A couple of short stories

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A couple of short stories, covering short issues.

Fantasy / Other
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“But the name is so NORMAL”
I spat, watched her, her eyes half lidded, stink emanating from her stupid smirk.
“It’s like some sort of human joke” I insisted, more at the universe really than Waya.
Waya just stood there of course, silently.
“There’s no way she can be the halfie!” I hissed.

Waya stared balefully through me with those hollow eyes of his. I backed off.

The halfie’s eyes rolled back into her head as she jerked her arms up into the air, arching backwards into a wretched shape.
Some guttural barking laugh came out of her mouth.

I grimaced to myself... I mean she looked human.

She gazed at me, her eyes watering from the sting of the smoke, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a halfie or anything remotely near to a real wolf with such a stupid name, I bore my teeth accordingly, the halfie, staring at me with a sort of dumbfounded look.
Waya raised his arm and snapped. The halfie’s eyebrows perked up, but a couple seconds too late. Her response time was terrible.

I rubbed my chin as I considered the options,
“Ok well we can always put it in a bear cage..” I paused, unsure of the next steps.
Raya glanced at Wayani, who nodded and disarmed the halfie. The halfie letting out a stupid noise and pathetically drawing up its hands in self defense-a minute later.

I grinned to myself, I hadn’t thought they were actually going to listen to me but whatever. I shrugged to myself, and we began the trip.
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