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Lily's pov
I read my grandmother's letter three to four time and yet I am not able to process anything. I am feeling too numb to understand anything. That's when I fell on the floor. I curled myself into a ball and wrapped my hands around my legs tugging the letter closer to my chest.
I was not able to understand what I ever did to face such a fate. Why no one loves me ? Why did God hate me so much ? Why did he couldn't stand someone loving me ? Only my grandmother loved me and he couldn't stand that so he took her away ? Why my own mother and father abandon me ? Didn't they love me ? Why God? Why ? Why you can't at least take my life away and free me from this pain ?
I just sobbed untill darkness took over me and I fell asleep. I was woken up by the sound of unlocking of the door. I was very numb but I quickly hid the letter in the shirt I was wearing and sat in the corner with my back against the wall. It was Julia, who opened the door. I was not even have any emotions in my heart even to call them my family anymore.
"You are awake. Good. Go to your room and clean yourself and stay there if you don't want to piss anyone. You can come down after lunch time and grab something to eat and don't leave your room untill tomorrow morning and follow you daily routine tomorrow. Go now. And. Remember don't piss off anyone." She said.
I immediately rushed to my room and locked the door behind me. I grabbed the letter from under my shirt and started reading it again. After reading it few times, I slowly kept it on my bed and went to the bathroom. After stripping out of my clothes, I grabbed a blade from bottom of the sink and slowly layed in the bathtub. I slowly submerged myself into completely inside the water. So soon as I was short of breath, I pulled myself out and slowly cut myself on wrist and let the blood drip. The water in bathtub completely turned red but soon the blood stopped. Whenever I cut myself, I had made sure, not to cut too much because my don't want to disappoint my grandmother. She had always told me to be strong and brave.
After reading the letter, it had made me sure that I have always been a disappointment to everyone. First my blood parents and then to my adoptive family. I cannot disappoint my grandmother more. I have to fight. I have to find a way out. I have to run away and I am going to do so. I am going to find a new place and start a new life and make my grandmother proud.
As soon as came out of the bathroom, I took the letter, read it one last time and burnt it. I quickly wore a hoodie and sweatpants. I don't want to make any suspicions so I decided to act normal in front of them. I grabbed a small bag and packed only a few pairs of clothes as my grandmother directed.
I spend the whole day in my room mostly crying. I was still traumatized by events of the yesterday. In the evening, I decided to go down in the kitchen and grab something to eat. When I reached the kitchen, I saw everyone in the living room with some guests which was my sign of getting out of the kitchen as soon as possible. I quickly grabbed 3 apples, 5 granola bars, a packet of cookies, 2 bottle of water and 2 cans of coke and rushed to my room. As soon as I reached my room, I packed everything in my bag and hid the bag in the cabinet of my bathroom.
After a while, I heard Tom calling me. I quickly went them. When I reached the living room, I froze on seeing the person standing next to Tom. It was him. My so called finance. I became scared but I took deep breaths and calm myself down a little bit. Tom dragged me out of the living room.
"We all are going to look at the arrangements of your wedding so Mr. Monet is going to be here with you. Don't do something in front of him which is embarrassing to us. Follow everything he is going to say because he is angry about the thing happened last night. Don't mention it to him. He didn't like someone else touching his fiance so be careful what you say to him. Ok?"
I slowly nodded. As soon as I nodded, Tom left the house, leaving me with him, my so called fiance. I was standing frozen when he approached me.
"Hello! My lovely fiance. I heard about you show last night so whom did you enjoy more me or your brother." He said.
"He is not my brother. " I slowly murmured.
He didn't said anything but kept looking at me.
"Mr. Monet do you want to drink something." I said.
"Did you have dinner ?" He asked.
"Good. Prepare some pasta for both of us and I would like to drink wine. Prepare it quick and join me in dining room."
As soon as he left, I quickly grabbed some and put it on stove to let it boil while I grabbed plates, glasses and a wine bottle from the inventory. Soon, I layed everything on the dining table. We didn't talk much while we ate.
He suddenly looked at me and said,"Let me make this very clear to you, this marriage is just a agreement between me and your family. Don't expect me to be a perfect husband to you and be loyal to you. I just need a heir from you and after you give me an heir, I will divorce you but you can still live in the house for a while but after that you will be not needed in my life. So don't get too friendly or attached to me. But... It is a marriage and you are supposed to looke after my needs and one of my priority need is of to satisfy my sexual needs. So where is your bedroom ?"
I looked at him with terrified expression.
"Show me your room." He said angrily looking at me.
I quickly stood up and slowly started walking towards my room. When we reached my room, I pushed me inside the room and closed the door behind him.
"I don't need anyone to show my fiancehow to be a perfect wife. I am going to teach you to be a perfect wife darling." He said with calm voice and making me fall on my knees.......
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