All But Rejected Mate (EDITED/COMPLETED)

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Official Announcement:

All But Broken Mate will be a crossover story.

Hi Happy Readers,

If you have read Wait For It: A Royal Wolf Story then you have already been introduced to the world of the Royal wolves. If not please give it a shot.

There will be references in All But Broken Mates to the All But Mates Series as well as the Wait For It Series.

All But Broken Mate will follow Veronica and Xanders son Everest while the female role will be filled by Leigh and Oliver's daughter Hailey. It will feature other characters from both storylines.

All But Broken Mate brings the Fury Alphas into a new light. Our male lead is all that a mate should be. An unforeseen force is working against our couple. Is our Alpha strong enough to put the pieces of his broken mate back together?

All But Broken Mate... Coming Soon...
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