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The Alpha's Wife

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The day that Siofra attends to the royal ball, her life completely changes. She quickly discovers that she has two mates. Each mate wants Siofra to themselves. She wants them both. Unbeknownst to the fated three, a war is brewing. In the middle of all the heat and passion, will the three come together as one or will things get more complicated? Will the fated three be able to end the war before it begins?

Fantasy / Romance
Whitney Smith
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Prologue - Zion's POV

I feel sick to my stomach. Not the type of sick that you get from a measly stomach bug, but the type where something tragic has happened.
Out of any other day, today is the day where I feel so weak. Remembering my fathers death and the events that led up to it makes me cringe on the inside. Although his death seemed like it happened yesterday, he actually died two years ago.
He shouldn’t have died, as I thought to myself. I should have protected him.
As the thoughts run through my head, my emotions turn to anger. “I should have done something,” I said to myself.
I slammed my fists unto the table. Creating a little crack in the luxurious mahagany wood as the sound virbrated throughout the room.
Instead of feeling guilty like I have been for the past two years, I should be furious.
I will avenge my fathers death. He will get the justice that he deserves but I can’t do this alone. My siblings and I all need to work together in order for this to go right.
We have to take the one being who is responsible for everything. The one we call grandfather.
I scoff at the thought of him being called grandfather. He is no family of mine.
Alone, he is the most powerful being in the universe. He is a god after all. However, if my siblings and I stand together, we will be more powerful then our own grandfather.
My siblings and I are demi-gods. Even though we are only half god, we still have gifts just like the other gods. The only downside is that we are not as strong as them. At least that is what I am told.
Even though we are demi-gods, we are considered like Gods and Goddesses. This is due to our amazing gifts that we were born with.
My sister Zienna is the 'Moon Goddess.' She is able to control the moon and all it's aspects. She loves the moon so much that she created werewolves. These creatures are loyal and protective to the ones they love.
Their family... Their pack...
They look like wolves from the mortal realm. The only difference that I have seen is that they are bigger. When alone, they are weak. When the pack works together, they can be deadly.
My brother Zagorn is the 'Protector of All Living Things God.' He is the most powerful out of the three of us. I will never admit that to his face either. However, true be told, he is more powerful. He has to be since he is a protector. To help protect the world, he created fairies.
I have never seen Zagorn's creatures. However, I been told they are ugly, manipulative, and weak. Some say they have no wings or have blue skin color. This peaks my interest in finding out more about these mysterious creatures. I have a feeling that these rumors are far from being true.
I am Zion the 'Sun God.' I am able to control the sun and all it's aspects. Unlike my siblings, I had a more deeper meaning as to why I created vampires.
My children...
My creatures of the night...
I love the sun. However, everything about the sun is harsh, impenetrable, and destructive.
When my creatures are first reborn as vampires, they are weak. Sometimes they have no control over their hunger for blood. Thus, I made it to where they will burn to ash if exposed to the sun.
With each passing year, my children get stronger and wiser. They are more able to control their hunger. They can stand out in the sun longer without burning to ash.
I created the perfect warriors. My siblings think otherwise. They believe their creatures are stronger than mine. Only time will tell whose creature is the strongest.
Although the beginning of my plan to take our grandfather down is coming together, I still have one issue. How am I going to bring my siblings and I together?
We haven’t seen or heard from each other since the death of our beloved father. The three of us stay in different realms which can make communication hard.
As I now try to figure out a way to bring my siblings together once and for all, my maid comes walking into my office. The look on her face looks concerned.
Out of all my staff that works for me, she is the one who knows when something is going on. She keeps tabs on everyone. As well as keeping me up to date on everything, she is also very loyal.
She truly deserves a raise since she has put up with me for the last two years. I know that I have not been kind to her like I should have been.
As she now stands in front of me, I look at her trying to figure out what she is about to say.
“Sire, I have news that I urgently need to tell you,” she said.
“What is the news Lola?” I responded back.
“I heard from another maid that your progeny Kieran Sageon is talking to your grandfather Thyon,” she said.
I looked at her in total shock, yet anger is rising within me. Why in the hell is my progeny with my grandfather to begin with. Kieran knew that Thyon killed my father Zoric two years ago.
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