A couple of short stories

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“As The World Caves In”

“I was parched, it was too late and too early if you catch my flow. “
There was a wink somewhere between the lines there, though I was too focused on the ticking clock up above my head, and the wink turned to the tick tick tick on the clock in my mind’s eye, if you catch my flow, I pondered over it. I made an invisible gesture towards it, so they could see. Because they never saw, it seemed.
For the number of eyes they
They could conjure up so much, so many.

Each tick dissolving in its correctness, its well established form in the paper, in my mind’s eye, eventually turning to unrecognizable remnants of what they once were. Eyes and dotted “i”s and crossed “t”s all came together as she looked down at me, past me to something behind me, her eyes wandering, my eyes floundering, I’m sure.
It stung in the fire, I mean, because man that fire wasn’t bright enough. It wasn’t hot enough or maybe I was too far
I’m not sure.
As all hell broke loose,
I watched the mushroom cloud expand, imploding, exploding, like a buffering image of mass destruction, playing out before
me, rewinding, fast forward, retard
in the archaic sense of the word, piano man way
As my hell broke loose.

She looked back at me, her face brightening like the sun, I couldn’t see it quite accurately. I ripped out- they ripped out a chunk of her face digitally. Her ripped off face morphing into 20 different images at once. One was negative space, one was- she must’ve noticed something had gone wrong because the bomb went off again and I staggered back, the full force impact flattening my train of thought, and the weight of the world was set on my chest again. My breathing became labored as I held my head up on invisible supports.

She stared at me, her face was a bit conflicted. “Are you ok?”
I came to, breathing was slowed, the rapid beeping finished- was it beeping? It didn’t really matter anyways.

“Huh?” My tongue refused to function, coming to a way too loud groggy “HUAH?” instead.
She pushed me away gently and laughed “you’re drunk!”

Fun Fact: Title was my music while writing this.
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