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The Letter
My dear Lily
My little darling girl. How are you sweety ? I really hope that you find this letter and not your parents. If baby girl you are reading this, I want to tell you that I love you more than anything else in the world and there are things which I have hidden from you so I hope that you will able to forgive me for hiding every truth from you. I wanted to tell you everything in person but if you are reading this, it means I am dead so after reading this letter destroy it. I don't want my son to find about the things I am going to tell you.
I don't even know where to start. I am starting from the day I found you. I am so sorry baby girl that I hid this from you that you are not my biological granddaughter but I love you more than my own son. It was a hot summer day when Emmett, Julia and the kids have gone out. I was alone in the house, cooking when I heard the ring of doorbell. When I opened the door, I saw a child peacefully sleeping on the threshold. The child was you. I looked for a while to see who left you there but I couldn't find anyone. So I decided to take you inside and take you to police later that day. But as soon as I lifted you in my arms, I felt a bond forming between us and when you opened your little eyes, I become mesmerized with the beauty of your eyes. They were such beautiful blue just like deep blue ocean. You had a little lily pendant in your neck so I named you Lily.
When I brought you inside, I was sure that I am not letting you go anywhere. You became my sweet angel. You seemed to me like a angel who was sent from heaven for me. When my Emmett and Julia returned that day, they were not allowing me to keep you forever. They said that I already have two grandchildren why I need one more and I if need a granddaughter they would plan it in the future but they will only have their own blood kids in their arms not you. But I became too selfish to let you go.
So I fought them and convinced them that I was going to keep you at any cost. They disapproved it but later accepted the fact I was keeping you. Since, then I have you more than I have loved anyone else in the entire universe. But my son and his wife never loved you. They did not even liked you a little bit and soon they both poised my grandsons' minds. They also started hating you. My heart used to ache so much whenever I saw them treating you with so much hatred.
I am not calling them your parents because they never were to you. What I even hate the more that in order to maintain everything in my life, I spoiled my son too much. He is just like his father, a very cold hearted person. They never wanted you in the family. But I became more and more selfish every day with you and they all started to feel jealous that I was only giving you my attention. There insecurities increased day by day and they thought that I am going to give my entire inheritance to you. So they planned a perfect plot that even if I try to give you any of my inheritance, they will find a way to get it back. And the perfect plan was to get you married.
It was your eighth birthday, when the first time the Monet family. They are a very well known mafia family. When they first visited, I thought they were meeting with Emmett for some official work but later I saw them making a deal that soon after you turn eighteen, you will get married to the youngest son of the family, Antonia Monet and after marriage all your inheritance from me will go to them and they will be paying Emmett $5 million as soon as you are married.
Later I realized that they were not only making a financial deal but also, they were practically selling you. I know baby girl reading all of this is breaking your heart but I want you to know everything about yourself and what you have to do.
This Monet family is not good Lily. You cannot marry him at any cost. Antonia Monet is not at all a good man. He is a coldhearted murderer. He has killed not only bad people but also destroyed many innocent lives. If you get married to him, he will not hesitate to destroy you too and I have cherished you all my life and I can never let anything happen to you.
My baby girl, you have to find a way out. You have to escape. You have to run from the hell house. If I would have been with you, I would made sure to send you away as soon as you turn eighteen but as I am not with you I have arranged somethings which I have left behind for you. You just have to get those things.
Now, listen to me very carefully. I don't know at what age or at what stage, you will getting this letter. So, I will be assuming that you have turned eighteen. You have to escape. So take a small bag and pack only your undergarments, few pair of jeans, few hoodies and wear a pair of snickers pants. Don't take anything else with you. Not even your phone. Only carry the lily pendant you have and leave rest of the jewellery at home. I don't want to risk someone tracking you with any trackers they might have installed in anything. Remember not to carry too much luggage as you have to be ready to run in any situation.
As soon as you leave the house, directly go towards the highway. There you will find a small cafe, where we used to go called, Mornings'. When you reach the cafe ask for Mr. Richard or his wife Mrs. Richard. Mr. and Mrs. Richard are an old friend of mine. When you meet them, tell them the same song which we use to sing together and don't tell them your name cause I don't want to risk their lifes in any situation. When you tell them the song, they are going to give you a small package, the package contains some important things of mine. When you will open it, you will understand.
Now I am ending this letter, but never forget that I will always be by your side. Not even death can separate. Whenever you feel lonely and alone, just puy your hand on your heart and remember that there is a purpose everyone is born with and you are just on a journey to find it and always be kind, gentle, good hearted and brave.
My beautiful darling Lily, you are everything to me. You are a very innocent child who was able to melt this old woman's heart. I can only pray for your wellbeing. And remember I will always always love you more than my life Lily.
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