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Chapter 24: Second Chance

Chapter 24: Second Chance (Xand POV)

I’m starting to get pissed they were supposed to release me at 4:30. It is now 4:32 and not a single person has come in. If it weren’t for the fact that I still have my IV in, I would have released myself. I think that’s why nurse Bree has waited until the last minute to take it out.

I like Bree. She is also my little brother’s mate, so I have tried to be as accommodating as possible with her. My patience has grown more than thin with this hospital bed though. I’m ready to leave.

I hear a meow from on top of the dresser to my right. That’s V’s text tone.

Kitten: Can we talk?

I don’t even respond. I call her instead. It takes three rings before she answers.

“Hey.” She sounds hesitant but at least she answered the phone.

“Hey.” So original Xand. “You wanted to talk?”

“Only if you want to.”

I feel like I’m fifteen talking to my school crush on the phone. “I want to.”

“Okay... How are you doing?”

“Better. I’m waiting to be released. I should have been released eight minutes ago.”

“Someone is impatient.” She jokes with me. This is going better than I expected.

“I’m ready to get home. Get back to my Pack.” I pause and gather my courage. “Can I see you when I get home?”

She doesn’t say anything for a long time. “I don’t know.”

Bree quietly enters the room. I wave her off. “What does that mean.”

“You hurt me. You pushed me and our pup into the hands of a psychopath. Wait, no, not our pup, my pup. A gift from a friend.” She’s angry. I don’t blame her. “Was that all this was to you. Just helping out a friend. Like you changed the tires on my car or something. Was that all we meant to you?”

“No, it wasn’t like that.”

“Then what was it like.”

“I just knew that I would never get to keep you. I didn’t want to come in between you and your mate. I wanted you. I’m cursed. The Goddess waited until the moment I was happy to take you away.”

“Cursed! Really Xander. You are blaming this on the Goddess and a curse.” She is breathing heavily on the end of the line. “This didn’t happen because you were cursed. This happened because you’re a fucking pussy.”

“I’m a fucking pussy. How do you come to that.” I’m angered by her words but I’m trying to keep my cool.

“You have never once in your life taken what you wanted. You try so hard to make everyone else happy.”

“I took you,” I interject.

“No, you didn’t. You pretended with me. You pretended until some asshole I didn’t even know came along. Then you shipped me off like my feelings didn’t matter.”

“It’s not that your feeling didn’t matter. I just didn’t want you to miss...” She cut me off.

“You didn’t want me to miss being beaten. Lossing our pup. Being thrown down a flight of stairs. Almost dying.”

“I didn’t know any of that was going to happen.”

“That’s great you threw me into the unknown. Do you know what I know?” She pauses but I don’t answer. “I know that had I rejected him like I wanted to, I would have stayed with you. We would still have our pup. I would have chosen you as my mate.”

“You would have chosen a broken man as your mate.”

“You are only broken because you won’t forgive yourself. I did learn a few things while I was with Conner. Cordelia deserved to die just as much as he did. The both of them were sick fucks. They were handing over pups to humans that run experiments on wolves. Testers. Don’t ever feel bad for ending that bitches life. You did the Goddess a favor.”

“I... I... Don’t know what to say, V. I’m sorry doesn’t even cover it. What do you want from me.” I feel defeated. There is nothing I can say to defend my actions.

“What do I want. All I have ever wanted was to be loved. I wanted that from my dad, but his kind of love was the kind no one should ever experience. I wanted X to love me. He never did though. He wanted my body. He wanted to have a claim over me, but he never wanted to love me. From the moment I woke up in the Mad Room that morning, I have felt something I never felt before.”

“What did you feel.” I wait on bated breath for her answer.

“Not only did I want to be loved by you, but I also wanted to love you back.”

“Did you? Did you love me back?” I’m desperate to hear the words now. The words I all but begged her not to say. The words I kept tight in my heart for her.

The phone is silent. This is followed by a dial tone. She hung up on me. I try to call back, but she doesn’t answer.

I hear voices outside my door. I don’t care who it is, but the door opens and X walks in. “I figured you would have been sprinting out of this room, but Bree says you shoed her away.”

X takes in my appearance. I must look like hell by his reaction. “What’s wrong. Everything okay back home.”

“Yes... No... I was talking to V.” I didn’t have to say anything else.

“Let’s get you out of here. If it’s not too much I’d like you to meet my pup before you go. Lexi just got here with her.” I nod and X opens the door to wave Bree in. She is gentle as she removes my IV and places a bandage over the needle mark.

Bree places a hand over mine. “She wouldn’t have argued with you like that if she didn’t still love you.” She pats my hand and quickly leaves the room.

I follow X in a daze. Is Bree right? Could V still love me? The only way to find out is to see her. If she will see me.

Before I know it we are at X’s new Packhouse. Strangely, he won’t be coming home with me. We have been together our whole lives. Jordi is staying here too. He will be X’s Beta. His mate is here, so it’s the best move for him.

X leads me to his office. Lexi is sitting in one of the office chairs with a bundle of purple in her arms.

“Hi, Xand.” She says softly. Her pup must be sleeping. “I’m glad to see you awake again.”

“I’m glad to be in the land if the living again. Motherhood seems to be agreeing with you.” I say motioning to the bundle.

“Well, little Izza is a perfect angel. I got so lucky with this one.” She keeps talking, but all I could hear was her say Izza. This would have made mom so happy.

I look to X. He is staring at Lexi and Izza like they are the only things in the room. “Do you want to hold her?”

“You would let me.”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“Aren’t you worried that I’ll like break her or something?”

Lexi just laughs. “I let X hold her.” She looks at X. There is something in the look, but as soon as it appears it is gone. “Just sit in the chair and I will put her in your arms.”

I do as I’m told. It feels surreal to hold my niece. She is so tiny and soft. She looks like Lexi. Bright green eyes, and a soft puff of ginger hair. “She’s beautiful.” I croak out before my thoughts travel to the pup V and I lost. Would it have looked like V if it were a girl? Would it have looked like me if it were a boy? I feel the tears on my face before I even realize I am crying.

“Do you want me to take her?” X asks. I’m sure he can read the pain I’m feeling in this moment across my face.

“No, I’m okay.” It’s a lie, but I’m not ready to let her go.

Jordi entered X’s office after a soft knock on the door. “Hey, Xand. Good to see you up and moving.” I nodded not wanting to disturb Izza. “The jet is ready to take you home whenever you are ready to leave.”

“We’ll see each other soon,” X says reading the torn expression on my face. I pass Izza to him and he already looks every bit of a natural dad.

I wrap one arm around him, careful not to jar Izza. “That we will.” I get one last glimpse of my niece’s beautiful face before moving on to Jordi.

He wraps me in a bear hug, when did he fill out and grow up so much. He’s damn near as big as me. “Take care of your mate. She’s a good one.” I tell him as I pat his back one last time before I release him.

“Don’t worry about that. I already know what not to do.” He says with a small laugh.

“I’m glad he’s staying here.” Not really, but I say it with a smile. I’m going to miss training with him. He is wise beyond his years. I feel bad that we were the examples he had for being a mate, but I think he will do great as both Beta and as a mate. He really does know what not to do.

Lastly, I hug Lexi. I barely touch her when a warning growl emits from X. I make it quick, but I whisper to her. “X maybe a little slow in the head for letting you get away, but don’t be too hard on him. There is a heart beneath all that muscle. You are the only person who has the power to break it.” When I pull back she’s not looking at me. She is focused on X with their daughter in his arms. I get a nod out of her before she walks over to his side.

“Honey I’m home,” I say to the empty house before me.

No Lexi cooking in the kitchen. No X waiting for me for a run before we head to the Packhouse. No siblings running around acting crazy. No Jax and Kelly trying to keep us in line. No Martha and Henry trying to teach us life lessons. No, dad. No, mom. My bottom lip quivers as I think of her. I try not to. But since the moment I met baby Izza she has been on my mind a lot.

Finally, there is no V here. The person I want here the most is not waiting for me to come home to her. I tried to call her a few more times on the flight home, but no answer. It’s too late at night to try to find her. The clock is only minutes from striking midnight. If she has returned to her regular routine, she will be getting up in just a few hours for work.

I sit at the table in my family kitchen and drink a beer. I would love nothing more than to get hammered, but more than one tends to not mesh well with my meds. I’ll grab a special brownie from the freezer before heading to bed. I turn on the living room TV before I ascend the steps. It’s too quiet for me here. Quiet lets the demons in. It’s time to let go of those demons.

The next day I stop by the clinic. I couldn’t keep my distance forever. Mags pulls me in for a tight hug. Telling me she is so happy that I’m okay. Am I okay? I’m not sure. I only feel like I will be once I find V. Mags tells me she hasn’t seen her in two days and she’s unsure of where she has been staying. When she first came home she stayed in the Mad Room, but she left there weeks ago. I still checked but no luck. The room had been cleaned. I couldn’t even pick up her scent.

Dejected I leave the clinic and make my way to the Packhouse. I have a meeting with Jax in about an hour. He has been taking care of things while I’ve been gone. His son Corbyn will also be in attendance. I asked my sisters if they had any interest in being Beta, and was met with a resounding “NO”. Corbyn has been leading our warriors for a few years now. He is prepared and will make a great Beta. Just like his dad. He is steady, strong, and has a big heart.

My mind is still on V though as I walk through the Packhouse doors. Lunch finished about five minutes before in the mess hall. There are still lots of wolves roaming the halls. Several people stop to tell me that they are glad I’m back and well again.

Just as I pass the mess hall though I am hit by the most incredible scent I have ever smelled. Lucifer starts to follow it before I even know what is going on. I try to stop him but he is relentless. I don’t want another mate. I want V.

Then I catch a glimpse of what we have been chasing as I round the corner. I stop when I see her. V is standing stock still as if she has just been frozen in place. “Mine” Fuck yes. V is mine.

While I’m marveling at this V turns tail and runs in the opposite direction. Silly mate. You don’t escape the Alpha. V is fast though. We used to play tag when we were younger. She was always good at evading X and me. She stays in human form so I play her game and follow suit. Lucifer is enjoying the chase. We have a great view of her ass as we follow her. She makes it all the way to the waterfall. I’m close enough to reach out and grab her but I don’t instead I call her name. “Veronica.”

She stumbles in her step and I catch her before she can fall. “I got you.” I can already feel the mate bond flow through me from where our skin meets.

She whimpers in my arms and regretfully I let her go. I will not force anything on her.

She is panting and out of breath. My cock hardens at the sight of her heaving breasts. Not the time. Not the time.

“Xander, I... I...” She studders.

“Why did you hang up on me?” I ask before she can escape me again.

She looks down then back up at me. “Why?” She looks nervous.

I cup her cheek in my palm. “Yes. Why?”

She lets out a long sigh. “Because I was afraid.”

“What are you afraid of?” I breathe into her ear.

“You. Letting you in and you pushing me away. You doing things that you think are for my own good.” I feel a tremble run down her spine as I wrapped an arm around her.

“I can’t promise the second part, but I do promise to never let you go again.” She tries to look away, but I hold her gaze. “Veronica, I love you.”

At my words, she melts into me. Tears fall from her eyes. “I love you, Xander.” I pull her as tight to me as I can, before bringing her mouth to mine. She tastes as good as she smells. This is it. This is mine forever. My mate, my life, my whole world.

We tumble onto the ground together wrapped in each other. Our clothes disappear as we paw at each other in desperation. I stand and carry Veronica into the spring with me. It feels so good to have her in my arms.

My hands roam her body from top to bottom until they find their mark between her legs. She is wet and ready for me.

“Xander, please.” She cries out as I stroke up and down her slit.

“What do you want,” I ask and then plunge two fingers into her soft warm center. “Is that what you want?”

“Yes,” She cries. “No, I want you all of you, Xander. I need you inside me.” I feel her insides tremble as I work her with my hand.

I am as hard as the rocks that surround us. I have no problem giving her what she wants. “Your wish is my command.”

I withdraw my hand which leaves her whimpering. Her legs are already wrapped around my waist and with a quick adjustment of our position, I can aline myself with her hole. I rub my tip at her center before I plunge in deep. Her body grips me tightly as I work my cock in and out of the sweetness that is her pussy.

“Are you mine Veronica,” I ask continuing to use her full name as she does with mine?

“Yes, yes.” She pants breathlessly.

I kiss her neck and quickly find where I will mark her as mine. I suck on that spot causing trembles to flow through both of our bodies. This is it. My intentions are clear and she is not making any move to stop me.

My jaw and teeth elongate. Lucifer joins me at the front of my conscience. Our teeth imbed into her flesh as if we were biting into butter. She shatters around me with rolling orgasms so intense I don’t know if I can hold on through the power of them. I pound harder into her and know it’s time to release my teeth from her flesh. After I withdraw from her neck, I lick over her mark to seal it shut.

I place a gentle kiss over the spot. Barely a breath passes and I feel Veronica’s mouth on my neck. “Yes, please,” I beg. I want nothing more in this world than to belong to her.

Her teeth sink into my neck and I feel like I have left this world and have been rocketed into another. One where only my mate and I exist. The power of my release would make a normal person go blind from the pleasure of it. I have never in my life came that much or for that long.

I feel on top of the world spreading my seed into my mate. This time we will do this right. This time we will get our happily ever after. “Mine.” Comes out in a low growl from my chest as Veronica settles into my arms and we both come down from our highs.

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