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Falling Awake (Unbreakable #2)

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The counter behind her? That's exactly where I would pin her against right now. Just so I could feel her soft body leaned against mine. Just so I could perceive her accelerated breath on my skin. Just so I could hear her quiet moans, coming from those bewitching lips as I would make her repeat my name. I would wrap my arms around her, I would take her into my embrace so she could never leave again. And then I would kiss her until there’s no air left in our lungs. I would keep kissing her until she admits that she‘s mine. Only mine. *** But those mesmerizing eyes kept haunting me. I would have sworn they were glowing when he was this annoyed. He reached out for my arm, he grabbed it cheekily to pull me closer to him. „Admit it, Lara,“ he growled as his gaze dropped to my mouth. „Admit that we belong together.“ He was staring, fuck, he was watching my lips shamelessly, as if they were his last chance of salvation. As if they could save him from falling into eternal doom. And I…, my gosh! There was so much of what I was feeling right now. I wanted and then I didn’t, I longed, I needed, I had to, I couldn’t. I tried to fight it, I tried to make him let go of me. But he just wrapped his arm around my waist and pressed me to his chest. “Admit it,” he whispered. “Say it out loud. I´m yours and you´re mine.”

Fantasy / Romance
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This is the 2nd part of the Unbreakable series

Actually, it’s kind of strange how everything can change at that very moment your heart starts beating for someone.

The sun shines brighter, it’s not just light and dark, but lots of colors that take turns during the day. The everyday problems become only small details that you overlook with a smile on your face. Suddenly you have something to look forward to, suddenly there are butterflies everywhere.

I knew better.

He made those butterflies fly in my lungs. But the problem was, I suddenly couldn’t breathe.

And sometimes, sometimes it´s not the butterflies that tell you, you’re in love. But the pain you feel inside.

Undeniable, irrefutable, never ending.

He could have broken my heart into millions of pieces, yet I was able to pick them all and put them back into his hands.

And maybe, maybe it was supposed to end like this.


My lovely readers,

I’m very happy and grateful that you like my story enough to continue reading. I swear I am! However, I feel obligated to warn you that I’m not a native English speaker. The story is being edited at the time. But because I don’t want to make you wait until it’s done, I’ve published the unedited version.

This novel should entertain you, not make your skin crawl. So, if my grammar should bother you, please, wait for the edited story.

Thank you very much!


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