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Chapter 2: Pay Back 

Chapter 2: Pay Back (Xander’s POV)

“Jax, Jax. I need your help. X just fucked me over and left.” I mind-linked Jax in a panic.

“It’s okay. I’ll let the pastor know that we are skipping over that part.”

“We can’t do that. Can’t you speak?”

“I’ve spoken at enough funerals. It’s X’s turn to rule and as Beta, you need to back him up when he’s not here. Why did he leave anyway?” Jaz laughed.

“His mate is here, and he ran away like the little bitch he is.”

“Oh, well I guess that means you’re up. Good luck pup.” I could hear the smile in his voice, and I growled. Everyone around me looked at me like I was crazy. Great, just what I need right now.

“Ahhh, Beta Xander, I have been informed that you would be speaking in place of Alpha Xavier. Are you ready to say your goodbyes?” Pastor Randy asked.

“Sure,” I said as I walked up to the podium. I saw several females fanning themselves as I walked by. That gave me a little confidence boost. I made it onto the stage and started, “I don’t think we ever honestly say goodbye to anyone. I will never say goodbye to my memories of Martha tucking me in at night. I will never say goodbye to the memories of Henry showing me how to throw a punch when my mom wouldn’t let dad teach me because I was too young. I will hold them close in my heart. They may have been working for my parents, but I never felt like we were a job. They made us feel like family. Even though I have only met a few of the Parks family in person, I feel like I know each and every one of you from their stories.”

I stopped took a deep breath and then continued, “I always loved to watch them together. Even though they were older they showed each other their love every day. Each of us can only ever wish for the devotion they had for each other. They lived the dream and left this world the only way they would have wanted to, together. So, till we met again, Martha and Henry you will always be the best grandparents a kid could have asked for. Love you.” I finished with a bow of my head and my hand over my heart.

I stepped off of the stage and heard awes clapping, and a few sobs from the crowd. I did it. As I walked back to my seat, I had a few more eyes bat at me. Ladies were all shifting in their seats as I walked by, and the smell of arousal hung in the air. This is going to be an interesting night.

Jax mind-linked me as I sat down, “Good job pup. I think that’s the longest I’ve heard you speak ever. You had your dad’s charm and your mom’s grace up there. They would have been proud.”

I didn’t respond. I couldn’t. A few tears ran down my face at his words. No one has been proud of me for a long time.

I sat and listened to the others reminisce and before long Pastor, Randy was speaking again. “Ashes to ashes dust to dust in our Moon Goddess we trust.” He said as he let their ashes fly over the water. At this everyone mournfully got up and headed to their vehicles to head back to the Packhouse. Now I must talk to X’s mate, but I will wait until we are at the memorial. It’s closer to where she will go to meet him anyway.

I’m really enjoying the me that I am today, I think as I pull into my garage. I’m parking here and then taking the short walk over to the training grounds that have been set up to hold all those that came out today.

When I make my way out onto the field Kenzie and Kaylee approach me first with a hug. “I didn’t know you remembered how to talk bro,” Jordan said, punching me in the arm, followed by more hugs from Taylor and Talia. I smiled, I missed this.

After chatting with my family, I decided I wanted to get some food before I hunted down X’s mate. I piled my plate high with food and found a seat with Jax and Kelly. I dug into my plate like I hadn’t eaten in a month. We don’t cook at the house, so I eat out way too much.

I was in the process of digging into my plate when I felt someone staring at me. I looked up and was trapped by the most beautiful set of light green eyes. They belonged to Xavier’s mate.

She made her way over and sat in the chair next to me. “Hi, you’re Xander, right? I’m Alexis, Lexi for short. I just wanted to say thank you for the kind words about my great grandparents.” She told me as she placed her hand on my shoulder and pushed her chest forward.

I about choked on my potato salad. Two hours ago, I would have been planning how to get her back to my room and now I have to tell her that my brother is her mate.

“Mmmm... she smells good enough to eat.” Lucifer surfaced.

“Her smell reminds me of mom, Luc shut up. She is X’s.” I replied sadly.

He grumbled at me and laid back down in the corner of my mind.

I cleared my throat and wiped my mouth with my napkin before I began. “Yeah, you can call me Xand. I have something I need to tell you.”

“What’s that?” She asked moving a little closer to me.

I must tell her before I end up taking her here on the table. I love how forward she is being. “So ummm... How do, I tell you this.” She rubbed my arm; a low growl escaped my throat. I could smell her arousal already. She wanted me. I closed my eyes and put my head in my hands before I blurted out, “You’re my brother’s mate.”

“Huh?” her jaw had dropped to the floor. “Why... Why am I hearing this from you, not him?”

“He didn’t want to cause a scene at the funeral. I’m supposed to get you to come back to the house, so you can talk to him.”

“So that’s why you were sitting here stuffing your face.”

“A man’s gotta eat.” She giggled at my response and my cock twitched at how sexy it sounded. Damn brother, finding his stupid mate. “Do you want to go now?”

She stopped laughing and I think she started to hyperventilate.

“You okay,” I asked her.

“I’m twenty-eight. I thought my mate didn’t exist or died or something. I don’t know. Which brother is my mate?”

“Well Jordan is only seventeen, so that would make Xavier, my twin brother, the Alpha, your mate. No wonder you hit on me.”

“I did not. Crap, I did. Can you not tell him about that.” Her asking caused me to laugh. I forgot what it was like to laugh. To be happy. It feels undeniably good. She is very easy to be around. I could see us being good friends. I don’t have many of them.

“Come on, let’s go,” I grabbed her hand and pulled her along behind me.

We walked back to the house in relative silence until we made it to the door. Just as we were getting ready to walk in, she grabbed my arm and turned me to her. “You’re fucking with me, aren’t you? This is just your elaborate plan to get me into bed, right?”

“Something tells me, I wouldn’t have needed an elaborate plan.”

“Was I really that obvious? You’re serious about this, aren’t ya?” She asks without even a hint of a blush. She has nothing to be ashamed of. A take-charge woman is hot as hell.

“Yes, to both.” I laughed and she slapped my arm. We continued into the house and headed up the stairs to the second floor. I opened the door to X’s room, and he wasn’t there. Next, I tried his office door and then wished I knocked. I was hoping Lexi didn’t see what was behind the door, but that wasn’t the case. There in all his glory, was my brother, balls deep in V. Dumbass!

Lexi flipped and I held her back. “You jackass. You send your brother to come to summon me, and here you are fucking someone else. What kind of fucked up mate are you.” Tears fall down her face, and I have her in a tight hug. I know what she’s going through. I know how she feels. She doesn’t need to make the same mistake I did with my mate. Then she turned on me. “You knew about this didn’t you. You’re both a part of this sick joke.”

“No!” My tone rang loud and clear with the base of all of my authority.

X finally came out dressed. V stayed in the room, and I heard the door lock.

“Ummm... Hi,” X said ruffling his hair, giving Lexi a smirk.

I let Lexi go. This is X’s problem. “Hey bro, meet Lexi your mate. She may kill you. I’m going back to the party. Have fun.” On that note, I turned and exited down the stairs and out of the house. I made it back to the memorial in just a few minutes.

I wandered around for a little while until I was pulled into a group of girls. I found another ginger named Courtney. Darker red hair, with bright blue eyes, and decided it was best to hit on her now before someone else decided she was their mate. I was still in my suit, and it was now six shades of hell hot outside. I pulled off the jacket first, then the tie unbuttoned my shirt revealing a blue tank top underneath, then the shirt went, followed lastly by the tank top. I got catcalls from the girls that surrounded me, but I was keeping an eye on Courtney. I watched her lick her lips like I looked good enough to eat. She looked good enough to eat as well.

I got us away from everyone else, by asking if she wanted to take a walk to get out of the heat. Once we were away from everyone else, I wrapped an arm around her shoulder and pulled her close to my side. I bent down and whispered into her ear, “So where would you like to go.” I felt a shiver run through her and could smell her arousal at being close to me. For good measure, I nibbled on the earlobe that I had whispered into.

She moaned softly and turned in my arms, stretched on her toes till she was at my ear, “Anywhere we can be alone, and that has air conditioning.” Then she leveled herself in front of me. Before she could say another word, I pulled her roughly into a kiss. The Packhouse was full due to the guests for the memorial, but I knew of the perfect place. I pulled away and ushered her in the direction of X’s office here on the training grounds.

We were already full-on making out as we made it into the office. I locked the door behind us. I already learned my lesson to lock doors today. Courtney pushed me back onto the couch and knelt to undo my belt. She was quick and already had the button popped and fly down. She pulled at my pants, and I obliged by giving her a hand in removing them and my boxer. Before she planted herself in between my legs, I removed her dress and ripped her bra off.

Mmmm... Titties. I pulled her to me and kissed her again before lowering my face to her perfectly perky mounds. They were so soft with hardpoints. A low growl built in my chest, as I pulled her tighter to me and grabbed a handful of ass for good measure. This brought out a well-deserved moan from her. She chose this moment to reach out to stroke my favorite friend down below. She held it in a firm grip and swirled her thumb around the tip. I unlatched myself and threw my head back at the pleasure of her touch.

Courtney leaned forward and asked in a low seductive voice, “Do you taste as good as you look?”

“You’re gonna just have to find out for yourself, baby,” I replied, my voice husky and deep with want. She started to trail kisses down my body until her face came to rest in my lap. She had my full attention in every way as she first licked her lips, then licked just my tip. She was killing me by the time she finally dove in and took the whole, well most, of my cock in her mouth. “Mmmm... that feels amazing.”

She kept up a steady pace and just as she was increasing her speed, I got a mind-link from X. “Where are you, man? I need you.”

“Getting head in your office. So, fuck off.” I closed the mind-link tight and smiled as I felt my happy ending approaching. “Court, baby, I’m about to...” She just sucked harder and swallowed all that followed my words.

I was not done though. I picked her up and laid her on X’s desk before kneeling between her legs. Her black lace thong was removed in the same manner as her bra. I took my time, as I kissed up her thigh teasing her, while her breaths became pants. I licked just the very edges of her nub, then lightly blew causing her to squirm. “Xand please.” With that I dove in face first, adding a finger and then two, until she was whimpering for her release to come. “Xand I want all of you. Please.” Who was I to argue with her? I continued with just my mouth as I started opening drawers in the desk, until jackpot. I rolled on a condom and stood up. I leaned forward and kissed her so she could have a taste of her own arousal.

“Are you sure you can handle it?” I didn’t give her a chance to answer, I rammed into her entrance as hard as I could. She screamed in pleasure as I plunged in and out. My name was shouted so many times, so loud, I’m sure everyone on the compound knew what we were up to. I felt her tighten around me once as her body quivered undermine, and when it happened the second time, I couldn’t hold back any longer and released along with her. What she didn’t know is that this was my first time. I hadn’t been stable enough to do this before now. It was the greatest moment of my life.

I leaned forward on her a little, as we both road out the aftershocks of our orgasms. That’s when the banging started on the office door.

“Xand, dude, my office really. Come the fuck on. I need you.” X shouted from the other side of the door.

I looked up to Courtney and said, “Sorry, my brother, is kind of a dick.” She just giggled, as I pulled out. I removed the condom and dropped it in X’s trash can with a smile. I opened a cabinet behind me and grabbed a pair of his gym shorts, that I quickly pulled on. When I looked back Courtney was staring at me. “Like what you see?”

“I do. That was fun.” She said raising an eyebrow at me.

“That was more than fun, and I would continue for another few hours, but X doesn’t sound like he’s going to give us that long before he breaks down his door.” I found her dress on the floor and tossed it to her. It was a shame to watch her cover that smoking hot body of hers, but I have business to handle. She bent over giving me the perfect view of her ass and picked up my phone that was sitting next to my pants.

“No lock, very brave of you.” She said smiling at me. She took a moment to type something in, while I walked over to her.

“I have nothing to hide.” She was already typing away on my phone.

“I believe that. Now you have my number, so call me.” I kissed her and the door burst open. “See you later.” She said as she walked past X with a huge smile on her face.

If looks could kill I would be a dead man.

“Hey bro, what’s up?” I asked with a smirk.

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