Hidden From Society

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Trevor Castill was Hidden From Society the minute he was born. His parents, who were from different packs were from Alpha lineage. His father was Alpha of the strongest pack in the U.S while his mother was the daughter of an Alpha who was often criticized for being African American. Once Trevor's father and his Luna were both killed in a tragic event, his mother came to find Trevor to take his seat as Alpha. Ryan Smith has the exact opposite life as Trevor, he was just given the reigns to his own pack as Alpha and is your typical Jock. But even with his playboy attitude, he is the most honest, down to earth guy you will ever meet. So you can Imagine what was going through his mind when he found out his mate was the heir to the Castill name. Can Ryan break down Trevor's walls fast enough to heal him? Or will Trevor choose to be Hidden From Society?

Fantasy / Humor
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Hello! This is my first book I’ve written on Inkitt (This book is on Wattpad too!) and I can’t wait to share it with all of you! But before you read I just need to tell you a few things.

1. With this being my first book, I would appreciate if you could give me constructive criticism on the book. I want to know what you think, and what I can do to fix it.

2. This is a BxB Werewolf book, with BxB action so if you don’t like this genre of stories you can always leave.

3. Please comment! I love reading comments, even if it’s not my book I love reading them, so please do so!

And lastly, Enjoy the show!

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