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Chapter 17: I Need

Chapter 17: I Need (Lexi's POV)

It's been a few months since I found out that I'm pregnant. I just hit the halfway point of 13 weeks. My pup bump shows proudly in whatever I wear.

Today we have an appointment to go find out if I'm having a boy or a girl. X is going with me. He has been very attentive this whole time. He goes to all of my appointments, makes sure I have everything that I need, and every morning before he leaves he kisses my belly as he says goodbye.

Yesterday my feet were a little swollen because I spent too long cooking with Granny Smith. When X found me on the couch with my feet elevated he removed the pillows from under my feet and replaced them with his body. He pulled my feet into his lap and gave me the best foot rub I have ever had in my entire life. It was so good, I almost came from the pleasure.

Unfortunately, that is the only need that X doesn't attend to. I am to the very horny portion of my pregnancy, and I can't find the relief I'm looking for. Not on my own anyway. I have tried trust me. So when his hand on my feet nearly makes me combust, I can't help the moan that escaped my mouth.

X's whole body stiffened the minute the noise escaped me. He stopped what he was doing, sniffed the air, and then abruptly left the room. I did notice him adjust himself as he left. After that, I didn't see him for the rest of the night. He didn't even join me for dinner.

This morning we are breakfast in silence, and he kissed my belly goodbye before leaving for the day. He messaged me after he got to the office asking if I would meet him at the Packhouse before my appointment so we can go together.

So now I am walking across the training yard toward his office. The warriors are all present for training. I see Xander in the distance with a group of men that are all just about as built as he is. They are all shirtless of course, and the scene alone has me breathing heavy.

I smile and wave to Xander after he raises a very well-defined arm at me in hello. Damn, that is one perfectly etched from stone man. I get a broad all teeth and dimples smile from him before he returns to instructing the warriors.

My mind fills with dirty fantasies of not only Xander but the other warriors as well. I absent-mindedly find myself at X's office and open the door. He's not here, but from the lingering scent, he hasn't been gone for long. My eyes drift around his office and my dirty daydreams continue. I indulge a little letting myself dream of my mate. Some of those dreams involve me riding him on the couch, and also being spread out on top of his desk.

"Why do I smell your arousal right now?” The gruff voice of X booms out from behind me.

I slowly turn around and find him dressed in a nice pair of pressed tan khakis and a crisp hunter green button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. If I wasn't already wet I would be now. My mate looks good enough to eat with his muscles pressed tight against the fabric of his shirt. My eyes lower and the defined bulge in his pants would be indecent if I wasn't moments from begging for it to be in me.

My mouth is dry, so I clear my throat before answering. I can't tell him that I was imagining myself spread eagle on his desk while his face is buried between my thighs. Another wave of lust pulses through my body only intensifying my scent in the room.

"I walked through the training grounds. Do you know how many warriors were shirtless out there?" I respond. I know it's going to piss him off, but I don't care. He isn't going to help me with my problem, so I'm going to have fun working him up.

His jaw is taut, and his eyes are black. "We need to be leaving." There is a growl in his voice before he turns to leave. I follow behind him.

We are at the clinic in just a few minutes since it's just across the street from the Packhouse. Nurse Lisa showed us to our room and gave me a paper gown to put on.

I drop my dress without a thought and pull the gown on before removing my underwear. I leave it in the pile with my cloth before gathering them together and setting them on the free chair next to X.

He has his eyes closed and when my arm brushes against him he growls. "Fucking hell X, grow up. You have seen every inch of my body. No need to be shy about this now."

He growls again in return, but as I climb onto the table I can hear him shift in his seat. Maggie joins us then and our endless game comes to a pause.

She conducts a quick internal exam that has X squirming in his seat. Then we get to the ultrasound. After a minute of trying to find the best angle, we get the news. It's a girl.

"Fuck," X grunts out.

I give him the death glare and so does Mags. "What's the problem with a girl?” I ask through gritted teeth.

X runs his hands through his hair. You can see the gears working in his head as to how to pull his foot out of his mouth, "There is nothing wrong with us having a girl," An almost evil smile crosses his face. "I'm just worried about how many warriors I'm going to have to kill when she gets older."

"There will be no need for that Alpha. They will know better." Mags intervenes.

He chuckles under his breath. "I know how guys think, and if she turns out half as hot as her momma then I'm going to have my hands full."

My face turns red. He is already thinking about protecting our daughter's virtue. Plus I can't help but notice that X called me hot. Where did that come from, and why did I like it so much.

X looks back at me with a smirk before relaxing back in his chair. Mags talks with me about keeping my sodium intake down and making sure I rest off my feet so they don't swell. Before leaving she instructs that they will have a printout for us at the front desk of our little girl.

I can't believe we are having a girl. I am so excited. She will be so spoiled. I can't wait to dress her up. I can't wait to snuggle with her. I'm going to be the best mom ever even if it kills me. I promise I will.

As I am thinking this I am absent-mindedly changing out of the paper gown. I am suddenly grabbed from behind and pulled against a firm warm chest. "Why do you insist on teasing me today mate?"

His face is nuzzled into my neck as he asks this. This causes my whole body to flush and tingle with excitement. I clench my legs together hoping to contain my scent. "You smell so warm, rich, and delicious."

I can't seem to connect my brain and mouth, and before I can stop myself I moan out, "I am so wet."

X stiffens in more ways than one behind me. He takes another deep inhale of my scent before stepping back and away from me. Figures, I finally tell him what I want and he pulls away.

I dress quickly and leave out of the room, not waiting for X to follow me. I don't stop. I just continue out of the office and across the street. By the time I make it to the training grounds X is beside me. He doesn't say a word, and I refuse to look at him, but he does hand me the printout from today's ultrasound.

When we reach his house I try to intentionally close the door in his face, but he is too close behind me. Once the door is closed his hand is around my waist pulling me back and against the door. His lips find mine before I know what is happening. His mouth is hot and urgent against mine as if he can no longer contain himself.

"Do you have a need that needs to be taken care of little one?" He asks as he kisses down my neck sending jolts of pleasure down my body. I should not feel this way about him. I should not want him, but he feels so right pressed against me. All I can do is moan in response as his hand grazes across one of my nipples.

"I need you to tell me what you need Lex." His thigh is pressed between my legs and I am unashamedly rocking against it trying to find some friction.
"What do you need baby?" He asks again.

Baby? What the fuck. I may just combust before I can even open my mouth. "I need... I need... Fuck... I need you." I pant as I quicken my pace against his thigh.

"Do you need just my leg or all of me baby?" He growls into my ear while nibbling on the end of it. His hands roam over the contours of my body. Up and down at the same pace as I'm riding his leg. I can feel how hard he is with each forward stroke I make, and I die a little inside knowing I would beg for it if he asked me.

"All... All of you." I moan back before I am lifted bridal style and carried to my room.

All of my clothes magically disappear as I am laid on my bed. He is on top of me, pressing his hardened length against my opening. I wrap my legs around his waist and use my feet to try to pull him closer. Following my intention, he enters me at a painstakingly slow pace.

As he works in and out at his slow pace he keeps his mouth on me. Kissing me deep before moving down my neck. He sucks on my marking spot and I nearly jump out of my own skin with pleasure. He continues lower taking my overly sensitive nipples in his mouth and one of his hands. The pulling, twisting, nipping, and biting have me on edge.

"It's okay to let go Lex. Come for me, baby." His deep growly voice against my breast is all that it took. I fall over the edge erupting in pleasure around him.

X doesn't let up. He moves fast and harder in me. My nails grasp the firm hard muscles of his back and as I clench around his I drag them down his skin leaving wild marks in their wake. My first orgasm morphs into my second and he pumps into me fast and hard. He finds his relief with me this time. Breathing hard as he fills me from within.

He slowly pulls out of me and rises to his knees. I'm still panting lying flat on my back as I feel him place a gentle kiss on my belly. I close my eyes for a moment at the feel of his tender kiss, but when I reopen them he is gone.

Really X. We have a moment, and he runs away with his fucking tail between his legs. Goddess, I'm such an idiot. X taking care of my needs is great, but I didn't expect this to be a hit and run. That's part of the reason why I never opened my stupid mouth before.

I knew if I told him what I wanted there was a good chance he'd reciprocate. I know this because since we slept together during my heat he hasn't slept with anyone else. I don't know if it had to do with me or with V. He's my fucking mate. I won't come second to anyone. I know they were together for a long time, but mates change things.

V understood all of this, and she left. She doesn't interfere with X and I. Am I the happiest person that she's with Xand? Well no, but she does seem to be good for him. I see him around the Packhouse, in town, and he even stops by the Fury house every now and then. Xand looks happy. Stoned a good portion of the time, but happy. As his friend, I am happy for him.

That is why I have agreed to attend V's birthday party tonight. All of the Fury's will be in attendance, and Xand called me family when he asked me to join. So with that thought, I need to get up. Time to shower away the evidence of my fling with X and get ready for tonight. Part of me almost wants to be petty, and go to the party still covered in his scent, but I don't think that will actually accomplish anything.

I have a very pretty mint green dress picked out that comes in under my chest and pleats out over the rest of my form before ending just above my knee. Once I'm dress throw my hair into a quick mermaid braid and add a little mascara and gloss to finish out my look. Just as I finish my makeup, I look up to find X standing in my doorway. Our eyes meet for just a moment, but he is quick to look away. He looks extra edible in a black and green check button-down, and black slacks, but I pretend not to notice.

X clears his throat before asking, "Are you about ready to go."

"Almost, I'll meet you outside in five minutes," I say turning away from him. I quickly spray some of my favorite perfume on and slide on a pair of cute wedged white sandals.

When I turn around again X is still standing in the same spot staring at me. He doesn't move from the doorway as I approach. "If we are going to go, I need you to move." I'm now standing directly in front of him. I place a hand on his chest, and he seems to finally stir from the trance he's been in.

After a quick nod, he steps back and allows me through the door. His hand hovers over the small of my back as we walk out to his car. He opens the door of his hunter-green Challenger for me, and I slide into my seat. He hesitates before closing it behind me. "Green looks good on you Lex." He says in a husky voice and closes the door before I can respond.
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