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Chapter 14: Mixed Signals

Chapter 14: Mixed Signals (Lexi’s POV)

Two weeks have now passed since my heat. X has been agitated and quiet since Xand’s visit, but he has been trying to not take it out on me. We’ve had a few quiet dinners together. He asks me about how I’m feeling and about how my culinary courses are going with Granny Smith. But if I try to ask about the Xand situation he shuts down. So I stopped asking.

At present, I am sitting in my en suite bathroom waiting the suggested five minutes on three different pregnancy tests. It’s been two weeks, so if anything was made during my heat we should be able to tell by now. I haven’t felt sick or had any other symptoms but it doesn’t hurt to check. I’m trying to keep my hopes from getting too high.

With a deep breath, I close my eyes and turn each over. When I open my eyes again all three have the same result. Pregnant. We did it. We were actually successful. I’m going to be a mom. I sit on the floor crying happy tears for a good while before I click on the clinic’s website to set up an appointment to confirm. They had a cancelation so I’m able to be seen in about an hour.

With my scheduled appointment I dress for the day. I keep it simple by pulling on a green t-shirt dress and silver slip-on sandals. Sitting in the waiting room I catch a glimpse of V. I forgot that she’s some kind of doctor. It makes me glad to know that she’s not the kind of doctor that I need. My doctor will be Dr. Maggie. I hear she is the best.

“Lexi, we are ready for you dear.” A nurse calls out to me. Her name is Lisa and she instructs me to a bathroom where I can pee first and then leads me to a room where I change into a paper gown. Before leaving she draws a small vial of blood from my arm as well. I’m told that they are going to run their own tests and then the doctor will be in to see me shortly.

It feels like I wait for hours, but in reality, it’s no more than twenty minutes that I have to wait. Dr. Maggie is grey-haired with a few age lines showing but she has the kindest smile I have ever seen.

“So Lexi, I see that we are hoping that there is a little Alpha heir baking in your oven.” Dr. Maggie says as she looks over my chart.

Blushing I ask, “How’d you know X is the father?”

“The Furys are family first. After your heat, X asked that if you came in for any tests to let him know. I haven’t because that is your choice, but I do strongly suggest that this is not something you hide from him. That has never worked well for this family.” She gives me a stern but warm smile.

“No worries there, ma’am. I just wanted to confirm before I gave him the good news. There is good news, right?” I asked a little nervous that maybe the tests were wrong.

She grabbed my hand with a gentle comfort, “Call me Mags. You will have plenty of time to get to know me like family since good news is in order. You are pregnant.”

I shriek in excitement. “I never thought I’d get another shot at this.”

“I’d like to do a quick ultrasound and check the baby’s heart rate. If this isn’t your first pregnancy we would like to keep a close eye on you since I’m guessing the first one didn’t go so well.” Tears well up in my eyes at her words.

“No, the first one ended after just three short weeks. I barely knew I was pregnant before I lost it.” I took a deep breath. I have waited so long for this chance. My second chance. “Would it be too much to ask for X to be here for the exams?”

“No problem I’m sending him a mind-link as we speak to come join us.” Her eyes glazed over for a moment. “He will be here in just a minute. I’m going to get things prepared while we wait on him. If you would lay back on the table and put your feet in the stirrups.”

I did as she asked. She did a quick pelvic exam that X charged in on the middle of. “Everything okay.” He asks slightly out of breath and a little disheveled.

I answer, “Everything is perfect, Daddy.” I wiggle my eyebrows at him.

The biggest smile I have ever seen him have breaks across his face. “Success.”

Slapping him in the chest, “Well we did put in our best effort.” I look down at my hands. “I was hoping that you would want to be here to hear the heartbeat and get our first look at our pup.”

With a gentle caress of my face, he says, “Of course. Thank you, Lex.” I look up to see his eyes have a watery look to them. We did good Lex. We broke down one of his walls. Maybe all hope isn’t lost for him.

My eyes were fixed on him when a beat like a drum started to fill the room. “Good strong beat, and if you look just here, that little bean is your pup. Things are still early, only two weeks along.” Mags smiles at both of us. “As we talked about with your history, if anything feels out of the ordinary come in right away. Our pack’s future is now brewing in your belly.”

Mags pats X’s shoulder and leaves us alone in the room. “What history is she talking about Lex.”

I look down at my hands again. I don’t want to talk about this. I buried it deep down a long time ago for a reason, but I know he is a persistent man, and letting this rest wouldn’t be an option. “I had a... A...” Deep breath Lex. You can do this, “Miscarriage when I was 18. The father had just found his mate and left me. He never knew and I never told anyone about it.”

I was wrapped in X’s arms before I could even blink the tears out of my eyes. “I’m sorry Lex. For so many things.” He whispers in my ear as he comforts me.

A short while later I am dressed and we are walking out side by side. I’m impressed with the effort he showed today. The sound of someone’s name being called being called back to a room caught my attention. “Courtney Rosette we are ready for you in exam room two.”

As Courtney passed by me she smirked and pressed a hand to X’s shoulder. “Tell Xand we will be having a conversation very, very soon.”

“You can tell him yourself,” X responds while shaking her hand off his arm like he may catch something just from her touch. I wouldn’t doubt if that were true. I hate her.

“Here you go Lexi, I thought you’d like a printout of your little bean and a copy for you too, X. I know you never learned how to share properly.” He laughs and smiles at Mags as she hands us our pictures.

“See you later and congrats,” She shouts as she enters the room Courtney just disappeared into. I hung back for a second when I heard her say, “Fourth time in two months Court, don’t you think you should know how to read a pregnancy test by now or use a condom.” Then the door is closed.

“What the fuck.” I mumble under my breath, but not low enough.

“It’s his business, not yours, Lex. Stay out of it.” His growl and cold tone tell me that all the good from the past hour disappeared the moment Courtney touched him.

“I’ve got to get back to the office, I’ll see you for dinner.” With that, he walked away. Over his shoulder he did yell, “Make sure to take care of that little bean.”

“Yes, Alpha,” I say back in barely more than a whisper.

I make it back to the house in a daze. Today has been all over the place. Pregnancy tests were positive. Confirming that I’m a mom. X coming for the ultrasound. How sweet he was about my previous miscarriage. Then Courtney. Is she having Xand’s pup? What did Mags mean about four times in two months? It makes Courtney sound like a prostitute, not just your common run-of-the-mill whore. X asked, no demanded that I stay out of Xand’s business, but how can I keep my mouth shut about this.

I need someone to talk to. I wonder if I should call my mom. She would understand better than anyone else. She and my dad didn’t have a conventional start. I just hope that she can keep this from dad. I’ve already watched X have his head smashed in once this week. It wouldn’t do well for baby daddy to have brain damage.

On the back patio, there is a bench swing. I sit upon it while I pull out my phone to call my momma.

After three rings she answers, “Hey my baby girl. You’ve been gone almost a month and this is the first time you call. I thought we raised you better than that.”

“I’m sorry momma. I do know better, but so much has been going on. Which is why I need to talk with you. Dad’s not around is he.”

“No your father is out of town talking with those assholes from Apollo Eclipse.”

“Damn momma tell me how you really feel about them.” I giggle that’s my mother for you. Blunt and to the point. “They aren’t all bad. That’s where Daniel is.”

“Oh, honey don’t get me started on that boy today. He left you and that pack is always trying to lowball us on trades.”

“Daniel left to be with his mate, you can’t fault a man for that.” Well, you could but you shouldn’t.

“Speaking of mates how is that hunk of an Alpha mate of yours. Have you had your heat yet? When’s the wedding and when will I have grandpups?” She laughs, “I think that covers all the basics.

I burst into tears.

“Damn it. I owe your dad ten bucks. I told him if you were unhappy, you would tell us. He said you would hide it from us. What’s up buttercup? Tell mama what’s going on.”

Through my tears, I tell her about the deal with X. My confused feeling for both him and Xand. I also give her the happy news about the upcoming pup.

“Lex, baby, you have a pickle of a situation going on there. You know you can always come home, but...”

“But what?”

“I don’t think that’s what you want. You have never been one to back down from a challenge. If you want Xand, go after him. If you want X, string him up by his balls until he concedes and gets this no-mate shit out of his head.”

“It’s not that easy momma. I don’t think either is ever going to be an option for me. Everything is so fucked up.”

“If that is true. You have two options. Find a way to be happy there. Co-parent with X, cook, and become an active member of the pack. Your other option is to come home. You’ll have to co-parent from separate states and you can go back to culinary school and be a part of our family’s pack. Neither option sounds overly thrilling, but you have to decide which will be better for you and your pup. It’s not just about you anymore.”

“You’re right mom.” I take a deep breath. I feel so much better just getting everything off my chest. I haven’t made any decisions, but having a clear view of my options is still better than no plan at all. “Mom can you not tell dad about this. At least not yet.”

“Of course. No need to get your dad all riled up. But when you do make a decision please let me know, I don’t overly enjoy lying to him even though this way he doesn’t know that I lost our bet.”

We talked for a few more minutes before we said our goodbyes. I didn’t bother her with the stuff I learned about Courtney. X is right. It’s none of my business. There might not even be anything to tell him about. No need to get him worked up if it’s nothing.

X is late getting home that night. I made Italian meatloaf with red sauce, garlic mashed potatoes, and corn for dinner. It was cold, but when he walked in I couldn’t even begin to get onto him about calling. X looked as if he had weathered a storm and the storm won.

“Hey,” I said quietly as he entered the kitchen. Without saying a word he walked to me and wrapped me in a hug. Okay. Not normal X, but friends hug right. He breaths in my scent deep as if I’m the only thing keeping him from falling apart. I look up at him and caress his face before asking. “What’s wrong? What happened?”

He just squeezed me tighter for the time, after a few he sighed, “There was a drowning off the north shore. A couple of teenagers drinking and surfing.” He takes another deep pull of my scent. “The both of them got pulled into the undertow. We tried to get to them Lex, but they were too far out. Too strong of a current. They were in the junior warrior’s program. I worked with these kids every week, and now they’re gone.”

I kept my hold tight on him, letting him know with my actions that it’s okay to lean on me. That this friends thing goes both ways. We can be here for each other. I just wish he didn’t smell so good. I know it’s terrible timing to have lustful thoughts, but this is the most intimate connection I’ve had with my mate. This just confuses things even more. I look back up at X to find him staring at my lips. A small growl escapes his chest and he backs away.

“Dinner looks great Lex. Thank you.” X took his place at the table and dished out a big helping. I sat next to him and loaded up my plate too. Eating for two now so I can indulge a little.

That indulgence didn’t last long. Three bites in and my stomach turned. I only made it as far as the sink before I was sick. X true to form was at my side holding my hair back with one hand and the other rubbed small circles into my lower back. So much for no pregnancy symptoms.

“I guess our little bean doesn’t like meatloaf.” He says with a half-laugh.

“I knew it was too good to be true. Your demon spawn just wanted to lure me into a false sense of security.” I tell him as a rinse my mouth out.

“Yeah well it’s half you too, so what does that say about you.” I guess I had hit a nerve because his look is more serious than I expected.

“Are you okay now?” I just nodded. I didn’t want to stick my foot in my mouth again. “I’m gonna go have a beer. It’s been a day. I’ll be back later.”

“Sure have fun,” I say as he leaves. More like he practically sprints from the house.

“Well, little bean. Today has definitely been a day.” I say to my still flat belly.

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