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Chapter 26: Moments

Chapter 26: Moments (X POV)

I wake with a start. A small hand is tapping my chest, but the hand is not as small as the one I was expecting. Izza and I had fallen asleep on the couch as I read to her from her favorite book. She is not on my chest anymore. I open my eyes quickly to be faced with the most beautiful woman I have ever meet.

“Where’s Izza?” I ask trying to scramble to my feet.

“It’s fine. I moved her to her bed. You know where she should be sleeping.” Lexi’s voice is filled with her annoyance. She hates when I let Izza sleep anywhere but her bed. She says it makes it harder for her to get Izza to sleep when I’m not here.

Knowing that Izza is safe, I wrap an arm around Lexi and pull her on top of me. “If you were her, how would you resist falling asleep right here?” I bury my face in her neck and kiss down the soft skin of her neck. Her legs hug my waist.

Lexi shifts her hips over mine and her soft core connects with my hard one. She is wearing a dress that is now bunched up around her waist. I can feel the evidence of her arousal as it seeps through my gym shorts and dampens my cock.

A small thought blooms in the back of my head “Why is Lexi wearing a dress?” I push the thought aside instead choosing to enjoy the feel of my mate in my arms. She is willing and ready. She rides me over my clothes as if I were inside her. Goddess I want... No, I need to be inside her. Fill her with my rod and fuck her till the only name she can remember is mine. And the only reason she remembers my name is that she has been screaming it for hours.

“X... X” She cries out. I’m about to cum just from her dry humping me.

“X, wake the fuck up, you perv.” Lexi’s voice chimes through as I feel cold water being dumped over my head.

I sit up to find Lexi dressed as I imagined her in my dream. But as she looks down at me from her standing position she does not look very happy. “Where’s Izza?” I ask with my voice full of sleep.

“I moved her into her room. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t have wet dreams while our daughter sleeps on your chest.” She folds her arms over her chest causing her breasts to be pushed up in her dress. Fuck I want to bury my face between them. I was just dreaming of them bouncing in my face.

“Sure I’ll get right on controlling what I dream about. And it wasn’t a wet dream.” It nearly was, but I’m on the defensive so I won’t admit what I was dreaming of.

It has been over five years since we amended our agreement. Lexi’s kept to her word and has moved into the packhouse with me. I split the top floor and made one side a condo for her and the other side a condo for me. Izza has a room in both condos. Lexi is Luna to my Pack, but she has also never revisited my bed. Unless you count in my dreams, which she doesn’t.

“Yeah right, that’s why you were moaning my name.” Fuck if I can deny that.

I change the subject. “Why are you dressed up?” She looks away. “Did you have another date with him?”

“We just had dinner X. He is just an old friend. There is no need to make a big deal of it.” She sighs and goes to leave. We have been having this argument a lot lately.

“Do you want to be with him?” I don’t want the answer to be yes, but if it is I will need to find a way to expel her hold on me.

“I don’t know.” She says her voice is small.

“Great just great Lex. You play with my feelings and all I get is I don’t know. I know I messed up in the past, but you won’t even give me a chance to fix it. But for him...” I bang my hand onto the coffee table. I wish it was his face. “He left you once before. He may not have known you carried his pup but he still left you for his mate. Just because she died doesn’t mean he gets a free pass. What if he finds his second chance mate? Would he do the same to you again? I have waited for five years for you to give me a chance. I have thought of nothing but you, and all I get is the cold shoulder.”

“It’s not like that X.” Her face is flushed. It’s the most vulnerable I have seen her in years.

“Then tell me what it is like.” I have moved directly in front of her. She is backed against the door to leave my condo. My instinct is to cage her in and demand answers, but that will get me nowhere and only lead to her running.

“It’s because of you, I’m not sure of him.” She clamps a hand over her mouth as if she never meant to speak.

I grab the hand that covers her mouth and pull it away. “Because of me?” My voice is a question. Lexi makes my head spin. It is both good and bad. No woman has ever challenged me as she has. No woman has ever turned me on as she does. No one has ever pissed me off the way she does either. I just need her to get out of her head for a moment. Forget or forgive the X I once was and see me as the X I am now.

“You are stuck under my skin no matter how hard I try to pry you out. I thought when I rejected you this ache in my body would go away but it won’t.” She looks up at me through her lashes. There is a desire in her eyes that I haven’t seen in years.

“I feel the same way, Lex. I can’t even think about being with another woman. You are all I think of. You and Izza are my whole world.” I caress her cheek and she pushes my hand away. I stubbornly return my hand to her face and she nuzzled into my palm this time.

“Give me a chance, baby, please. Just one.” She stretches to her toes and breathes in my sent. There is barely a breath separating our bodies. I close the distance before she has the chance to change her mind. My mouth closes on hers as I wrap my arms around her waist.

She nearly climbs me as she moves to wrap her legs around my waist. I move one hand under her bottom to keep her steady and balance her against the door. Her dress is bunched around her hips and the smell of her arousal announces just how wet she is.

Fuck my cock is so hard it hurts. I adjust us slightly so I can maneuver a hand between us. My mouth is glued to hers. Her tongue is in my mouth, so if I’m going to make a move, now is the time.

Her panties are nearly dripping as I slide them to the side. The heel of my hand pressed against her clit gives her something to ride as she starts to buck against me. I’ve barely touched her and she is already nearly at her peak. I pull back my hand but before she has a chance to miss the pressure I slide two fingers into her wet channel. She moans into my mouth and I pull away to kiss down her neck. I want to hear her as she screams my name.

Lexi quickens her pace as she is now riding my fingers. My fingers curl and find her magic spot. That’s all that it takes. I don’t relent and keep her high going for as long as possible until I get what I want.

“Alpha... I... Please...” Not quite what I was looking for but I take it. I pull my hand back and she whimpers in my arms. I need to make this quick before she loses her edge and decides this is a mistake. This is not a mistake. Nothing has ever felt so right.

Lexi uses her thighs and one free arm to work my shorts down. I help her. If she wants to free the beast I am more than happy to oblige. Extremely grateful I opted to free ball tonight. In one swift move, I am inside her.

“Yes,” She screams. I work slow but with deep thrusts that leave her moaning. It has been too long since I was last inside of her. She feels too good. Her silken heaven of a pussy wraps around me clamping down at random intervals as small shutters run through her body and deliver them straight to my cock. I move us to the couch so I can change position. I hope that I don’t blow my load early. I want to enjoy this but more importantly, I want her to enjoy this.

Without warning, her whole body erupts and is centralized on my cock. This time it’s my name she is screaming as I pick up my pace fucking her hard and fast as I release into her. Hot ribbons of my cum paint her insides. Goddess that felt good. I don’t stop though. I’m still fully erect and pick her up to carry her to my room never pulling out of her.

For the next hour, I keep her in the throes of ecstasy. My balls finally feel empty and I lay next to her as she curls into a ball on her side. I watch as our combined juices run down her thigh and onto my sheets. This is how I want to spend the rest of my life. Tonight I got to read my daughter to sleep and woke up to my mate coming home. We argued which I have no doubt we will always do together and everything was settled with hours of relief.

I spend the next few hours just watching her sleep in my arms before I finally crash out.


An oaf followed by a whispered, “Shit, where are my clothes?” Wakes me the next morning. I find Lexi trying to find her clothes to make her escape.

I smile at her. “Come back to bed Lex.”

She shakes her head.

“Why not? I’ll make it worth your while.” I wiggle my eyebrows at her but she fixes me with a stare that says that she is not amused.

“This was a mistake.” I am up and I have her against the wall.

The growl that builds in my chest is not a happy one. “This was not a mistake. We are not a mistake. Last night was the first night that has felt right since I came to Texas.”

I feel her try to clench her thighs together. “Come back to bed Lex. It’s where you belong.” I point to my bed. The bed that will be our bed as soon as she gets her ass back in it.

“No.” She growls. “Fuck I feel gross. I swear a gallon cum has run down my leg since I stood up. Couldn’t you have worn a condom last night?”

“Sorry, my mind was a little preoccupied with the fact that you had finally let your guard down. You had finally let me in.” I am so mad at her. She called our love juices gross. She doesn’t want to get back in bed. I should let her have some time to cool down, but I don’t. I can’t. I have been doing that for the past five years and all she has done is push me away. That is until last night.

“I didn’t let you in. I just couldn’t stop myself. I tried to kiss Daniel last night and I just couldn’t. Then I came home and you were moaning my name in your sleep and I... I just snapped.” She is shaking. Fuck I don’t want her to be upset. But she tried to kiss that asshole. What does that mean?

I pull her into my arms and wrap her in a hug. “Do you know how much I want to tie you to my bed right now and not let you leave?” She starts to pull away from me. “I’m not going to do that though. I want you to come willingly. I want you to want to be with me..”

I let her go, grab a t-shirt from the dresser behind her and hand it to her. “Get dressed. Izza will be up soon. I don’t want to confuse her. She has already started to ask why we live in separate apartments.”

“She did not?” Her voice is shocked. She acts as if I would lie about our daughter.

“The conversation started because she had told a friend at school that she has a bedroom at Mommy’s and a bedroom at Daddy’s. She asked why she had two bedrooms. Then she asked why we all didn’t live together. Finally, she asked if we were mates. At that point, I distracted her with whatever sugary sweets I could find until she stopped asking. I don’t want to lie to her, but I wish my answer was better than the truth.” I leave her to walk into the bathroom closing the door behind me.

I need to get the smell of her off of me before I break down. She still doesn’t want me. Why did I think things had changed? I made mistakes before I ever got to know her. She’s never going to let it go. She started dating for Goddess sake. I can’t even bring myself to do that. But I can’t do this anymore either.

When I come out she is gone. I look longingly at my bed. Like if I stared at it long enough she would manifest back where she had been just hours before.

“Daddy.” I hear my sweet little angel’s voice call out to me.

I peek my head out the door. “Daddy’s right here princess I will be right out. Daddy is just getting dressed.” I look around the living room and all traces of last night are gone. Good. The only thing left is my sheets. I haven’t decided if I want to roll around in them and jerk off or burn them. Maybe I’ll do both. I’ll leave that decision for later. For now, I need to get dressed and make Izza breakfast.

When I come out I find Lexi dressed and standing in front of my stove. She is just starting a skillet to make pancakes. She looks back at me when I enter the room, but quickly looks away.

I walk up behind her and grab a coffee mug and whisper in her ear so Izza can’t hear, “What are you doing?”

“I don’t know.” She breaths back.

“Whatever you are doing. Do it because you want to. I don’t want you to be here just because you feel guilty.” I brush my hand down her side and move her out of the way. “Sit. Let me cook for you.”

She gives me a strange look, “I am the trained chef, aren’t I?”

“Yes, you are.” I smile back at her, “But I want to cook for my girls.”

Lexi doesn’t return to my bed that night, but we have both breakfast and dinner as a family. Is this what giving me a chance consists of. I hope so. This I can do. I can take care of my girls. I can make sure they feel my love. If this is all I get I will make the most of it. I will cherish these moments and hope for more of this kind of life in our future.

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