The Half Breed

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This story I created on my own. I own the cover photo, it was made by a friend of mine. No one is allowed to copy my story.

Fantasy / Adventure
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About yourself:

Name: (your name)

Age: 17, almost 18

Gender: female

Eye color: light baby-blue
(or whatver reader wants)

Father (Fredrick/Fred),
Mother (Rosane/Rose) who passed away after giving birth
No siblings, you were an only child

Race: Human

School grade: High School Senior/12th

Virginity: Virgin, of course...
for now (wink wink)


In this story, Slenderman is 7ft tall
(Or make him however tall to be)
(Just remember to make yourself a little shorter then him, when your a slender.)

Short notes:
N/n - nick name
Y/n - your name
L/n - last name

Updates on the story are not consistant. The ending will be around chapter 30 or 35.

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