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Chapter 18: 1+1=3

Chapter 18: 1+1=3 (Xander’s POV)

“Come on Xand, that has to be enough suicides for one day,” Jordan whines as he and the rest of the warrior pack collapse on the field at my feet. I have done every exercise with them today and am barely breathing hard but they all look like they may drop dead here where they lie.

“One more set Jordi and then we will be done for the day.” I offer him a hand and pull him back to his feet. My little brother wants to be our lead warrior, so he needs to be pushed. He has the size and the bloodline to be great at it, but he could still use some work on his stamina.

We finish out the last set of suicides and I send them on their way. Jordi hangs back to help me clean up after training.

“What bug is up your but today Xand. You never push us that hard and you never keep us here this late.” The kid is observant, I’ll give my little bro that.

We are now in the locker rooms after putting up the supplies and I slump down onto the bench. “Have you ever felt like all you do is disappoint everyone around you?”

“No, but no one’s expectations of me are very high. I could sit back and be a slacker, and no one would blink an eye.” He says as he sits next to me on the bench.

“That’s not true baby bro. I would kick your ass if you tried to be some rich kid riding out their family’s money. I’m proud of you for all the work you put in as a warrior.” I clap him on the shoulder as he gives me a long hard look.

“So after that little speech you just gave me, do you really think you are disappointing everyone.” He punches me hard in the shoulder and continues. “You have worked so hard to get to where you are now. We all see it. It’s so nice having my brother back. Even if you do try to kill me every day.”

I laugh at his response. “Thanks. I kinda needed that today.”

“So you want to tell me what happened?”

I sigh and tell him about last night. The great letdown that I am. Full Alpha blood and I can’t seem to get V pregnant.

“You are being too hard on yourself. These things can take time. It took Uncle Jax and Aunt Kelly years to have a pup, and they are mates. You just have to not give up.”

I go to argue, but he is being so damn logical. I can’t find a proper argument.

“I’m sure the trying has been fun.” He wiggles his eyebrows at me with a silly grin across his face.

I shake my head at my brother. He actually chooses to follow my path and wait for his mate. He has three months left until he turns eighteen. I hope for his sake that when he meets his mate it goes better than when I did.

“You’re coming to V’s party tomorrow, right?” I ask changing the subject.

“Of course I am. I wouldn’t miss it for anything.”


After training, I had a meeting with X and some other Alphas with their Betas to go over some future trades. Elder Island is a large exporter of tropical fruits. We work with other packs for trade and sale. We are a completely sustainable island, but this helps to improve relationships with other packs. A few of the new Alphas, that we are trying to establish relationships with, will be coming to the island in the next few weeks.

Due to this meeting, it is very late when I return to V and my apartment at the Packhouse. I know the moment I walk in the door that I’m in trouble. It looks like V had set up a very romantic dinner for two. The dinner she had for us is left abandoned on the table, at least my half of the dinner. She seems to have eaten hers. There are low-melted candles in the table center. Lastly, there is a trail of white rose petals that leads to our bedroom.

I follow the trail to our room and when I open the door I find V laid out across the top of the duvet in a blue lace teddy. Fuck she looks so edible right now. I want to wake her up but I’m afraid she may kick me in the balls.

I take my chances though and pick her up so I can move her under our blanket. “Xander?” She asks in an adorably sleepy voice.

“I’m here Kitten. I’m so sorry that I missed whatever you had planned for us tonight.” I get her tucked in under the covers and climb in behind her. Wrapping her up like a present. My present. Mine. Mine for now anyway. “Are you mad at me?”

“No, I know Beta duties can keep you.” She rolls over and snuggles into my chest. “I just wanted the chance to celebrate with you.”

“We can still celebrate your birthday together. The day has only just begun. Happy birthday beautiful. Your day of celebration started about thirty minutes ago.”

“That’s not what I want to celebrate.” She whispers so quietly against my chest that I start to worry that I’ve missed some other occasion.

“What am I missing here? What do you want to celebrate, because I promise whatever it is we will celebrate the hell out of it. However, you want.” I kiss her forehead and pull her closer, but she pulls away and lays flat on her back.

She pulls my hand with hers and splays it across her flat stomach. “I want to celebrate this.”

I give her a quizzical look. She can’t possibly want to celebrate not being pregnant.

Then I hear the greatest words ever spoken, “The tests were wrong. You’re going to be a daddy.”

I’m sitting bolt upright in an instant. My hand is still on V, and I’m staring at her like she just grew three more heads. “Please tell me you aren’t joking right now.”

“I would never joke about this.”

Tears begin to pour from my eyes. I don’t know how to contain all of the emotions that are going through me right now. I reach out for Lucifer in my head to make sure he is okay, but he might as well be rolled on his back purring. He is good. He is overly content and happy. I can almost see a smug wolfy smile on his snout.

I pull V into my arms and start kissing every inch of her body. The most wonderful body in the entire world. The body that is growing my pup. That will keep our pup safe until he or she is ready to meet this world. V giggles as my chin scruff rubs along her side while I kiss and nuzzle every square inch I can.

“Say something, Xander.”

“I love you.” I take a deep breath and add, “For giving me this V.” Fuck. I’m not her mate. I can’t... I can’t claim her as I want. I can’t confuse things more than they already are. This was only supposed to be about giving her a pup.

V looks torn. Before anything else can be said, I claim her mouth with my own. I swallow anything that could come out in the heat of the moment with my lips on hers. The lace that covers her body shreds so easily as I get it out of my way. My own clothes are treated with the same respect.

I drive deep but gentle into her warm wet center. Wrapped close to each other, only the shallow rotation of my hips into hers separates us. She tries to speed our pace, but even though I won’t speak the words I am desperate to make love to her. Show her with every stroke, every caress of my hand, every swipe of my tongue how much she means to me. How much the life we have created means to me.

I keep my eyes open and focused on hers. The want, the lust, the pleasure, and the happiness that fills her whole being are more than one’s heart could take. The feeling that I may explode hits the same moment that her orgasm hits. She is writhing and clenching around me so tight, I can not hold back from my release.

With my eyes locked with hers as I release into her. I cum so hard I can hardly breathe through the sensation. There is not a moment in this world that could be better than this. I watch as a single tear rolls down her cheek. She feels it. I know she does. I look away before I say something else that I shouldn’t.

I maneuver us so that I’m laid behind her with my face planted in her neck. My arm is wrapped around her and over her stomach where our child is held protected in her womb.

“Xander,” She starts but I stop her.

“Don’t. Just leave it alone V.” My voice is a low plea. If she tells me she loves me, I won’t survive when she finds her mate.

I slipped out of bed early this morning. V has the day off, so I leave her where she’s at. She deserves the rest. It’s good for her to sleep. She has been tired and sick lately. It’s for a joyous reason, but I know she has been feeling worn out.

I feel the need to go run. My skin feels tight. I make sure to take my meds and pop a few gummies before I leave the Packhouse. I walk to the edge of the woods behind the Fury house and strip. Morphing into Lucifer takes no time and I’m off and running through the lush tropics.

When I reach the waterfall I slow my speed. I lay down at the edge of the water. It’s been years since I’ve gotten into the water here. We didn’t even know that it existed until X and I were about ten years old, but after we found it, it was a favorite family getaway. Mom loved it out here. She would sun for hours on the rocks while we all played in the shallow water.

I saw my first boob here. It belonged to V. Her first summer with us, we came out here as always to swim. One of my sisters, I forget which one now, jumped on her back and somehow pulled down her top. It was a highlight of my youth. The start of my secret desire for V. X was always very open about how he felt about her and called dibs before I even knew what happened.

Now V is in my bed every night. She is carrying my child. I get to kiss her. I get to touch her. She is mine. For now. That’s what I keep telling myself. It’s only for now. There will come a day where I will hand her over to her mate. I will command her to go if I have to. I will not allow her to walk away from her mate for me. That’s why I couldn’t let her say the words last night. It’s why I had to backtrack over my words.

I did this to myself. When she came to me that night, I knew I shouldn’t have. Temptation was too much. When you have kept something pushed down deep for so long, it’s hard to deny when it’s in your face. Every time I touch her I feel more alive than I have in my entire life.

The sun is still low in the sky when I turn back. I quickly dress and swing by Granny Smith’s to grab V a special birthday breakfast. I see Lexi in the back working with some of the staff. I offer her a small wave on my way out.

Once I make it back to our apartment, I hear V getting sick in the bathroom. Crap I planned to be back before she woke up. I try to join her in the room, but the door is locked. As I go to call for her I hear the toilet flush, and the sink running as she rinses her mouth. A moment later she exits and stops when she sees me leaning against the dresser waiting for her to come out.

“You okay?”

She swipes her hair back from her face, “Morning sickness is the least fun part of all this.”

“Why was the door locked.”

She gives me a weird look, “You weren’t here and it didn’t feel right, it didn’t feel safe.”

My heart warms at the thought process of keeping our pup safe, even when she is ill. I give her a nod, “Not sure if you’re hungry now after that, but I picked you up your favorite breakfast burrito.”

Her eyes light up like Christmas, “I am starving. Thank you.” She gives me a small peck on the lips and then is off after her breakfast.


V is dressed to the nines in a beautiful deep blue satin dress, that matches the blue and black striped button-up that I have paired with dark blue jeans. She thinks we are just going out to dinner. What she doesn’t know is that I’ve planned a surprise party for her at Temptations.

On the drive there she seems distracted. Placing my hand on her knee I rub small circles into her thigh with my thumb. She looks up and gives me a small smile. When she pulls her gaze away she sees where we are at.

“Xander, what are we doing here?”

“I set up something special for us here. Is that okay?” I ask unsure of myself all of a sudden.

A wide smile spreads across her face. “Really, what did you do.” The excitement in her voice is so infectious.

“You’ll just have to wait and see.” I grab her hand and place a gentle kiss on the back before I exit the car and come around to open her door. My hand reaches out for her to help her out of the car. I keep hold of it as we walk into the club. When we enter we are greeted by Harold at the door.

“This way Beta Xander and Doctor V,” Harold says leading us up the stairs.

When we get to the top a roar of “SURPRISE” rings out. A squeal of delight comes from deep within V. I feel it vibrate in her chest as she jumps into my arms. “Did you do all of this?”

“Of course. Only the best for you, Kitten.” I tell her directly in her ear before finding her lips with mine.

In attendance is the whole Fury crew. My four sisters, the oldest with their mates, Jordy, and X with Lexi are all here. Jax and Kelly are also in attendance. Dr. Mags and her husband Trent are smiling proudly at us. A few other people from the hospital are here as well as some of the warriors that V has worked with over the years.

Kenzie steps forward and hands V a glass of champagne. V looks at the glass as if it may bite. “Can we tell them, so I don’t have to drink everything my sisters hand you tonight? If we don’t, you know they will make it their life goal to get you trashed.” She chuckles and then nods her head.

I grab the glass from her hand and tap my car keys against it to get everyone’s attention. “Thank you all for coming tonight. I would like to ask everyone, and this is directed mainly at my sisters Kenzie and Kaylee, to please not force-feed alcoholic beverages to V.” There are a lot of raised eyebrows and strange looks in the crowd. Mags just smiles brightly at me. “I ask this because yesterday we found out that V is pregnant. My pup is just way too young for cocktails ladies.”

Another roar of cheers runs through our party and I down the bubbly in my hand. Then press a kiss to the top of V’s head. I feel on top of the world. Life just couldn’t get any better.

A voice from the stairs pulls everyone from our good time. “So nice to see everyone celebrating Xand becoming a daddy since I will be having his pup first. I hope I will get the same embrace.”

Before I even know what is happening V is flying out of my arms and storming towards Courtney while shouting at the top of her lungs. “You stupid, lying, manipulative, cunt of a bitch. How dare you come here and ruin our private moment with your outrageous bull shit.”

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