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Lily's pov
Mature Chapter
I was in my room with my so called finance, all alone in the house. I don't know what he was going to do with me. I just prayed God to at least show me some mercy. He suddenly grabbed me by my hair and dragged me to the bed. A screamed escaped my lips. He threw me on the bed and pinned me down the bed with his hands.
Hip lips crashed on mine. He started kissing me aggressively. I was too frozen to move. His lips started to move towards my neck. He attacked my neck with aggressive kisses. I tried to shove him off me but he pinned my hands above my head. He seemed to enjoy all of this but me, I was feeling disgusted with him. His touch was bringing a sick feeling in my stomach and tears were continuously falling from my eyes. He suddenly stopped kissing me and pulled himself away from me.
"Now do as I say." He said.
I slowly nodded, I was too terrified to speak.
He kept looking into my eyes and said, "Strip me out of my clothes."
I was feeling numb but I slowly pulled myself in my sitting position and slowly started to unbutton his shirt and then removed his pants. He stood in front of me just in his boxers. When I looked up, I saw a huge scar on his chest which was giving me a sick feeling. There was vomit developing in my mouth but I forced it back.
He looked into my eyes. I can see the demon rising in his eyes. I was more and more terrified. He suddenly pinned me on my bed and started to kiss me again. He tore my hoodie off my bed and threw it on the floor. He removed my sweat pants and flipped me on the bed so that my stomach was on the bed. He pressed his chest on my back and started to attack the back of my neck and my back with his lips. His hand moved in the inside of my panty and started to massage my opening.
Suddenly he entered his two fingers inside my opening. I screamed in pain.
"Don't you dare to scream. I should not hear a sound coming from your mouth. I don't even want to hear your moans so better keep your lips sealed." He shouted at with angrily. I buried my face in the pillow and let him do whatever he wanted to with my body. He removed his hands from my underwear and then flipped me again.
He removed my underwear and threw it on the floor. He started kissing my stomach and then moved between my leg and started to move his mouth and tongue around it. His hands moved towards my back and removed my bra and started to massage my breast with both of his hands. I bit my lips harder so that I don't a sound and I clutched the bedsheets tighter in order to fight the pain. I opened my mouth to scream but no sound came out of my mouth. I slowly closed my eyes and sobbed.
I was feeling pain and disgusted with not only him but also with myself. I wanted to protest. I wanted him to stop. But. I was scared. I was scared that if I protest against him, what if he becomes violent. If was scared of him. I was scared for myself that even if takes my virginity right now, no one is coming to save me. No one is here to save me from the monsters. Soon I drifted into darkness with my whole body in pain and tears in my eyes.

I didn't not realize when I fell asleep. I slowly opened my eyes and saw that it was 3 in the night. I saw that I was completely naked. Then suddenly, all the events came crashing to me. I dragged myself out of the bed and curled into a ball on the floor. Laying on bed was making me sick. Thinking of all the events, I felt vomit building in my stomach. I rushed to the bathroom and emptied my stomach in the toilet.
I was completely broken, I wanted to die. I was not able to take it anymore. I slowly lifted the blade from the sink and brought it to my wrist. I cut it slightly. As soon as few drops of blood fell on the floor, I became traumatic and fell on the floor. I was not evem in a condition to kill myself.
I slowly dragged myself to the bathtub, filled it with water and submerged myself into it. I knew that, I was too weak to kill myself. I just simply closed my eyes and layed in the bathtub for a while. After a while, my eyes fell on the cabinet in which I hid my escape bag.
I remember the letter of my grandmother. She loved me so much, even though I was not her blood. She find me on her doorstep yet loved me more than her own blood children. She was my guardian angel. She loved when everyone else abandoned me. Hence, I was in her debt for the rest of my life.
She fought her own children for me. She went against them for me. She even sacrificed so much for me, for my happiness. I cannot let anything go in vain. She brought me up with so much and here I was ready to end my life in just a moment of time.
I have to fight, fight for her. Even I don't want to live, I have to live for her.
I am going to escape from here and leave everything behind and start a new life for her......

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