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Chapter 25: Boundaries

Chapter 25: Boundaries (Lexi’s POV)

X left to go see Xand off to the airport, so I’m left here alone. I’m thankful for the space. Ever since I rejected X he has been almost clingy. He doesn’t give me space to breathe most of the time that I am here. I have culinary classes during the week and then I bring Izza here on the weekends.

X has been a very attentive father. He has made time to spend with her. He keeps his weekends fairly clear. As Alpha, he does have commitments, but he has been there. I almost have to fight him on weekends just to hold her. Then he just jokes that he’ll hand Izza over for me to hold if he can hold the both of us in his lap. Perv.

He sends me messages throughout the week asking about Izza, class, and if I’m happy in Arizona. He has asked multiple times that Izza and I move here. I’m not ready to give in. I’m afraid if I move here now, that I’ll mistake his kindness for something more. I’m not even sure if I would be open to something more if he was.

I shake my head. Of course, he doesn’t want more. He’s the one that came up with this arrangement. Make a pup, be friends, have our pup, reject each other, and co-parent. That was the deal. Then why do I feel like he keeps trying the blur the lines?

As far as I know, he hasn’t been with anyone else since the day we meet and I caught him with V. Just because he’s horny doesn’t mean he gets to take those frustrations out on me. Not that I couldn’t use a good orgasm every now and then, but that doesn’t mean I have to be a slave to my hormones. I’m not saying that X isn’t good at getting the job done. He definitely knows what he is doing, but I don’t need a man. Plus it would just complicate things even more between us.

Izza starts to get fussy, so I walk down the hall to her nursery that X put together. It has a door that adjoins to the bedroom he set up for me. The room is gorgeous. One wall has a fairytale castle surrounded by a lush forest painted on it. The rest is painted in soft peach with stars, swirls, and polka dots in silver splattered around the room. A white crib, changing table dressers and a rocking chair fill the space as well.

X had the best monitoring systems of all installed here and also at my house back in Arizona. I can check on her from my phone anytime I want to, or there is an IPad dedicated to her security. I check her diaper first but it’s dry, so my next guess is that she’s hungry.

I move to the rocking chair to nurse her. We rock together as she eats and I sing Disney songs to her. I’m in the middle of “When You Wish Upon A Star” when I look up to find X staring at us. I hold up one finger to my mouth in a motion for him to stay quiet. Izza had just fallen asleep, so I rock her for another moment and move her to the crib.

I pick up the monitor to take with me and when I look back at X his eyes are deep pools of black. I look down and notice I hadn’t fixed myself back into my shirt. Once I correct my clothing, I send him a smirk. Oh, X, you can look but it’s better for us both if you don’t touch.

I walk past him and am barely into the hallway before I find myself caged between his arms, his body, and the wall.

“Can you imagine what I felt when I walked into the nursery?” His breath is hot against the shell of my ear.

My heart races, but I don’t give into him. “What did you feel?” I ask in return, while desperately trying to keep my body from reacting to his.

Not a single part of his body is touching me but I feel as if I am bathed in his essence. “I felt as if my entire world was sitting in that rocking chair.” He takes a deep breath in. Inhaling my scent from my neck. “But like the rocking chair, my world is teetering back and forth.”

I place a hand in the center of his muscular chest and push backward. He warrants my request for him to take a step back. I turn from him and continue in my destination to his office. He follows behind me and with a hopeful gaze, he locks the door behind us.

I continue upon my destination. Taking a seat in his chair, I put my feet up on his desk as if it were my own. His eyes are on my legging-covered legs when I finally raise my eyes to his. The smirk that rises to my lips is a result of the state of certainly he carries. He thinks he has won.

“We need to talk about boundaries X.” I lean back in his chair. I’m in the dominant position right now. “Have a seat.”

A vein pops in his neck. “You sit at my desk and ask me to have a seat in my own office.” There is a growl in his voice that should be threatening but I know he would never hurt me. I watch as the bulge in his pants grows even more and strains against his zipper. He is turned on by my challenge. Well, that was unexpected.

He walks to the visitor’s chair and takes a seat. Good boy. “When we entered our agreement, it was to procreate, reject the mate bond, and co-parent. We added a friendship to ease the transition.”

I watch his Adam’s apple as he swallows deep. “That was the terms of our agreement.”

“You said was. I do not remember any conversation where that agreement had been changed.” Sweat beads on his forehead.

“Does that means you would be open to changing the agreement?” His eyes hold my gaze with intent.

“It seems that some unforeseen changes may be needed.” I press the tips of my fingers together as I speak. “Tell me what it is that you want X.

“I want you. I want our daughter. I want both of you here under my roof. Under my protection.” His confession rushes out and he is sweating like a whore in church. “I want you as my mate. I want you by my side as Luna and I want you and no one else in my bed at night.”

“Do you know what I want?” I ask while hiding my shock from his confession.

X shakes his head no.

I step around the desk and sit on the ledge directly in front of him. I have his full undivided attention. “Let’s start with what I wanted, and we will move on to what I want.”

I place my sneaker claude foot on the chair in-between his legs. My foot hovers over his erection. “I wanted to find my mate and fall in love. All that gushy moon-eyed bullshit that books gush over. I wanted to have three pups. I wanted the white picket fence with all the fairytale trimmings.”

“I would give you all that and more Lex. If you just let me.” I raise a hand for him to stop talking.

“Do you know what I got instead?” It’s a rhetorical question. I press the toe of my shoe down on his manhood. A growl escapes his chest but he makes no move to remove my foot. I feel him harden further under the pressure.

“I found my mate balls deep in his girlfriend when we meet after all but propositioning his twin brother. I got a bullshit agreement. I did get my pup which I will forever be grateful for.” I ease up off his nutsack and he takes in a deep breath.

“We made a beautiful pup. She means the world to me. I’d gladly give you more.” He is panting in his seat. His large chest moves in rapid succession under his tight green t-shirt.

“I’m sure you would, but I don’t trust you.” Therein lies our problem. I know what lies he told V to keep her hanging on to him. I will not be made the same fool.

“So that’s it. You won’t even give me the chance to gain your trust.” His eyes have turned back to their bright green color. There is so much sadness there. I almost reach out to caress his face but I stop myself. I need to be clear. I need to keep the lines from blurring.

I ignore his question for the time being. “So now we come back around to what I want. I want to finish my schooling. I have a year left. I will continue to come here on the weekends to co-parent. You may not have been much of a mate, but you have exceeded my expectations of being a father. After I finish school. I will move here. I will move into the room that you gave me next to our daughter. If you want a Luna, I will act the part.”

He looks up at me with a glimmer of hope. Hope is funny. It can also be squashed as quickly as it is invoked. “I have no plans on ever joining you in your bed. You accepted my rejection. I am no longer your mate.”

“I only accepted your rejection because it was what you wanted. I had no plans to go through with that part of our agreement. I was going to talk to you about that when I got back from Texas, but you were so cold.” I remove my foot from his chair and walk back around to his Alpha chair.

I want to believe his words so bad. My faith in him is too low to accept his change. Why would he have changed his mind? He never spoke of this before now. I can only think that he wants control back over our situation. That control belongs to me. “I guess that makes two of us that don’t get what we wanted.”

“Do I get any say in this?” He sounds defeated, broken. Good, now he knows how I felt when we made our first agreement.

My elbows are resting on his desk and I lean towards him. My head rests in my hands and I cock it to the side as I ask, “Do you accept the new terms of our agreement or not Alpha?”

He stands abruptly to his feet. He picks up his chair and throws it at the wall. I watch as it breaks into pieces and falls to the floor. “I have always hated that chair,” he says as he sits in the one next to where he had been sitting previously.

“You are not going to bully me into a different agreement Xavier.” I meet his eyes and hold his gaze. I am his equal it would do best if he learned that now.

He growls, “I have no intent to bully you, Lex. I’m just not happy about the terms that you have extended.”

It really is satisfying to watch him squirm. I never thought of myself as a sadist, but after everything, I feel justified that he is hurting. “I understand your unwillingness to comply. At least I did not threaten to lock you up like a common dog.”

“I fucked up Lex.” He runs his hands through his hair almost ripping it from his scalp. “If I would have known then what I do now, I would go back and change it. I would change it all.”

In the blink of an eye, he up and I am spun in the chair. He is crouched in front of me and each of his hands rests on the arms of the chair. “What are you doing?” My voice quivers as I ask.

Another growl builds out from his chest. “The moment I crossed your scent I should have dropped V. I should have been a better man. Since you walked into my life, my world has been turned upside down. You changed me for the better, but I did things all wrong.” He reaches for me but I pull away. “I ask that our new agreement allows me the chance to show you that I have changed. That you can trust me.”

“Why would I do that?” My voice is barely a whisper.

He leans in and I have nowhere to run. He places a soft kiss on my lips. It is so soft it might not have even happened. A ghost of a kiss. “Call it a favor to a friend. A friend that is so in love with you that he can no longer think straight when you are in his presence. A friend that will do whatever is needed to find their way into your heart as you are in mine.”

I open my mouth to speak but no sound comes out. The IPad rings out the sound of our daughter crying. “I’ve got her.” He says as he stands. He towers over me as he continues, “You have a lot to consider, while my cards are all on the table. I’m only asking for you to be open to the possibility. What you do with it from there, is up to you.”

I’m left with my mouth open staring after him. I look to the monitor and watch as he enters her nursery. “Hey, baby girl let’s check you out. You’re probably wet from your dinner earlier.”

I watch dumbfounded as he takes care of our pup. I’m at a loss when it comes to watching him with her. Is she what changed him? Am I? None of what he claims makes any sense to me.

I watch as he lays Izza on his chest and soothes her back to sleep. “One day your mommy will see what we could be together. One day I will give her a fairytale better than anything she could dream up. Do you want to know why?” He asks our daughter as if she could answer. She is probably already asleep, as she is snuggled into that vast warm chest of his.

“She has to figure it out,” He coos at Izza, and a gentle purr emits from his chest. “Because she unknowingly gave me the fairytale I never knew I wanted. A fairytale that I would destroy the world for if it meant I got to keep the both of you.”

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