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Chapter 9: Heated

Chapter 9: Heated (X’s POV)

I had to get out of the house after the disaster in the kitchen. I know it really wasn’t Lexi’s fault. None of us ever had the skill to make mom’s special breakfast, so we didn’t know he would react like that to the soufflés. I was a little annoyed as well with how I found them. I don’t trust Xander around my mate. Sadly, I worry if I leave them alone in a room together for too long, he will be fathering my heir not me. Unfortunately, the true Alpha title does not work like that.

I decided to let Mikey out. My wolf has been wound up tight. He could use some freedom. We take a long hard run covering the entire island in just a few hours. Now we are hungry. Time to find something to fill my energy bar up and then I’ll maybe go find V. She’s been distant since Lexi got here and other then a brief visit in my office the other day I haven’t seen her. I have a different kind of workout in mind for when I find her. As I get closer to the house Lexi’s smell intensifies more than it ever has. Blueberries, vanilla, and cinnamon are all combined but it smells almost warm. The more I breathe it in the hotter the scent is.

Lexi is coming into heat. I guess my plans for tonight have shifted from V to Lexi. My wolf is currently sniffing her out. Trying to hunt her down. It’s not hard. Well, some things are already hard. I look down at my already stiffened wolfhood. I pick up her scent out by the hot tub, but she is already gone. I shifted back to my human form as I enter the house not bothering to get dressed. Still following her scent, I catch a glimpse of her as she is walking through the living room in a tiny shimmering green bikini held together by just a few ties.

She is pressed against the wall before she even has time to register my presence in the room. “Little mate, your heat is coming and it’s about time to make my heir,” I growl lowly into her ear as I undo the ties to the little clothing she is wearing.

She moans as my naked hardness grazes her sex. The heat is already starting to cloud her mind. This will last for the next three days. She will be sex-crazed, and I will take every opportunity I can to reach my goal. After she bears my pup, she will never go through heat again. It is meant to bring mates together. I find it, as a means to an end, to get what I want from her. I reach between us to find her already dripping wet and not from the hot tub.

I easily slip in, but she is still tight around my shaft. I knew she was no whore, but she is experienced. She has just never had anything as plus sized as mine before. She will soon be formed to my cock and sadly I will ruin her for most men. She feels heavenly around my cock and since I’m opportunistic, I don’t hold on as I would normally. I quickly explode my first load into her before she has a chance to change her mind. With the pull of her heat around me, I don’t even soften; I just continue as if I didn’t just bust a nut. I fuck her against the wall for the next hour before her knees buckle. I’m not completely selfish she came at least three times that I know of, I came four.

I pick her up and sling her over my shoulder. I slap her ass hard before I lay her in her bed. She moans at the contact. I’ll let her rest and come back to play with her later. I plan to eat and shower while she rests. Then I will continue in my mission. I eat quickly but don’t make it to the shower. Her heat is intensified, and I cannot stay away for that long. I need to feel her. I need her wrapped around me again.

She is still sleeping when I plant my dick in between her thighs. She doesn’t complain. Within minutes she is screaming my name. Throughout the night, I lose track of our comings. I know I am spent by midnight and crash. A few hours later I hear crashing coming from the kitchen. Lexi?

I rush out still in the buff to see what the commotion is. I find my mate pressed against a wall with Xander’s hand wrapped around her neck. His pants are down, and he is pumping into my heated mate. My wolf losses it. That is his honey hole. I shoulder Xander and let lose an Alpha-worthy growl. “Mine, I will not share.”

Xand looks back at me with pure black eyes. Xand is not in control. The beast, Lucifer, is. I must admit I am a little scared. When he growls back, I almost want to hand Lexi over and run away with my tail between my legs. I decided to calm myself first. Pushing my wolf back, I hold up my hands. Xand just ignores me and returns to humping Lexi. Fuck! No! Lexi is no help. She is too sex-crazed to even realize it’s not me. Or maybe, she is happy that It’s Xand that is currently buried in that sweet little pussy of hers.

Trying to come up with a plan, all I can do is watch. It’s not the first time I have shared a woman with Xand, but now is not the time for sharing. I grab a butcher block from off the counter and bring it down on his head until he is in a heap on the floor. Lexi turns and screams. “He’ll be fine, I promise. I would never seriously hurt him. I will have the pack doctor look him over and have him sedated and locked up until your through with your heat.”

Her eyes glaze back over with lust, and she latches onto my cock with her mouth before I can finish assuring her. Lexi. Fuck, she knows how to use that mouth of hers. I mind-link some of my mated warriors to come to get my brother. I explain the situation at hand and am explicit when I state that anyone that comes near my house must be mated. I am still leaning against the refrigerator getting head when they come to gather him. I don’t stop. I don’t even acknowledge them, neither does Lexi. They all have been through this and understand. They advert their eyes and are out as quickly as they can while carrying their 250 plus pound solid muscle Beta from the house.

Once they are gone, I pick Lexi up intending to return to her room. We only make it as far as the coach in the living room before I have her on her knees facing the back of the coach and I’m back in and working her hard. After some time, I ask her, “Why were you in the kitchen.”

“I was thirsty,” She pants between thrusts. “Still am.”

“I’ll get you something as soon as I can manage to pull out.” I could use a gallon sized bottle of water and a box of protein bars too. Fuck this is draining.

It’s another hour before I can manage to pull away. She is splayed out on the couch with my seed dripping from her. If I don’t get a pup from this, I’m going to hunt down the Moon Goddess and fuck her myself. That’s if my cock still works after this.

We do this for three days straight. We fuck constantly. Barely sleeping trying to stay hydrated and fueled. When we did sleep it was because our bodies couldn’t take it anymore. I would be mid-stroke and just blackout. Still hard. I believe, I fucked her unconscious body a few times. I know she used me for her pleasure. I woke up a few times to her riding me. I just went back to sleep until I came. That always woke me up. We showered together just because we couldn’t stand the smell of ourselves or each other anymore. Even though my goal was to get her pregnant I left no hole unexplored. I felt kind of dirty, by the time it was all over.

When we woke up and the scent of her heat was gone, I looked over to find her curled up in a ball crying. Shit! “Lexi, are you okay,” I ask in the softest voice I can manage. I pull her into my arms and hug her. I may not want her as my mate, but I am not heartless. May be one day we could be actual friends.

“Who is going to want a pregnant reject.” She sobs.

“Lexi you won’t be pregnant forever, and if anyone says one word about you being a reject then I will personally rip them in two.” I rub her back “I’m sorry.”

“I’m not mad at you X. I told you I understand. I come from an Alpha family too, so the burdens are familiar to me.” She says with a small hiccup. “I’m going to shower, alone. I never thought I would say that sounds more enjoyable right now than sharing one with a hunk of beef like you. I don’t think my lady parts will be up for another round for another 6 months anyway, so I hope this took.”

I smile at her words. This may not be the way she wanted this, but she is not fighting it. She stops just before she closes the bathroom door behind her. “How... How is Xand?”

“He’s fine. He mind-linked me that he was sorry, so many times over the last few days, I had to block him out completely. Doctor Maggie and V stopped in to see him and made sure he has had his meds. They made sure he was taken care of.” I tell her with a smile.

While she showers, I call V. She doesn’t answer, so I leave her a voicemail to call me. I rise on wobbly legs. I don’t think I have ever worked that hard in my life. My whole body feels like Jello, and I think I may have lost at least ten pounds in the last three days, and I believe, that it was all in fluids. First, I make food, and then I retire to my room. I call V again but still no answer.

It’s late when she comes to our room. V has tears in her eyes when she enters. I pull her in close before I lay us down. “I am so sorry baby. It’s done. Hopefully, this will be the last and only time I have to do this.”

She just cries in my arms. It is more than an hour of this before she makes a coherent response. She pulls away from me before she says “I did something. I did something that changes everything.” I can only stare back at my lover and wonder what someone so gentle could do that she would be so afraid to tell me.

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