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Chapter 19: The Good Life 

Chapter 19: The Good Life (V POV)

The nerve of this bitch. I can’t believe she showed up at my party and is still spewing her lies. I stand in front of Courtney with my arms crossed. I am actively trying not to hit her. I know she’s pregnant. Thankfully not by Xander. I am pregnant too. So as much as I would like to lay her out for being a dumb bitch I’m holding back.

“What did you call me,” Courtney shouts back.

“I called you a lot of things Court. Which one offended you. Was it stupid, lying, manipulative, cunt, or bitch, because they are all true. I know that is not Xander’s baby.” I shoot at her.

“You don’t know anything.” Courtney steps forward.

I feel Xander pressed behind me. It feels protective. I don’t think he would hurt Courtney, but he won’t tolerate her hurting me or our baby. “I know that you are only a few weeks along and that it is your mate’s baby you are carrying.”

“What is she talking about Court. You told me your mate died.” Xander booms from above me.

“You told him I was dead.” Another man approaches from behind. “You told me that he forced into you without a condom when you were just hanging out as friends and that’s why you’re trying to get money out of him.”

“She told you what. I would never.” The full force of Xander’s authority, more Alpha than Beta, comes from him this time. “That bitch rode me bare. I told her I had a condom and... Look this is not the time or place for this conversation. If I would have known about you none of this would ever have happened.”

Courtney turns to her mate and starts to fake cry. “He’s lying Lewes. I would never have cheated on you.”

Lewes holds up a hand for her to stop, shakes his head, and walks back down the steps. Courtney turns and runs after him screaming and crying that she’s the victim.

Xander wraps his arms around me. “I’m sorry about all this. I should have never gotten involved with her.”

The rest of the party’s attention has settled into everyone talking, dancing, and drinking.

“How did you even get into this.”

“Not my proudest moment, but my mental health was finally doing well, and it was time to finally... You know...” His cheeks are bright red.

“Wait a minute. Are you telling me you lost your V card to that?” I hate her even more. She did not deserve that privilege.

“Shh... Everyone doesn’t need to know that. She doesn’t even know.” He runs his hands through his beard and takes a puff of his vape.

“So who was number two.” Curious about who he had run through before me.

He looked away and back at me, “Lexi while she was in heat and then you. That is the full extent of my sexual history.” He shrugs when all I can do is stare at him. Xander is a complete boss in bed. How is it that he has only been with three people? My number is only five but how?


“Kitten,” He says in a low growly voice. “I waited for my mate. Then things didn’t go well with that, and I wasn’t in a place to actually do anything with a girl.”

He goes red again as if something mortifying just struck him.

“What’s that look for?” He’s so sexy when he blushes.

“You were actually the first one to touch me.” Hello, jaw meet floor.

I’m shocked. After being with X who was a man whore, taking in that most of his sexual experiences have involved me, is shocking. It makes me smile and blush back at him.

The rest of the party is crazy but in a good way. The K twins got waisted and then Kenzie climbed on top of the pool table and to tell her mate Corbyn that she is ready to start a family. Then she tells him to get his ass up on the table with her so they can start now. It took him twenty minutes to talk her down off of the table because Kaylee kept egging her on.

Morgan was standing off to the side looking upset until Kaylee very drunkenly loud asked her what was wrong. This lead to tears because Morgan started to cry saying that she wants to give that to Kaylee. They ended up wrapped around each other on one of the couches talking about artificial insemination versus adoption.

Xander, X, and Jordan helped carry the twins and their mates out to Jordi’s SUV so he could make sure they got home safely.

Taylor and Talia are driven back to the Packhouse by Jax and Kelly because while all the craziness was going on they snuck a bottle of champagne downstairs. They were found dancing with some twenty-something guys that about pissed their pants when confronted by both Alpha and Beta. Apologies were made and terms of groundation have been dished out for the two fifteen-year-old girls.

When Xander and I finally fell into be that night I was exhausted. Exhausted but so happy. I love this family. The best thing that ever happened to me was the day that Izza found me. She saved me and gave me more than I ever would have thought.

Izza pulled me out of an abusive home. It wasn’t just physically abusive like Izza’s home life was. I don’t like to talk about it and spent most of my teen years in therapy because of it. Because of her I also have a family of Furys that I love. My career was chosen from Izza’s suggestion after I came home from a therapy session of my own. I also have her wonderful son wrapped around me and her grandpup growing inside of me. I think she would be happy to see us now.


It’s been a few weeks since my birthday, and I don’t think life could get any better. I got some of Mag’s herbal prego tonic. I feel good. I haven’t felt as sick, and some of my energy has returned. Xander is currently using up some of that energy while his face is buried between my thighs.

Just as my orgasm hits, I get a mind-link from X. My guard is down and I almost leap off the bed from the sound of his voice in my head.

“X, what...” I try to get control of my breathing. “What’s going on?”

“Sorry to intrude, ummm... But I can’t get ahold of Xand. He’s not answering his phone and his mind-link is closed.”

“He was just a little busy. I’ll have him contact you.” I slam my mind-link closed.

Well, that was awkward. Xander is still licking me clean of my juices when I grab a handful of his hair to make him look up at me. “You need to link your brother.”

“Huh?” He asks with the most adorable bewildered look on his face.

“X couldn’t get ahold of you so he linked me,” I say while my face heats at the thought of what we were doing when he linked me.

Xanders face takes on the blank stare of someone who is in the middle of mind-linking. He shakes his head when he is finished and gives me a look of deep regret.

He leans down and plants a passionate kiss on my lips before kissing down to my belly. “I have to go.” His voice is filled with reluctance as he and his giant hard-on move from the bed.

“Now?” I shout a little louder than I meant to.

“Kitten, trust me when I say I would rather be here in bed. I had some very delicious plans for this morning that are now being stomped on by Beta duties, so I have to go.” He is quickly pulling on his clothes and that is such a shame. He is a masterpiece to behold. All tight muscle and tan skin are highlighted by the dark ink of his tattoos. How did I ever get so lucky?

As I’m pondering this as he gives me a chaste kiss of goodbye and is running out the door. With my morning plans changed I decided to shower and dress for the day.

I’m not scheduled to work today, so I decide to make breakfast and relax. Xander was supposed to be off today as well, but you are technically always on call as a Beta. I hope that he can get out early and we can still salvage at least part of our day.

After eating, I down a shot of tonic to make sure my breakfast stays in place and lay on the couch to watch a movie. I choose a random romantic comedy but end up daydreaming about Xander more than I pay attention to the movie.

Xander is what every girl should dream of and not just because he looks like sex on a stick. The sex is amazing, but that’s not all he is. For someone so large you would never guess how gentle he is. Even in the throes of passion, he is careful to not hurt me. It’s not a weakness, but a sort of protective aura. Every time he touches me I feel butterflies swarm deep in my belly.

We have the best time together. He painted my toes a few days ago for me. He said that it’s practice for when I can no longer see my toes to do it myself. I could have just swooned right off of our bed.

The only downside is he refuses to talk about his feelings for me. He also won’t let me tell him how I feel about him. If he would let me, I would tell him how lovely he is. That he is the perfect man even with his demons. I would tell him how far down the rabbit hole I have fallen in love with him, but every time I try he stops me.

He’s afraid. I know it. He doesn’t think he is enough. He is though. He is everything I could have ever wished for. Our Goddess is cruel for the mate she gave such a beautiful soul.

The sound of a cat meowing pulls me from my thoughts. It’s the text tone that I have set for Xander.

Xander: Hey Kitten I ran out so quickly this morning I forgot my meds.

Me: I can run them down.

Xander: Please I’m gonna need them to deal with this shit show that’s going on.

Me: Do you need some gummies too.

Xander: You know me so well. Yes, please.

Xander: You are the absolute best.

Me: I’ll be right down. Where are you?

Xander: X’s office. I’m already planning a special thank you in my head for this.

Me: Well I’d never turn down an offer like that but no thanks are needed. I’ll see you in a bit.

I have Xander’s meds and gummies in hand when I leave our apartment. It doesn’t take long to get to X’s office. I knock because I’m not sure exactly what is going on today and it’s the proper thing to do when you enter the Alpha’s office. Immediately I am told to come in and that’s the moment everything goes to hell.

A lot of things happen at once as I enter X’s office. First Xander moves towards me. Second, a growl roars out from someone I don’t know. Thirdly I am hit by the most wonderful scent of cedar and pine. Lastly the words “Mate” ring out through the office. I stand frozen just steps inside the doorway facing a man who I don’t know but is undoubtedly my mate.

*******(Xander’s POV)*******

I should have stayed in bed. From the time I left the apartment this morning until I heard the word “Mate” my day had been shit. After I heard the word “Mate” it was pure hell but I’ll come back to that.

When X linked me this morning it was to say that there was a mix-up with the new Alpha’s and they were all here a week earlier than we had planned. X needed me by his side to show a strong front. There were three Alpha’s each with their Beta’s and two of the Alphas have their mates with them.

The three Alphas are from New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma. They are all long-time friends that are already trading with each other and will only work with us if we work with all of them. So this is a package deal.

It’s once we all get seated in X’s office that I realize that in my rush this morning that I didn’t take my medication. Surprisingly I also didn’t grab anything out of my happy box. In preparation for our pup, I’m trying to keep everything put away in a safe place. I know we still have a long way to go but if I start the habit now there will be nothing to think about later.

I try to make it through the meeting without my meds, but the longer I sit here the more it feels like an elephant is standing on my chest.

X links me, “You all right?”

“Forgot my meds.” I link back.

“I can send someone for them.” He looks concerned. I have been more than stable, but I have kept a perfect schedule with my meds and I have been happy. Happier than I ever thought I deserved to be.

“I’ll message V. She’s off today. Like I was supposed to be.” I have to give him a little bit of shit for ruining my day. X just hits me with a look of sorry and continues with the meeting.

As I message V about my meds the feeling in my chest gets worse. I can feel my pending doom crushing in on me. I try to keep my conversation light with her. This is why I text V instead of linking her. I don’t want her to worry about me.

Ten minutes later there is a knock on the door. X calls out for her to enter. As she opens the door I rise and move towards V. The Alpha closest to me is from Texas. I think his name is Conner. Conner stands as I do and a feral roar escapes his throat. I take another step closer to V to protect her from this sudden outburst, and he says the one word that destroys my whole world. “Mate.”

That’s it, I’m done. I thought I would snap at this moment. I hoped that I wouldn’t, and am thankful I am still holding on. What I feel now is empty. I feel empty. Empty.

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