All But Rejected Mate (EDITED/COMPLETED)

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Chapter 15: Been A Day

Chapter 15: Been A Day (X’s POV)

The silence in my car feels deafening. I was feeling better when I was with Lexi, but that just complicates things. I told her it’s been a day. What the fuck does that even mean.

Today I found out I’m going to be a dad. Part of me is like yay our efforts weren’t for nothing. The other part is sad that we won’t get to continue to try again. The biggest part is surprisingly happy and proud that I’m going to be a dad. This surprises me because until I saw our little bean on the screen I wasn’t entirely sure I even wanted this. It was more of a duty, but now... Now I just want to be a better dad than mine was.

While at the doctors we bumped into Courtney. Even though I’m happy to be having a pup, it still rubs me the wrong way that Xand could have been the one to do all this. If nothing else it seems like his cock works fine. Too well. Of course, everyone wants him and his giant cock. Seeing Courtney put me in a mood, and that caused me to leave Lexi earlier than I planned to.

I had wanted to go celebrate. Maybe take her to lunch or shopping. After Courtney mentioned Xand, my mood soured. If he’s going to be Court’s baby daddy that’s his issue. I’m sure V will just love that. Not my problem though. But with my surly attitude comes perspective. Going out with Lexi to celebrate would have just opened our bond even more. I felt it surge through me already when I was in that room with her. No need to make this any harder than it already is.

I excused myself back to the Pack. I stayed in my office. It’s childish but I’m trying to avoid Xand. Since he laid me out last week he has been here for all of his scheduled times and actually seems to be doing his job. And he’s doing it with a stupid smile on his face. Goddess, I want to punch out his teeth every time he smiles. Smug son of an asshole.

During the last hour of the day is when we got the distress call. We all hurried out to the beach, but it was on the far side that is mainly vacation homes and unpopulated areas. It was already too late to save them, but I jumped in after them anyway, and so did Xand.

Growing up, Xand and I, were like fish in the water. It was a hard swim, but we did manage to get their bodies to shore. At least their families have that. Tymm and Myke Green had been Junior Warriors still in high school. Tymm was a Senior and Myke a Freshman. Myke’s twin brother Tom had gotten in trouble and was stuck on clean-up duty today.

As mad as I am at Xand right now, I don’t think I would survive his death. The whole thing has got me in my head. Losing two Pack members hurts. They were both so young. I can only imagine how their parents are handling this. I have only known that I’m going to be a father for a few short hours and it already has my chest tight with worry. The look on Tom’s face when he saw Myke still on the sand. It was as if half of him had died because it did.

It was hours before we cleared out to go home. I stopped by my office to drop off some things I’ll need in the morning before showering and changing there. When I got home, Lexi was waiting. She looked slightly irritated at my lateness until she took in my appearance. I think today may have aged me some.

“Hey,” She says as I enter. Without saying a word I walked toward Lexi before pulling her into a hug. I need her right now. I need our bond, her scent, her touch. It makes the pain go away if only for a moment. “What’s wrong? What happened?”

I just squeeze her tighter for a moment, before I tell her about the teens. I won’t delve into the rest of the fears that this caused, but she at least knows enough to comfort me, and she does.

The problem is and will always be the bond. Her scent intensifies while in my arms. I can smell the inappropriate reaction taking place that causes my dick to harden. This is not the time to be aroused, but when Lexi looks up at me, I can’t help by notice how pink her lips are. How full and soft they look. The bond rolls through me as I remember how good she tastes. Before I do something stupid a small growl leaves my chest and I pull away.

“Dinner looks great Lex. Thank you.” I tell Lexi as I try to discretely adjust myself while sitting and piling food on my plate. She sits next to me, and that leaves my mouth watering for more than our now cold dinner. I don’t think she notices my struggle because she is too busy digging into her dinner.

That is until our little bean makes themself known. She only makes it to the sink to get sick, but I’m there with her. Holding her hair and rubbing the small of her back. I make sure we have skin-to-skin contact. It will make her feel better.

“I guess our little bean doesn’t like meatloaf,” I say with a half-laugh. I’m sorry that she is sick, but it’s a reminder that there is a part of us growing inside her.

“I knew it was too good to be true. Your demon spawn just wanted to lure me into a false sense of security.” What the fuck. Now our child is my demon spawn.

“Yeah well it’s half you too, so what does that say about you.” My response is cold. I’m standing here marveling at the fact that we are having a pup and she is being a bitch. I know that our pup just made her sick but damn. I thought she would be more maternal than this.

After a few deep breaths, I ask if she is okay and she just nods. At least she is smart enough not to make another bad joke right now. “I’m gonna go have a beer. It’s been a day. I’ll be back later.”

So this brings me back to sitting in my car surrounded by silence. I stopped at a local bar that isn’t much more than a hole in the wall, but the beer is ice cold, the music isn’t bad, and most of the patrons are just looking to drink not hook up. “Welcome to Duff’s Alpha.” Is shouted by bartender Lou as I walk in.

I raise my hand in greeting before asking for, “A Heineken and a shot of Jameson please.” As I sit at the end of the bar furthest away from everyone else.

“Coming right at ya.” I get in return and my drinks are in front of me damn near before I can blink.

I’m on my third round when I smell my brothers enter the bar. Xand and Jordan both walk over and sit down. Jordan isn’t even old enough to be in here, but no one is going to refuse service to a Fury. Jordan sits in between Xand and me. He is either very brave or very stupid. They both order cokes and Xand tells the bartender to get me another round.

“What do you want?” I have had enough of this day. I just wanted to drink myself numb so I can sleep tonight. Fuck my life.

“Just wanted to check on you bro,” Jordan says. Xand is staring at the bottles on the wall like he wishes he could down them all.

“Not your best choice to bring him with you then.” I shoot back at him downing my shot that just appeared in front of me. The beer is gone just as quickly.

“Fuck you X,” Xand mumbles, but it doesn’t hold any weight to it. “I just needed to see you. Okay. Watching someone lose their twin, their other half today is fucking with my head. It makes it even worse since we are fighting.”

“Yeah, and who’s fault is that.” I grab the newest beer that has been put in front of me and slide it down to him.

“Both of ours.” He says while looking straight ahead. He grabs the beer without looking at it and takes a drink. He’ll either down it and not have another or nurse it for the next hour, but I know he needed that drink almost as much as I did. He decides to nurse it.

“You know he’s right.” Jordan intervenes.

“Shut up Jordan.” We both say together.

“You both are assholes. There’s no secret there. Talk this shit out. I don’t want to have to get our sisters involved. They will try to put you in the ‘Get Along’ shirt together or some shit like mom used to do.” He gets up to leave but slaps us both on the shoulders before he goes.

That leaves me with the asshole. “So you have been thinking about it too?”

He doesn’t ask what I’m talking about just nods. What would either of us do if something happened to the other? I think that would be what finally broke him. I don’t think he’d ever come back. Not after everything else. I think that I would end up more like he is now. Unmedicated anyway. I don’t know what they have him on but he seems even more in control. On a day like today, he should be trying to control the beast not sipping a beer with me.

He pulls out a vape pen and hits it there at the bar. “What are you one of the cool kids now.” I point at his vape.

He laughs. “Medicinal marijuana. Mags is now my dealer.”

“No fucking way they are encouraging you to smoke pot. I got sent to elite warrior boot camp when I got caught.” Damn mom was pissed and sent me to the most badass wolves. Think like the Navy Seals of wolves. Mind you I was only twelve and was in her office when I got caught. I thought she was gone for the weekend. The funny thing is that Xand went with me for fun.

“Yep,” He pops the “p” at me before continuing. “It helps contain the flairs of excess. Mellows me out. They started me on it after that thing with Lexi.”

“Oh, you mean the thing where I caught you fucking my mate.”

“Yes, that thing.” He clears his throat and sits up a little straighter. “You know I never meant for that to happen. If I would have known, I would have never come home. Please mind-link me for her next heat. Luc was out of his mind over her scent. I would have never touched her like that otherwise. You know how I am about mates.”

Since we are having a civil conversation, I will tell him the good news. “No need to worry about her heat. We found out today that Lexi is pregnant.”

“Damn you made quick work of that. How’s Lexi? Is she okay with all of this still?” I growl at his response I know they are friends, but he is a little too close to her for my liking. He holds his hands up in defense.

“I guess she’s happy.” She didn’t seem upset but the results. She wasn’t so happy when I left. More confused.

Xand gives me a quizzical look. “I almost kissed her tonight.” He smiles at my response. “She comforted me when I got home. Then I returned to being a dick. Now I’m here drinking a beer with you.”

“There are worse things you could be doing.”

“Speak for yourself.”

“I’m just saying, at least you didn’t go hunt down some rando to go bang.”

“I don’t do randos haven’t in a long time. It would have been V that I would turn to.” He drops his head in shame. The elephant in the room makes its appearance.

“You know the thing with V wasn’t intentional. It started with her drinking and way too much pot. But that’s not an excuse to go against the bro code. I’m sorry.” He says while starting a hole into the bar.

“We aren’t okay Xand and I don’t know if it ever will be, but I guess I can’t hate you forever,” I order a coke this time instead of beer with my Jameson. “I don’t understand why V. You know she has a mate somewhere. That is something I know you don’t go for.”

“I made her a promise, but it’s more of an oath to myself. That when she does find her mate I will step away. Even if she has my pup. It will be hers. I will not stand in their way.” I’m sure my face looks horrified. That will literally kill him. I know it will.

“Why would you agree to that?” I’m baffled. Luc will not be able to let go of his pup. He will destroy everything in his path.

“It wasn’t her condition. It was mine.”

“Again, why would you do that to yourself? Are you trying to destroy what little bit of sanity you have left?” What the fuck.

“It’s not about me. It’s about her. I would give her the world if she asked. She is the only reason why I’m not still living in hell in my head. It’s not sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns up there, but there is peace. She gave me that, so I will give her this.” He shrugs his shoulder as if that’s all there is to it, and I can tell there is no changing his mind either. Stubborn ass.

Before I can ask another question his head snaps to the door, and in walks trouble with a capital T.

******(Xand’s POV)******

The conversation is actually going well with X. It’s not all brotherly love but I think we will be able to move forward from this. Thank the Goddess for that.

I understand X’s worry. I worry about it too. V never asked me for this and she will probably kick my ass when her mate shows up and I walk away. I told her I would give her the option, but she should at least try to be with her mate. I don’t have that option. I destroyed that option, literally. The Moon Goddess Selene will never forgive me for what I did, and she will never give me a second chance. So I will be happy with being happy for now.

X looks as if he is going to continue to argue with me when a familiar scent enters the bar. I whip my head around and see it’s her. Courtney. I have tried to talk to her several times in the past few weeks and she has done nothing but ignore me.

“Hey, Xand I have to tell you something.” X starts, but Courtney is making a beeline for me. She’s not alone. There is some dip shit trailing behind her like a good little puppy dog.

“Did your brother give you my message?” She asks, while her eyes are narrowed in on me with anger.

“What message Court?” I’m tired. It has been a long day, and I really don’t want to have another confrontation tonight. Pot is great, but its magical powers only go so far.

She raises an eyebrow at X, “Guess who knocked me up before running off with his whore little bitch Lexi.”

“Courtney watch yourself,” X interjects while I’m trying to process what she said. “Lexi is my mate. You will respect her. She has nothing to do with Xand. Other than friends.”

“That’s rich. Ask him about the nudes of her on his phone.” Courtney shoots back.

X growls at me. Fucking Luc and that picture. I erased it and the picture of Courtney the night I started things with V. I am faithful to V, and so is Luc.

I turn to X, “It was at the waterfall when you asked me to go hunt her down and convince her to go along with your stupid plan. I was still figuring out my meds and Luc was in control. He took it, and I should have deleted it. I no longer have it.” I take a deep breath. X still looks pissed but not as much. “Lexi knows about it because Court went through my shit.”

“It’s a damn good thing I did. I got to know what you are really like. Just like all the other dead beats out there. You are going to pay for this one.” She rubs her flat belly, as she is blatantly showing her true colors.

“Court, you act like I didn’t try to wear a condom. Things went sideways with us before you went searching for something to be pissed off about. If the pup is mine I will take of it. End of story. I’m not a dead beat, and never will be.” My voice is raised and my authority is leaking through.

Court takes a step back and bumps into V. “What’s going on here.” V asks giving me a puzzled look. “Jordi told me you were here talking to X. I wanted to make sure you two didn’t tare The Duff down.”

“What’s it to you?” Courtney rounds on V. This time both X and I growl at Court.

“Your yelling at my boyfriend in a bar, so it is kind of my business.” I light up at V’s comment but now is not the time.

“So which one are you fucking?” Court spits back getting closer to V. V is nonviolent, but she was raised in the Alpha Fury house. She can handle her own, so Courtney needs to watch herself, even though she is a guard.

“Courtney right?” V asks stepping closer to her. “Whatever game you are playing, it ends now. Go home, and leave Xander’s name out your mouth. Kay. Or you will be missing some teeth and a few patches of hair.” Oh possessive V is hot. Can I take her home now?

“Whatever,” Courtney mumbles clearly outranked from all sides. “You will be hearing from my lawyer. I’m sure a Beta from a family like yours will offer up a great sum for pup support.” Court tosses her hair over her shoulder and drags the guy she came with behind her.

V gives me a very disappointed look. “V, I just found out what she’s claiming. I’m sorry. I... I...” Fuck this is too much on me today. Before I can continue through V pulls me in for a hug. Her head rests on my shoulder and I feel her rubbing my back as I do for her in bed at night.

She looks up at me and her look is much softer now, “We’ll figure it out.” She grabs my chin and pulls me down so I am looking her in the eye. “We are in this together.” I lean in for a kiss at the same time she does.

As our lips connect in a tender embrace, X clears his throat behind us. “We may be on better terms Xand, but I’m not ready to watch the two of you make out.”

I blush and V addresses X. “Alpha Xavier, sorry to intrude. I was consoling the Green family and then heard the two of you were working on your issues. I just didn’t want it to be like last time.”

“V you have known me for half my life. It’s X. Always has been, always will be. You just aren’t my favorite person anymore.” He looks up at me. “It’s getting late. I’m am going to go. I’ll see you on the grounds tomorrow Xand. Good night V.”

“X, I never wanted this. I didn’t want to cause problems with Xand and you. I just could keep holding on to someone that constantly held me at arm’s length.” V puts a hand on his arm as he goes to leave. “I’m sorry that I hurt you, and I’m sorry that I hurt Xander and your relationship.”

X closes his eyes and then hugs her. I try not to let my possessive side show, but it’s not easy. Then I hear X tell her. “If you want to make it up to me then take care of him. I know you can do it better than anyone else.”

Before anything else can be said V is back in my arms and X is out the door. This has been a day.

This chapter is dedicated to two of my best friends, and my favorite twins. Rip Myke. You have been gone for 13 years now, but it feels like just yesterday you were still with us. 🙂🙂

Note: I will not pull a JKR ⚡ on you. Both twins will survive. I did promise a happish ending.

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