A couple of short stories

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“CaSSANDRA you Can’T”
The text drifted off the phone, my lights were a bit wobbly yes.
I steadied myself, shifting uncomfortably, awkwardly standing trying to balance in the middle of the room as two teens slept, (possibly unconscious) on the bed in front of me.
My eyes were bleary, watery or something, everything was too bright.
I remember trying to sit down in this very rocky boat, back and forth, in a slow steep manner it would rock.
It felt aggressive, the boat would rock to the left- continuing at a steady pace, higher and higher-impossibly reaching, then mechanically almost (but it was too smooth to be mechanical?) rocking to the right, so steep was the floor and yet it seemed the world and the teens on the bed were paralyzed, there I was, stunned.

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