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The Risen

By Dmitry Drugov All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy


This story was written by me around 3 years ago in the Russian language. I translated it into English. English is my second language and Russian is my native tongue. It's a finished story. Currently there is only one book but it needs two sequels that are not written for now. I also wrote two trilogies and I want to write 12 books more. The first trilogy is about the Sword of the 23 Elements. I developed a game based on this novel and published in Choice of Games LLC in the Hosted Games mark. There is only one game but a sequel to that story is finished and it'll be published soon as well. The second trilogy is the Keeper of Ashar and it's not translated into English for now. It's very epic but I'll write even more epic stories. I've got two more ideas. There will one more trilogy and a heptalogy. And thus I've got 5 incredible ideas, 7 books are written and 12 more will be written. Hope you'll like it.


No one knew about this Space and no one would ever think about it. It was created by the Eight Races a long time ago when they learned about mighty and unstoppable powers of the Universe and when they began to name “The Risen” themselves. They could create it for they had unique possibilities. Every Race of the Eight had their distinctive and incredible knowledge about many secrets of the Universe. They created the Space then a named it The-Space-Between-All-Universes. Nothing was here but only one giant world bigger than any sun of the Universe and there were three suns around of the world. One of them was bigger than the world and the two other were smaller. This world they named Ezlatir or «The World of the Risen». This world was as stunning as this Space. There was nothing else here but only lot of exits to many Universes that the Eight Races knew. These Races dedicated themselves to protect the Weak Races or the Unrisen Races from the mighty Risen fighting for their liberty.

One of the unique Risen was the Race of Darrs. This Race would never betray the Weak Races for it thought that all of them must to have a choice. They knew about many things that were not available for others. A long time ago they lived in the Universe in a Galaxy that they named Ancient. They lived on the very edge of this Galaxy in the world of Darr. They progressed using a harmony of their own world. And because of this Power they lived for thousands and thousands of years. They learned lot of secrets of the Universe. They opened One of Many Unlimited Energies of the Universe. They possess it now and they name The Risen themselves. They can enter into any galaxy or world; they can enter into any Universe.

But once they realized that they are not alone among The Risen Races. There are millions and millions of other Risen Races and they found lot of them and lot of them were evil. Their goals were not good. Lot of them used the Weak Races for their own black purposes. They invaded into their worlds and they desecrated them for their goals. There were lots of the Unlimited Energies in the Universe and all races just need to open them to use. Darrs knew that every Risen Race is individual. Every Risen Race grasped lot of the Universe’s secrets. But who are the Darrs actually?

The Race of darrs is beautiful and ancient race. Its knowledge in its technology is endless. All representatives of this race are tall enough and their growth cannot be less than three meters. They perceived the deepest knowledge and secrets of the Creation itself. They were humanoid but they had distinctions. Their eyes and skin were very unusual. If you look at their eyes you’d see a perpetual and young light of the Universe’s galaxies. Their pupils shone like galaxies and had a form of the galaxies. Billions and billions tiny particles shone inside of their pupils like all stars shine in the galaxies and never finish shining. They rotate inside of their pupils like the galaxies of the Universe. Their skin was light-white and their clothes were created from One of the Unlimited Energies of the Universe. That was the Energy that they opened and began using a long time ago.

Their cities were built under water and in the air and on the land as well. These cities were in their native world. However later they transported them to Ezlatir. They transported them closer to the south of it. But their world did not perish for they did not leave it. Many of darrs still live there and they do not want to leave it. They balance a life of a sun of their native world and this world continues existing in the Eternal Universe. Their world is second in their solar system.

Darrs are very intellectual and because of this they don’t need to have a weapon: they are weapon themselves. The power of the harmony is an endless power. Darrs possess it. And its power helps them to create galaxies if they want it. They can travel between galaxies and worlds with instantaneous movements in the Universe. There are only a few universes where they could not use their power.

Darrs have no kings or other rulers. But they’ve got the One Leaders. These Leaders unite this race.

They unite it but they do not command it. Darrs are The Risen and they recognized themselves a long time ago. A Leader is needed only for union. Every darr realized itself and it doesn’t need a king. A Leader of this race must be chosen by this race itself. They choose Him only one time in one thousand of years. A Leader must to be wise and willed, resistant and very strong.

Sometimes darrs can prolong their life if they want. The power of the harmony helps them to do that.

Thus they can give a life to themselves to live more. But if they want they can just «to go forward». They like this expression. Besides the Main Life where the Universes and other spaces exist there are Other Lives. In those spaces you can go with your own will (if of course you are The Risen and if you know secrets) or after death. But if you go to the Other Lives voluntarily or not, you’ll never return back because the Other Lives are unknown spaces that lie outside of the Universes, they lie outside of All.

All events in the Other Lives are mysterious, they are very strange and if you want to perceive them you need to be there and that’s only the one way to understand them all.

It was a 125.326 year from the Creation of Ezlatir or from The Creation of The World of Risen. The One Leader of Darrs was Ridlaur. He was elected only four hundred years ago and he’d unite his own race for six hundred years more.

He was very wise and he prolonged his own life for a few thousands of years more (he was eight hundred years old already). He was the wisest. He understood why he lives and why his life is so needed for all Universes.

His clothes were golden-silver; his hairs were long and azure. His skin shone with a pale light. He was young and there was a light of green galaxies in his eyes. That was a worthy Leader of Darrs.

He was on the Soaring Plains of Ezlatir now. They were on the very east of this World. Ridlaur was here alone. It was silent and hot here. The three suns shone brightly in the blue-gold sky.

A giant world of Ezlatir hid many creatures. These creatures began living in this world without the forces of the Risen. Ridlaur was here not without a purpose. Something was disquieting him. Something was wrong and he felt it. He couldn’t realize what actually was wrong but he felt it, he had a sense. He saw giant and soaring surfaces of the ground, peering in the distance. Silver-sparkling clouds were easily touching them and were weightlessly sailing forward. The ground of the Plains was grey under his feet; the air was full of unexplained freshness.

«What does disquiet me? » — asked Ridlaur himself. His eyesight was unusual, he could pierce spaces and he could see all other Universes and their immense galaxies. — «Why am I here? What do I feel? Is it Energy? Is it a Power? Something has forced me to come here. There is the race of lirens near from here but they are undoubtedly allies for me and for my race. But why am I here? ».

He began looking around and feeling strange senses inside of him and that was throbbing senses. He had these senses when he felt an anxiety. It was an anxiety regarding an invasion to a world of the Weak Races in the Universes.

Suddenly a darr appeared in front of him. He appeared without any flash, he appeared instantly there for he came here when he just thought about it. He was tall and clad in silver-green clothes. His eyes shone with a light of galaxies and it was impossible to count all colors that were inside of his pupils.

— What’s happened? — asked Ridlaur.

— You must to know, — said the darr calmly. — The Risen Intirs has invaded to a world of a Weak Race and their Leader Alardir is with them.

— What?! — surprised Ridlaur but he was not angry for the power of the harmony was inside of him. — How they dared? Why? They consist in the Council and they are one of The Eight! They dedicated for the protection themselves but not for an invasion.

— They have invaded a few seconds ago, — darr said. — What will you tell to do?

— Return to the south of Ezlatir and prepare all for the Council, — Ridlaur replied. — I’ll go to the invaders and I will stop them. What world, what Universe and galaxy have they besieged?

— The Universe of Ezzaria, The World of the Green Winds on the north edge of the Ancient Galaxy.

— How dared they? — Ridlaur asked, having sighed. — It’s our native Universe and the Ancient Galaxy is our first home. I will not tolerate it. Do what I said.

And he waved his arm, having opened a portal to the World of the Green Winds. An appeared darr vanished and Ridlaur went to the portal. He was not angry and he could not understand. What is it? The Risen that swore to protect the Weak Races suddenly invade to a world. Why? And what for?

The portal united the Space where Ezlatir was with the Space of The World of the Green Winds in the Universe of Ezzaria.

It led Ridlaur onto green-sparkling hills. He heard sounds of battle, explosions, tremble and pulsation of many powers. He felt it with his entire body. And here what he saw.

He stood on the hill. The sky was bright-green, it was full of perpetual green vortexes. That was visible winds and because of this the world was named as the World of the Green Winds.

There beneath Ridlaur saw a fortress on a plain: a tremendous, black and wooden. Its towers were burning with a bright blue-green flame, houses were burning completely: the Risen Intirs were storming the Weak Race for their own, unknown for Ridlaur, purpose. Near to destroyed walls he saw intirs themselves; thousands of thousands they were everywhere. He noticed them above the fortress, soaring in the air, he noticed them in the fortress, desolating the houses: the Risen were here.

The Race of Intirs became to be The Risen a long time ago as well. Their first homeland is the world of N’tar, located near to the very center of the Galaxy of the Blue Rivers in the Universe of Ezzaria. It is a Galaxy whose stars germinated in an order that they as if pierce it with rivers and all stars there are blue. Intirs opened one of the Unlimited Energies of the Universe for themselves. They did it when they possessed of energy of their planets of their own solar system. There were twenty three of them, include N’tar. They devastated the twenty two planets, having taken their life and their atmosphere and having united them with the live energy of their Blue Sun. Thus they received an Unlimited Energy and created an inexhaustible weapon: tvertar, the weapon of the Endless Power. With his help they could travel instantly to any space and galaxy, they could to be everywhere.

Tvertar is a weapon that has a form of a spear’s tip. It is black and it is attached to left or right hand of an intir, near to its palm. When intir waves his hand its tvertar activates and becomes to be bright-azure. Then intir can control it, using its power of mind. The power of this weapon is very strong and intirs can create a new galaxy with its help but it is quite dangerous for its power can create the Devouring Holes that can destroy lot of lights of the Universe. That’s giant faults gigantic faults in the Universe of Ezzaria. They lead to the Tangled Times where any Universe intermingles with its past, present and future deriving to The One Time where even to the Risen it is difficult to exist for you need to possess an unlimited intellect to realize all events that take place there. It is quite perilous space and because of this intirs use their weapon quite carefully.

They live far to the north in the Rainbow Jungles of Ezlatir. A long time ago they left their native world when they met darrs and they didn’t support the life in this world entirely and completely, having come to Ezlatir.

Intirs are tall creatures as well. They can be three or four meters in height. They are humanoid enough as well but their essential difference is their bushy black hairs, thin ears and capabilities: they can transform their body from a moment when they found an Unlimited Energy. They can transform their bodies into any form that they see and tvertar does it. Despite their unthinkable progresses this race just seems to be calm. Intirs are incredibly aggressive. The Race of darrs accepted them to the Council of the Risen, having taken a swear regarding the protection of the Weak Races because the might of intirs was very great.

Intirs lived eternally because of the tvertars and the Unlimited Energy that they opened and put into these weapons. They do not have kings as well but Leaders. Their current Leader is Alardir. Leaders of that race not only unite but head it. Alardir is cruel, tricky, and powerful and at the same time he is wise.

When the race of intirs entered into the Council of the Risen he protected the Weak Races with an incredible rage and he respected the other Seven Risen in the Alliance. But Ridlaur’s trust to him has finished when Ridlaur suddenly knew about his invasion to the world of the Weak Race.

Ridlaur was not angry but he was frowned and he disliked everything that was happening here. Having seen how intirs attacked the fortress of the Unrisen Race, he raised his hands and mightily said and when he said these words the Green Winds ceased their way for a few seconds and the battle was stopped, his voice was full of a mighty power and it echoed in thousands of times mightier than a thunder:


And he clapped his palms. Powerful waves of a dimly-blue light spread to everywhere from him and they spread humming and shuddering everything in this world. In an instant a silence fell. Thousands of intirs used their tvertars and vanished from this place. The plain became empty.

The all intirs vanished but only one remained. Under the fires of the fortress he vanished with an ease azure flash and appeared in front of Ridlaur on the hill. The Green Winds were blowing in the sky and were slowly coming down onto the ground.

Ridlaur was still frowned a bit and he looked at the appeared intir and realized that it was Alardir. His eyes were black, his hairs were thicker than any darkness. He was young but his age was unknown for he was One of the Risen. There was a black tvertar on his left hand and it shone inside with its unique azure light. He saw Ridlaur and bowed slightly however he was serious.

Ridlaur tarried looking at Alardir with disgust. Then he said roughly and hardly:

— What are you doing? You have invaded into the world of the Weak Race. You thought that I would not notice that?

— Maybe…

— Silence, Alardir! — Ridlaur interrupted him and the Leader of intirs wondered slightly. — You dare to speak but I will not allow it. All was well and there were never bad thoughts in my mind about you and about your race but now you wonder me. You have invaded into the World of the Weak Race. Do you imagine what you’ve done? You’ve influenced on the Way of all Events! I took an oath from you and your race about protection of all Weak Races from all other Rise Races. But what have you done? You protected them always but you have invaded yourself now! Why?

— Why? — wondered Alardir. — I will not justify myself. I have done it for my own purpose.

— What purpose? You and your race are mightier than those that you had attacked and it’s impossible to measure their power and yours.

— I’ve done it because I wanted, — he said.

Ridlaur was startled of this answer. How is this possible? Thousands of years he protected the Weak Races and now he suddenly attacked them. And what for? Only because he wanted that?

— What? — he asked. — What did you say? It will last no further. You will immediately come to the Council of the Risen in Ezlatir — for a court. You’ve influenced on the Events of this world and you touched the Chain of Events in the entire Universe.

— I will come to the court, — agreed Alardir and Ridlaur suspected him. — And do not tell me about the Interrelation. I know about it.

— We’ll speak on the Council about your insolence and about your invasion into this world, — said Ridlaur.

Alardir waved his hand, his tvertar flashed with a bright-azure light and then the Leader of Intirs vanished. Ridlaur stayed alone. He was questionably looking around. He doesn’t like it. What happened to Alardir? Did he invade because he wanted? That was very weird.

«Something is wrong here» — Ridlaur thought. — «Something is hidden from me. There are malicious plans. Somebody or something prepares to something great».

He opened a portal and returned to Ezlatir.

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