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Chapter 13: Enough

Chapter 13: Enough (Xand’s POV)

“So, what are we doing today,” V asks as I suck a gummy bear out of her belly button. We have spent the past week lost in each other while working around her work schedule.

She is up early every morning to work her rounds in the psych ward. Men and women who have lost their mates tend to be in abundance. Here on Elder Island, we have lots of widowed former Alphas and Lunas that benefited greatly from her expertise. If she can deal with my insanity, then she can help just about anyone.

This morning is her day off, but it’s become a habit to watch the sun come up, with her thighs wrapped around my ears. “You’re not going to like my answer.” Trailing butterfly kisses across her stomach I continue, “We can’t hide out forever. He’s had some time to cool down, and it’s time to go home to face the music.” I also have duties that I need to get back to. Unfortunately, I need to have it out with my brother before I can return.

Continuing on my mission, placing kisses across her hips and down her thighs, before working my way back up. “If you think it’s time, then we’ll go.” a small whimper escapes her when I lightly pass over her center.

Grabbing her hand, I pull her from the bed, “Then we need to shower before we go.”

She stands with me, but she has a pout on her face. That pout could bring a man to his knees. With a tug of her hand, I pull her to the shower with me. Her shampoo smells of honey and lemon just like she tastes. X always said she smelled like caramel, but I never got that. After I clean her hair, I run her matching conditioner through her hair. A small moan escapes her while her whole body tenses. If she is thinking that we are leaving this shower before I fuck her against the tiles, then she is highly mistaken.

I grab her hands and place them firmly against the wall. She pushes that thick, luscious ass of hers out and against me. I don’t hesitate to slide in her slick, wet opening. Her hips are in my hands as I pull her back to me meeting my thrusts, “Was this why you were pouting Kitten? Did you think I would start something and not finish it? That I would leave you hanging? That I would leave myself hard as fucking steel?” Each question is matched with a stroke, which gets harder and faster each time. Running a hand down her spine she shivers in my grip.

“I... I... Couldn’t be sure.” She manages to stumble out as I plow harder into her. I pull out, flip her around while lifting her so she is now braced between the wall and my unrelenting hips. I pull one of her nipples between my teeth as the other bobs up and down in rhythm to my thrusts.

She is so close. I can feel her start to clench around me. “I would never leave you wanting.” She feels so good wrapped around me, with an ass cheek in each hand and my mouth full of caramel tit. This is what heaven should feel like.

She squeals as I twist her nipple with my teeth, and I feel her body start to tip over the ledge. “Come for me, Kitten.”

“Yes, Alpha. I’m coming.” She cries out, as she comes apart around me. I can’t help but follow her into euphoria. My balls tighten as I explode and ride out our bliss with my face buried between the most perfect pair of breasts, I have ever had the chance to lay eyes on.

I hold myself close to her as we come down from our high, and she sags against me. This feels so right, and it scares the shit out of me. I’ve known her most of my life, and I never imagined that I would get this chance.

I know it’s short-term, that we have an expiration date. I deserve to be happy even if I know it will end. And I am happy. Happier than I have ever been. I hold no illusions. Fate has never been on my side, so when the time comes, I will let go. I’ll have to let go. No matter what, I will not allow her to miss out on her mate.

We arrive at the Fury House and it’s still early. X should be here still. I don’t want to do this at the Packhouse. The smell of bacon cooking hits me in the face as soon as I open the door. V’s hand is in mine as we walk into the kitchen.

Lexi has music playing while she cooks and dances around in short shorts and a tank top. I smile and then clear my throat. This causes her to jump and splash bacon grease on her forearm as she turns to me.

“Holy mother of Lycans.” Lexi ran to the sink to run cold water over her arm, and I ran to her. It’s my fault she’s hurt. “You scared the shit out of me Xand.”

“Sorry, Lex,” I say giving her another smile while I examine her arm. It should be healed within an hour. “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

A creek on the stairs turns the house silent. “What are you doing here,” X asks in his coldest tone as he enters the kitchen.

“Well, I live here, and I thought we should talk.” I shot back with a slight growl. I’m not here to take shit from him. I understand he has a right to be angry, but I am no one’s bitch.

“Whether you live here or not is questionable.” He took a few steps closer to me. “You seem to be doing just fine with your current accommodations.”

“So, you want to be petty as well as a dick. I get it.” If he thinks he can keep me out of our family’s house, then he is dead wrong. X growled at my words. “Fuck, why do you have to be so much like dad?”

Well, that got his attention. X was in my face before I finished talking but I didn’t back down. We were going to fight this out like we did as kids. Twin Alpha’s males were violent. We’ve had some outrageous throwdowns while growing up. We were constantly in trouble for fighting and breaking stuff.

“I will give you one free shot since I’m fucking your girl.” Without hesitation, he lands a hard fist on my jaw.

“Think you’re funny now, huh?” I’m slammed against the brick wall that divides the kitchen and living room. You can practically see the steam coming out of his ears.

“My cannabis treatments help, but I’m dead serious about you being like dad. You think you are entitled to have your cake and eat it too, you selfish bastard.” Flipping us around, I return the favor slamming his back into the same wall.

Mikey is at the surface, but I don’t dare let Lucifer out to play. I have claws ran down my back. In response, I gut-punch X. We trade a few more blows that leaves my nose bloody, and his lip busted. I’ve given him more than enough free hits for justice. We grapple and I slam him to the ground before pulling him into an arm triangle. It is fully locked in.

“Talk, tap, or I start to break shit X,” I growl out not even out of breath. He is sweating and panting.

“You want to talk.” He shouts. “Fine! Why V?”

“V deserves to get everything she has ever wanted. Everything she has done for me. For us. For our family.” Letting go of him I sit with my back against the brick wall. “I would be curled up in a ball, lost in my own sad abyss if it weren’t for her. She wanted something. You refused, so I’m putting in every effort to give her what she wants.”

“Yeah, all while getting your dick wet.” He’s still not listening. This isn’t about me. It’s about her. All about her.

“You’re so much of a smug selfish asshole. Don’t you see what you are doing? You are doing what dad did just in a different situation. Maybe even worse because you’re not just fucking over your mate, you are fucking over your best friend. You’re going up against fate and that’s a dangerous game. Watch yourself before you end up at the bottom of a pool with nothing left but regret.” I get up to find V, this was a waste of time.

“Like fate has any reason to be kinder to you.” He is back in my face again. I can only let him get away with so much before he pushes Lucifer too far. “You forget that I saw what you did to your mate. You left her in a shredded heap. How is that better than dad or me?”

That did it. I feel Lucifer creep up my spine. Before my monster can take over, I bounce X’s skull off the brick once, twice, and now he is in a heap out cold on the floor. Oh, look there is a new dent in the brick in the shape of X’s head. I’ll leave it there as a reminder. I am not the brother to fuck with. Even medicated I will rip him in two for talking about the shit with my mate. Given the circumstances; I think I handled all of that very well on my own.

Trying to talk to X is impossible. If it’s not what he wants, he doesn’t listen. It’s time to go, but I’m not going to hide. If I wanted to be a real asshole, I could always take V upstairs and continue the rest of my day’s plains in the loudest, dirtiest ways I could think of, but that’s what X would do. I am going to rearrange some things at the Packhouse, so I can have a place there for now. Tomorrow when V returns to work, I will return to my Beta duties whether X likes it or not.

Now it’s time to go find my girl. I have some extra adrenaline that needs to be worked off. She may be able to walk again by her shift tomorrow, but I doubt it. I find Lexi and V in a stare-down on the back patio.

Great just what I need now, is a catfight. I place a gentle hand on V’s shoulder. “Come on we’re leaving.” V leans back into my embrace. “Lexi can you do me a favor and tell X that I will be back on the training grounds in the morning. Also, that our conversation isn’t over, I just feel it would be better if he were conscience for the rest of it.”

“Sure,” Lexi sighs out, “I know it’s not my place, but he has been trying the past few days. Maybe cut him just a little slack.”

“I think that may be part of the problem. We have all let him do whatever he wants because he had to step up when I couldn’t.” I turned to leave but remembered that I had something for Lexi. Leaving V at the back door I jog back to Lexi handing her a sheet of paper. “Here, these are the names and numbers of the Lunas, I promised you. They are excited to help with your cooking. Included is the famous Estelle Smith’s number, she is better known as Granny Smith.”

Before I can react, Lexi is wrapped around me in a bear hug. “Oh, my Goddess Xand. Thank you. This is the nicest thing anyone has done for me in a long...”

Her words are cut off by a possessive growl that is emanating loudly from V’s chest.

“You have some huge ass lady balls growling at me V. First, I catch you fucking my mate and then you take Xand. You ruined everything for me,” V charged for Lexi, but I caught her mid-air. Her claws were already out. Will this day just end already? “You fucked up their relationship. Look at them fighting over a whore like you.”

“You’re right,” V stopped squirming in my arms as she spoke. “My boys are broken and it’s all my fault. But you were screwed before you ever stepped foot on this island.”

“You need to admit to them and yourself, that you are a home-wrecking fake ass whore that is only with Xand because X didn’t love you. ” Lexi screams at V. All the fight has left V. She sags in my arms.

I watch as tests build in her eyes as to what Lexi calls her. She worries that is what everyone will think of her. For both of us it doesn’t look good that we are together. “It’s not like that.” Vs voice is so small I can barely her her and I have her wrapped in my arms.

Lexi goes to continue the argument. “That’s ENOUGH,” I growled invoking my birth-given Alpha tone. It was so loud and deep the house shook. Lucifer had enough of this day. Everyone’s attitudes were pushing him. We needed to leave before he broke something.

V buried herself in my chest. She took a deep breath and faced Lexi, “I will never pretend that I am not at fault for their fighting right now. You have no idea what I have gone through with either one of them. But I am not faking anything when it comes to Xander. He is MINE, and I will fight to keep him. So, keep your hands off my man.”

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