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Chapter 27: Now & Forever

Chapter 27: Now & Forever (Lexi’s POV)

The past month has been different. I haven’t returned to X’s bed, but I have been spending a lot more time with him. We used to have separate days with Izza. Or depending on what each other had going on we would split our day with her.

Now we have a different routine. We eat meals together as a family. We include each other in our planned activities. X has always done this I just chose not to join in. I was afraid of getting too close.

I have spent the last five years running. I may have been here, but I have pushed him away. I know why I ran in the beginning. Why I pushed back. But now, my reasons are all gone.

I have spent the last month standing still. I haven’t run but I haven’t taken a single step forward. I have just watched as X has proved himself time and time again that he has become a better man. He has become better while I have changed into a bitter bitch.

I stand in front of the sink in my condo cooking today’s breakfast. X is here. He and Izza are coloring at the table while I cook. I guess I had gotten lost in my train of thought because X is beside me grabbing the spatula from my hand.

“I like my pancakes fluffy, not burned to a crisp.” He jokes while nudging my arm with his. “You okay. It’s not like you to burn food.”

I look up at him and lick my lips. He looks delicious this morning. A tight green Henley paired with dark-washed jeans. His muscles ripple under my gaze and I wonder how much more stretch his shirt can stand.

X turns off the stove and moves behind me. His hands are on either side of my body on the counter. His warm hard body is pressed against my back. I almost let a moan escape my lips but the sound of Izza softly singing to herself stops me.

After a deep breath, I respond, “I’m fine.” My voice is shaky when it comes out.

His mouth is at my ear, “If that’s what you have to keep telling yourself.” A sharp tumor runs through my body as his teeth graze my ear. I nearly melt. X turns back to the table and continues to color with Izza. I move back to the stove to continue cooking, but I sneak a peek at X. He caught me, of course, because he is staring at me, not the drawing in front of him. His bright green eyes have darkened. Not quite black but if I don’t look away now they will be.

With a sigh, I return to breakfast. The rest of our family meal is uneventful. After I get Izza ready for her play date. Her Aunt Bree is picking her up. Bree will be taking Izza and her son Caleb to Fun Spot.

So today is a rare kid-free day and work-free day for me. I have plans to go up to the roof and soak in the hot tub and later go get my nails done. Or maybe I should spend the day with X. That could be a different kind of fun.

Bree whirls in and out of the condo so quickly that I barely have a chance to say a proper goodbye before they are gone. X is still here and the heat of his gaze is enough to melt my panties. Fuck. Do I spend the day with him? Do I do other bits with him? Do I finally let go?

“Can we talk?” The words are out of my mouth before I even process that I spoke.

“Of course.” His voice is deep and husky as he answers. He motions for me to join him at the table. As I approach him he grabs me by the waist and pulls me onto his lap. “So what do you want to talk about Love.”

I wiggle in place for a minute unsure if I should be sitting here. At the same time, this is exactly where I feel I should be. X, on the other hand, seems to be greatly enjoying the wiggling. Made evident by the hardness pressed against me, and the growl that escapes his lips.

“I’m not really sure. I... I’m... Not sure how to say this.” Asked him to talk and now I am speechless. I am so nervous and I don’t know why. This is X. He has already proclaimed that he wants me. I can feel his want pressed against me.

“I think I know what you want to say.” His mouth is pressed close to my ear.

“What do you think I want to say?” I’m curious where his head is at.

“Well, it’s obvious isn’t it.” His smile is bright as I look up at him. Am I really that obvious? My guess is he has caught the scent of my desire that started to pool between my legs the moment he set me on his lap. “Your pregnant.”

“I’m what.” I jump off his lap and face him. My arms are crossed in a defensive manner, but all it really does is push my chest up. “Why would you say something like that.”

His smile is warm when he reaches out and grabs my hands that are wrapped around my body. He pulls me closer before speaking again. “Aside from the fact that it is very possible from our activities a few months ago, all the signs are their Love.”

I try to pull away again, but he tightens his grip on my hands. Signs what signs. There have been no signs. No sickness. “There have been no signs,” I respond defensively.

“Of course there are.” His cocky smirk that he is wearing makes me want to punch him in the face. “For starters, your chest is fuller.” He lets go of my hand and places it over my belly. “It’s not much yet, but there is just the tiniest of swells here. All in your uterus.”

I inhale a deep breath and gasp at his frankness. “Sorry Love. You asked. I’m just being honest.” He stands before me and bends so his face is buried in the crook of my neck. “Your scent has changed. It’s the same intoxicating scent as it was when you were pregnant with Izza. It’s sweeter than normal.”

He lets go of me completely and sits back down. Giving me time to process what he just said. Without thinking about it, I take a seat back on his lap. “Oh.” I place a hand over the spot he had before. It does feel slightly raised and firm beneath my hand.

“I do have a question for you.” He asks pulling me in close to his chest. “What was it you wanted to talk about?”

I bite my bottom lip. It seems silly now but I guess I should tell him. “I was thinking... That may be... We should... You know... Give this a real go.”

His arms tighten around me and he pulls me deeper into his chest. “There is nothing more I would like to do than give this a real go. But I want to know what that means to you.”

“What that means to me is,” I take a deep breath. “I want us to all be together, in one home, all the time. I want to share the same bed every night because I want to wake up next to you each morning. I want to trust that you are the man you showed me you can be these last few years. That I am done punishing you for mistakes that were made when we first met.”

I feel him exhale beneath me. As if he had been holding his breath the entire time I spoke and can just now breathe freely. He starts by kissing the top of my head and working his way down to my ear, my jaw, and finally landing on my lips. Our kiss starts sweet and deepens as it continues. It feels right. It feels as if this is what we should have been doing all along and what we should be doing forevermore.

I shift so that I am now straddling him in the chair. A growl that is more of a purr emits from his chest and warms me from the inside out and causes another pool of lust to build between my thighs. I have never felt this turned on in my life and he has barely touched me yet.

I am up in the air and moved to the kitchen Island that is behind us. It is situated at the perfect height for him to stand between my legs and have his growing bulge pressed against my wet center. “I need you, X.” I moan as he grinds against me.

His hands move my sleep shorts and underwear quickly to the side. His fingers are tracing the contours of my sex before I take my next breath. His strokes are slow but purposeful. He teases me not quite giving me what I need but keeping me on a razor’s edge.

His other hand raises and pulls at my shirt. My arms raise on their own accord allowing him to quickly take it off. My bra is gone with the snap of his fingers. “So ripe.” His voice is a groan as his mouth lowers to my chest. They do feel heavier than before. More sensitive now that he has latched onto one of my pert nipples with it pinched between his teeth.

He lowers me back on the island and a bowl of fruit crashes to the floor. A giggle escapes me and he looks up from my chest. His smile could light a thousand suns at this moment. Kisses are peppered down my belly. He stops at the spot he noted in our conversation earlier. “Are you in their little one? I’ll have mommy confirm you later. For now, she is mine. All mine.”

His tongue flicks across the line made by my shorts and then they are pulled down my legs. Thus removing his hand from their previous activities. I whimper from the loss of the feel of him between my legs. That is until our eyes meet and I see the hunger that is across his face.

His head dips and he runs his nose up my thigh until he reaches the tight bundle of nerves that are throbbing for his touch. I watch as he breathes in the scent of my arousal and his eyes have now shifted to solid black pools of lust. I have never felt more wanted than I have at this moment.

His tongue is rough and feels like fire grazing my skin as it intensifies the burn raging through my body. I can’t help the screams of passion that leave me as he licks, sucks, and bites at my center.

When he adds two fingers into my drenched core, I nearly levitate off of the counter. I am close, so close. His fingers curl against that magic spot as he bites down on my clit and I explode. I see stars are scream out for him. “XAVIER! YES... THAT’S IT. RIGHT THERE. DON’T STOP.” I’m panting and riding his face as I ride out the greatest orgasm of my life.

I am shivering with residual tremor left behind from my high and he crawls up my body. Stopping again to lay kisses over my lower abdomen. I hear his zipper first lower, and then his jeans hit the floor with an audible thump. He uses one hand to lower his boxer and then I feel his tip as he nudges my entrance.

His mouth is on mine but he pulls back as if he is asking a question. I answer by wrapping my legs around him and pulling him closer. Causing him to sink deeper into me. He continues the slide until he is all the way in. He pauses. A perfectly full fit. As if we were made for each other because we were.

“This feels so right. You feel so perfect. Do you feel it too?” He asks between thrusts and gritted teeth.

“Yes... Yes.” I scream back as he takes me hard and rough. His hands are everywhere I want and need them all at once as if he has grown extra limbs.

I feel another building of fire starting in my belly and it is quickly moving south. I can’t hold on. I explode around his thick cock and feel a sharp painful pleasure in my neck at the same time I let go. The wild sensation of pleasure goes on for what feels like a lifetime. Doubling the pleasure as I feel his release empty inside of me. He pulls back with a bloody mouth and leans down to lick the mark on my neck. He has made me his. He has corrected the mistake I made in the hospital that day. We are mates. Now and forever.


Sometime later we are laid in bed sated and satisfied. During round two I marked him as mine and all feels right in the world.

“So do you want to pee on a stick or are you going to take my word as true,” X asks as he places a large palm across the small swell in my stomach.

“I believe you but I would still like the assurance of peeing on a stick, but....”

“But what, my Love.”

“That would involve leaving our bed and getting dressed, to get such equipment.” I snuggle in closer to his chest. I’m not ready to leave the warmth of his embrace just yet.

“We don’t have to go far.” I look at him with a quizzical look. “I had Bree drop them off earlier. That’s why she left so abruptly.”

After fetching the sticks, peeing, and a very long five-minute wait. It is confirmed. By three different tests. There will be another Fury joining the family in about five months. I couldn’t be happier. Life has found a way to come full circle. We are finally where we should be. We are finally a mated family.

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