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Lily's pov
I was feeling disgusted with myself and feeling disgusted with him who touched me. How cruel can my fate be more! I couldn't control my tears. They keep running on my face. I heard him washing his hands but I could feel his heated gaze on me through the mirror. He suddenly came in front of me and pulled me roughly to make me stand.
"Don't you dare to cry. What happened between us is going to happen everyday after we get married. So don't fucking act like you are a victim. I bet you liked every bit of it." He said slapping me across my face.
He pulled a small ring from his blazer and painfully put in on ring finger.
"Now listen to me carefully. You are going to be my wife, this deal was signed ten years ago and you don't have any escape from it." He gribbed his hold on my waist became hard which made me cry even more.
"Now we are officially engaged, finance. So say that you are my whore. Say it out loud." He said lossing his grip but I was too terrified and in pain to speak anything right now.
I could feel him getting angry. "Say it." He shouted angrily. I opened my mouth to speak but no sound came out.
He then roughly turned me around and started to slap my ass. It made me scream in pain. "Say it now. Don't test my patience. "
"I am your whore." I slowly murmured.
"Say it out loud."
"I am your whore." I said it a little loud.
He continued to slap my ass for next few minutes and then stopped.
"Wear you dress now. And don't ever think of disobeying my orders. But it looks like your parents taught you well. There are few things they must have left out but we don't need to worry about it. I will teaching you every way of pleasuring me." I slowly put the dess on me again.
Before I could say something, he grabbed my hand and dragged me downstairs. Everyone's eyes turned towards us. I was still in pain but there were no tears. I was just in physical pain only. It was like all of my senses and emotions were numb. I was feeling as if I was empty.
"Alors ?" The old man said with a grim on his face. [So?]
"Elle va bien. On lui a bien appris à obéir, mais ce qui reste, je peux facilement lui apprendre." The man holding my hand said. [She is fine. She has been taught well to obey but what is left I can easily teach her.]
"Good." The old man said.
"Vous lui avez très bien appris à obéir. Je suis impressionné. Maintenant, apprends-lui à être une épouse parfaite pour mon fils. J'ai de grandes attentes. Ils se marieront d'ici la fin de la semaine prochaine. Alors préparez-la bien et ne vous inquiétez pas des arrangements, nous nous occuperons de tout. " The old man addressed my father. [You have taught her very well to obey. I am impressed. Now, teach her to be a perfect wife for my son. I am having high expectations. They will be getting married by end of next week. So, prepare her well and don't worry about the arrangements we will look after everything.]
"Merci beaucoup. Cela signifie que nous sommes sur le point de conclure un accord." My father said. [Thank you very much. This means we are in for a deal.]
The old immediately said,"Oui oui. Maintenant, je pense qu'il est temps pour nous de partir. Nous vous verrons tous ensuite. Et. Merci de nous avoir invités. Allez les fils, il est temps pour nous de partir." [Yes yes. Now I think it's time for us to leave. We will be seeing all of you next. And. Thank you inviting us. Come on sons it's time for us to leave.]
All three men starts to leave my so called finance turned toward me and said, "Je viendrai pour toi ma femme." [I will be coming for you my wife.]
With that they left and I was still standing on the same place when he dragged me here. I looked at thr ring on my finger and the stuff he said to me was piercing my heart. His voice, his eyes, his looks, his touch everything was making me hate him more and more.
All I was thinking that how cruel my fate that I am bound to the man who I don't know is, what he does and even I don't know his name. Tears started to rise in my eyes. But I didn't not cry as my lovely family entered the living room.
"You might be a disgrace to the family but what you did today is appreciable. Good. Julia teach her to be a perfect wife to Antonia. He has high expectations from the girl." My father said.
"Of course. After all she is a guest in her house for one week only." My mother said with a laugh.
My father looked at me and said angrily, "Now you girl listen carefully, you're going to be married to Antonia by the end of next week so, you have learn a lot in a week so start working now. There is no time left to waste. Listen everything Julia is going to say to you. You must learn how to pleasure a man."
I couldn't think of anything so all I did was cry and stand still there.
"Stop crying you bitch. I think you enjoyed every bit of fucking your future husband and now acting innocent." My youngest brother Tom said with a smirk on his face.
That's when I did something which I never did in my entire life, I questioned them.
"Why ? Why ? What I ever did to all of you that made you hate me so much ? Why I deserved this punishment? Why none of you loved me ever ? Why?" I shouted at them.
Before I could say anything further I got a hard slap on my face which made me fall down on the floor. When I looked up all I saw was anger on everyone's face.
What my father said next broken me entirely and shattered my whole world.
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