Oh! I know everything about you. You father made a deal with me, ten years ago when you were eight that as soon as you turn eighteen, you will become my wife. I have waited for ten years and now you are finally mine and nobodycan take you away from me. And when I say nobody, I say nobody is going to save you from me." He said.
I didn't have any idea to react to this other than crying. I started to cry harder on my fate when I felt his finger entering me and started to make motions. "So wet. Moan for me." He said with entering his second finger inside me.
"Moan louder." I didn't know what I should do because all was feeling disgusted by his touch. He started to move his finger harder and all I was starting to feel was pain. After few minutes of torturing me with his fingers and lips on my neck, he pulled away and let me fall of the floor. All I could think of the pain he had put me through and I covered my face with my hands and sobbed hard....
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