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Lily's pov
Mature chapter
I was in my kitchen on the floor crying when I questioned my family for the first time. I got a hard slap on my cheek when my father's word wrecked my world.
"You fucking, you think you can question us. You want to know the answers right that why don't we love you then listen. We don't love you because you are not our daughter. My mother found you on the doorstep. We wanted to get rid of you but my mother was so desperate to have a granddaughter that she completely forget about her blood grandsons. She wanted to give you everything. You got all the attention, all the love from her but I had to think about my kids. After all they are my blood. Not you. Even your family abounded you so how can you expect us to love you.
You are nothing just a pathetic excuse for living. Who knows maybe your own blood parents wanted you dead ? They must have felt pity and left you on our doorstep." My father said at me shouting.
I froze where I was. I didn't know how to process what he was saying.
"Emmett dear please calm down. She is not worth you wasting your energy on her. Please calm down love." My mother said to my father.
"You are right. After all it is her last week here. I was planning to make Julia to train you as a perfect wife but now John would be training you."
He then turned toward John, the eldest sibling and said, "John take the bastard to the attic. She will be spending night there and you might show a little demo of being a dominant but remember her virginity belongs to Antonia. We only have one week to teach her to be submissive. You might want to start as soon as possible. We don't have any time to waste. Understood?"
"Yes. Dad." John said and grabbed me by my hand and started dragging.
"Please don't do this. Please I beg you. Please." I pleaded them but it want all in vain. As soon as we reached my room, John threw me on the floor of my room and locked the door behind him. John grabbed a chair from the corner and sat on it. He kept looking at me for few minutes.
"Where should we start with you ?" He said.
"Please don't do this please." I begged him. I was sure that I couldn't do anything after my so called finance touched me. I was terrified.
"Say another word and I am going to break your legs." He shouted at me angrily. I slowly kept my hands on my mouth because I knew that whenever John becomes angry, he is capable of doing anything. In the entire family, I was sacred of John the most.
"Remove your hideous dress now." He said. Without saying anything I slowly stripped from my dress and stood in front of him in my undergarments.
"I am going to teach you how you become a submissive. The first rule of becoming a submissive is to follow ever order of your dominant. He becomes your master and you become just a slave at his mercy. Right now I am your dominant, so you are going to follow my orders right now. And you are going to call me master. Understood?"
I slowly nodded but he grabbed my hair and pulled them tightly and said, " Don't you dare to nodd. I want you to use your tongue. Say now."
"Yes. I understood."
" Yes master." He said.
"Yes master." I repeated what he said. I was feeling too scared to do anything other than follow his orders.
"Good. Now stand in front of me." He said sitting on the chair.
I slowly stood in front of him up on my feet. I didn't know how I am going to follow his all the orders when I am so scared that even my I am not able to feel my legs.
"Now remove your bra." He said. I looked at him with surprised eyes but as soon as my eyes met his, I slowly reached for the clasp of my bra and removed it slowly and let the bra fall on the floor. I immediately rapped my hand around my body and let the tears fall from my eyes.
"Good. Remove your underwear and lay on the table with your stomach down." He said. I removed my underwear and slowly walked towards the table and put my face on the cool surface of the table. I heard him removing his belt and walking towards me. He pressed himself againt me and said," I am going to give you ten hits and you have to count every time I hit you and say it out loud. Do you understand?"
"Yes master." I slowly said. I shouted in pain as soon as I felt the belt come in contact with my skin.
"Count." He shouted.
"One." I slowly said.
He continued to hit me untill I said ten. I stepped away from me and I fell on the floor again. My ass was in pain. The pain made me even more cry.
"Now sit on your knees on the floor." He said and slowly I sat on my knees when I saw him removing his pants. The tears were falling from my eyes but I became terrified ever more when I saw him standing in front of me naked with his d*ck on my face. I have never been so scared in my life untill this moment. I don't know what he was going to do next.
"Look into my eyes."
I slowly lifted my eyes and met his. I couldn't stop the tears falling from my eyes.
"Wrap both of your hands around it." I was too terrified to move but I slowly lifted my hands and wrapped them around his erection.
"You are going to slowly massage it with and hands and slowly going to suck it with your yout lips but not going to use your teeth to. Remember only use your lips to suck and if you disobeyed it I will make you regret on you being born. Do you understand?"
"Yes master."
"Don't stop until I tell you to. Now start."
I slowly brought my lips to his erection and starts to suck it slowly and move my hands around it. He started to moan loudly.
"Suck harder." He suddenly said. I starts to suck it harder. After few minutes he said,"Stop." I stopped but he didn't let me pull it out of my mouth.
Then suddenly I felt him coming in my mouth. My mouth became filled with his juice.
"Swallow it." He said. I slowly pulled my mouth away from him and tried to swallow everything in my mouth. It was hard to do but I slowly did it.
"Wear something immediately. "
I slowly lifted myself and grabbed a shirt from my cupboard and covered my body with it. He then grabbed me by my hand and dragged with upstairs towards the attic. I was too scared and tired to say anything. When we reached the attic, he threw me in it, locked the door and left.
All I did was cry when my eyes suddenly fall on the books in the corner of the attic. When I came near them, I saw that they were my story books which grandmother used to read me. At the mention of my grandmother, I started to cry even more. I slowly lifted the book which was called the "Midas and the golden touch." This was my favorite story growing up.
When I opened the book amd flipped a few pages, an envelope fall on the ground. I slowly picked up the envelope and saw that it had my name on it, in my grandmother's handwriting.
I slowly opened the letter and as I read it, it gave me some comfort yet destroying the ground under me...........
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