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Chapter 1: 5 Years Later

Chapter 1: 5 Years Later (Xavier’s POV)

“Oh Alpha. Yes. Right. There. Fuck. Me. Harder. X. Faster!” Veronica moaned in between each thrust as I took her from behind.

A lot has changed in the last five years. Xander stepped down from being heir after that mess with his mate. Dad was found at the bottom of the pool on the anniversary of mom’s death. I had already taken over as Alpha by then and made sure he was buried with her. Not the best time for the Fury family.

Xander has been a ticking time bomb. He was always the quiet one. Momma’s good boy who waited for his mate. See where that got him. See where that got mom and dad. I will never mark any woman. I will never accept my mate.

Veronica’s cool though. She’s a mix of Hispanic and black with dark hair and caramel-colored skin and eyes. Also, she can keep up with my needs and it’s a plus that she is twenty-six with no mate. There’s a good possibility that he died before she could meet him. She’s enjoying being my release, so I don’t think she minds too much. I take care of her, buy whatever she wants, and I fuck her till she is screaming my name for hours. The only thing I won’t do is give her a pup. At least not my first pup. That unfortunately must be with someone I have marked or my mate for the pup to be the Alpha Heir.

I turned twenty-three a few months back and have yet to come across this magical mate that everyone keeps talking about. Maybe she doesn’t exist. I’d be better off, but then the Fury family’s one-hundred-thirty-seven-year reign as Alpha could be over. We could be challenged for the rights to the Elder Island Pack. I wish that Xand was stable enough to be Alpha, then I wouldn’t have to worry about this, but if you even drink coffee in the same room with him, he goes berserk.

After Veronica has cum for the third time I finally finish. I pull out, remove, and tie the end of the rubber before tossing it in the trash by my bed. As I was headed to the bathroom, someone tries to mind link me.

“X, I have some unwelcome news.” Uncle Jax rang in my head.

“Can I at least shower before you tell me?” Nobody wants to have bad news before they even put their pants on for the day.

“I’ll be downstairs when you’re dressed.”

“Thanks.” I want to pout but Alpha’s don’t get to be brats. We have to take charge and face the music.

“Well, this already sounds like it’s going to be a shitty day.” MY wolf Michelangelo rang in my head. I call him Mikey for short since I named him after my favorite turtle. I quickly showered, dressed, and made my way downstairs. I have the second floor and Xand had the top floor. We should have switched when I became Alpha, but I really didn’t see any point. Xand is happier the further he is away from most people. He makes a great Beta. Everyone is afraid I will unleash the beast on them, so it all works out.

As I entered the kitchen Aunt Kelly and Uncle Jax were sitting at the table. Kelly was crying and Jax had his arm tightly around her.

“So, what’s up?” I asked.

“Martha and Henry passed away in their sleep last night,” Jax told me over Kelly’s sobs.

It was common, when mates passed at an older age, for them to go together. The other can’t survive the death of their mate and their wolf at once. Another reason I will never have a mate.

“Their family wants permission to come in and have a service for them. It will be a large group.” Jax continued.

“That’s fine whatever they need. We will accommodate them in every way. The guest rooms are empty since the others moved into the packhouse.” I have five other siblings besides my twin Xander. Four of us are of age, and the others will be within a few years. I’m the only one over the age of eighteen that hasn’t found their mate. Kenzie just so happens to be mated to Jax and Kelly’s son Corbyn and Kaylee is mated to doctor Maggie’s granddaughter Morgan.

They will all be distraught over Martha and Henry. They watched over us like they were our grandparents. Xander is going to destroy the house and having extra people around during this trying time will make him ten times worse.

“Have you told him yet?” I asked.

“No, I’m leaving that to you Alpha. He may not kill you.” Great that will be a ton of fun.

“Funny,” I said dryly, and then I heard the stairs squeak.

Xand just nodded at us as he entered the room. He never really talked much, and it just becomes less and less as time passes. At least out loud. He talks to me through our mind link, but rarely out loud. Jax and Kelly left shortly after he entered and Xand was pouring himself a bowl of cocoa puffs when he asked through mind-link. “What’s funny.”

I rubbed the back of my neck and ruffled my almost black hair. “Nothing actually. I have bad news.”

“I’m going back to bed, you can keep the bad news to yourself.” He starts to walk away.

“Martha and Henry passed away last night.” I blurted out. Tears coming to my eyes as I say it out loud. I put on a show in front of everyone else but Xand. We have seen the worst in each other and do not judge. He stopped as he reached the steps. I watched his shoulders slump and he just continued walking. That was better than I expected. His new meds must be working.
I haven’t seen Xander much in the last few days, but I haven’t heard the sounds of his room being destroyed, so that’s a good sign. Today is the day of the funeral, we will be spreading their ashes into the ocean by the orange groves. Then coming back to the packhouse to have a memorial stocked with plenty of food and drinks. I already need a drink and it isn’t even 8 AM.

Veronica is still sleeping. Uncle Jax linked me earlier to tell me that they picked up Martha’s family and were headed to the venue. I gently shook V, that’s what I call Veronica, and told her we needed to get ready. We showered together in a somber mood before dressing and heading downstairs.

As I enter the kitchen, I am pleased to see Xander dressed appropriately for the day’s events in a black suit, black tie, and blue shirt. We matched except my shirt is green. We have always done this, and I guess it will never change. We drive out separately in our own cars just in case it’s too much for Xand to handle, he can leave.

Mikey, my wolf is very agitated as we get out of the car, but I take it as his way of grieving. We are met by the whole Fury family first. Kenzie and Kaylee are both encased by their mates Corbyn and Morgan. Then there are our three younger siblings Jordan, Taylor, and Talia. Kenzie and Kaylee are now twenty, Jordan, the only one of us that doesn’t have a twin, is seventeen, and Talia and Taylor are fifteen. Four of the seven of us have blue eyes, and then three of us have green. It’s a running family joke of what team you play for. Team green or team blue. Team blue thinks they are better because they have more members, but that’s why team green is special, we are more unique.

It was time to start, and our pastor took to a small stage to say some wonderful words about the lives of Martha and Henry. I sat in the back with Xand and V. I was surprised still by how well he’s taking this, so I had to mind-link him and ask, “How are you feeling man?”

“I’m feeling strangely good. I’m sad that they are gone but isn’t this the type of death we all hope for. Dying of old age with your mate in your arms.” Xand responded.

I am taken aback by the words that he says. I think it’s the most sanest and rational I have heard him be in five years. I think Maggie finally figured out the right combination. It made me smile. I miss my brother being himself.

“I think it’s time for me to get back out there.” Out there? What’s he talking about?

“What? Out where?” I ask him.

“X, I want to try dating. If nothing else, I need to get laid. That is one side effect of the meds.”

I chuckled under my breath before responding, “Exactly, what are these side effects.”

“Funny bro, but you really don’t want to know how many times I had to jerk off this morning to be able to leave the house without rocking solid wood here today and checking out all these young she-wolves in tiny little black dresses isn’t helping my situation any.”

“Anyone, in particular, catch your eye?” I try to ask in a serious voice because this is great progress for him.

“I caught the eye of this girl with strawberry blonde hair when we were coming in. I love a good ginger. Nice tits, great ass.” Xand stopped to adjust himself. “I think she’s Martha’s great grandpup. She was with their family.”

I scanned the area looking for who he was talking about. At the same time, the wind changed direction and I was hit with the mouthwatering scent of blueberries, vanilla, and cinnamon.

Mikey perked up in my head, “Fuck, we found our mate, and I think it’s the girl that Xand was just talking about.”

“Great, we need to get out of here.” I stood to leave.

“Where are you going, bro,” Xand asked startled by me standing so quickly.

“My mate is here,” I tell him through our link, not wanting to announce it aloud.

“No way, who?” Xand asked while smiling at me.

I took a deep breath and regretted it immediately because I was filled with her scent again. “The strawberry blonde. I don’t even like gingers. I prefer my women darker.” I looked at V, she looks nothing like V.

Xand laughed at me. “It could be worse.”

“Yea, your right. I don’t want to deal with this during the funeral. Can you direct her to the house when this is over? Oh, and can you say something to the crowd for me too, about Martha and Henry.” I didn’t even let him answer. I grabbed V’s hand and am out of there in a second. Xander was left with a ‘What The Fuck’ look on his face. Time to test out his meds.

When we made it to the parking lot, I pushed V in the car and headed back to the house. I required some release and I have exactly the perfect person with me to help me with that.

e with that.

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