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Sneak Peek: Broken



🚧 May include Explicit Language, Mental and Physical Abuse, and Sexually Explicit Descriptions. This story has Dark Themes and Possible Triggers. Read at your own RISK. 🚧

⚠️ This story may or may NOT have a Happy Ending!!! I WARN you now!!! ⚠️

This is my Forth story that I am posting. Constructive criticism is always welcome, please do not shame or bash my story. If you DO NOT like it or it’s Mature Content then please do not read it. I am doing this for fun, I have always enjoyed writing, so please do not ruin my good time.

I will NOT warn you when Mature Content is coming. I want you to be as taken by surprise as my characters are in the moment. I will WARN for EXTREME Trigger Warnings.

Finally, please do not steal my story. I would love for my story to inspire others to read or write just as this app has done for me.

Sneak Peek: All But But Broken Mate

Third installment of the All But Mates Series is a crossover from the Wait For It Series. We follow Xander and Veronica’s son Everest. Along with Leigh and Oliver’s daughter Hailey as they struggle with their own mate issues.

Prologue: At First Sight (Hailey's POV)

"Do you have your toothbrush, clean underwear, and condoms?" My mom asks as she pulls me in for a hug. She squeezes me so tight you would think I was never coming back.

"Mom, I'm going to the Claiming, not summer camp. And why the heck do I need condoms. I won't even know my mate. I'm not going to have sex with him in the woods." You can hear the exasperation in my voice, as I try to break free from her grip. I'm gonna be late if she doesn't let me go.

She takes a step back, "I know Hails, but sometimes in the heat of the moment things happen and I just want to make sure you are prepared. This one time your dad and I were in the woods and.."

"Eww... Mom stop right now, please. I'm not losing my virginity to some rando in the woods." My face is bright red now, thanks, mom.

"As much as I would like to keep you my innocent little girl, when you meet your mate the feelings... the draw.. of the mate bond, is very powerful. Don't tell your dad this, but I wouldn't be upset with you if you came back a woman. It's natural."

"Okay, I'm done with this convo. I'm out. Love you mom. I'll see you in the morning." Before she grabs me again I turn and walk to the tent.

Luna Chasity signs me in and I await the rules. The rules are simple. Don't gather in groups, don't leave with someone who is not your mate, and you have two choices. Leave with your mate or reject them.

I leave the tent and journey to my right. I travel for about thirty minutes and come to an opening around an oak tree. It's beautiful. The perfect romantic backdrop for meeting my mate. I lay out the small blanket that was provided and settle against the tree.

Thanks to my mom, the dress code has been updated. Instead of a barely-there dress, I am in a razorback tank top and athletic shorts. It's comfortable at least. I can't say it's what I expected to be wearing when I met my mate, but not many people are going to argue with their Queen. I will be taking over that title when I'm ready.

I want to find my mate before I do. It will be easier to make that leap with a partner by my side. For years I imagined that person would have been my boyfriend. Well, my ex-boyfriend. Guardian and I broke up when it was confirmed that we are not mates. It's not the best idea to date while waiting for your mate, but I'm a teenager. Do we ever do the smart thing? No! At least I never did it with him. I saved that.

Actually other than a little over the clothes petting and grinding, I'm as pure as they come. I doubt my mate will be as inexperienced as I am, but I hope that our bond will tame him. I want my mate to be loyal and kind. Sounds like I'm talking about a dog. I just want to be loved. Maybe even adored by my mate. I will do the same in return.

My parents loved each other before they were mates. I was hoping to have the same luck. Life doesn't work out the way we want though. On the day Guardian turned eighteen, we were disappointed to find that we are not mates. On that same day, my mawmaw Glenda took me off to the side. She told me that I would find my mate here at this Claiming.

This was three days ago. I broke things off with Dian, that's what Guardian goes by, did an interview for the Howler, and traveled to Florida to be here.

In the distance, fireworks go off in the sky. Howls ring out, announcing the start of the hunt. My heart rate picks up. This is it. By morning I will have found my mate.

It's been two hours and still no mate. There have been a lot of strange noises. When my mom joked about condoms, I thought she was crazy. From the sounds nearby maybe she wasn't wrong about the mate bond.

"I don't want to scare you." A voice coming from the tree line says. It is deep and husky. It echoes around me. I'm not sure where to look, but it has my wolf, Faye's, attention. She is ready to roll over and submit before we even catch our first glimpse.

"I'm not scared." Nervous, anxious, excited, and overwhelmed, but not scared.

He enters the clearing directly ahead of me. In the dim light, it's hard to clearly make out his features, but his hair is dark and he is large. Built like a mountain large. The closer he gets the smaller I feel. His scent has just reached me. He smells like a bonfire. Most might be turned off by it but I find it addictive already. It is warm and woodsy.

He holds out his hand to me once he is within a few feet. It's a strain to look up trying to find his face in the dark. I'm surprised to find him dressed. I thought part of the hunt was for the male's wolf to search for their mate. I take his hand and feel an explosion of sparks erupt from our innocent touch. We both gasp and draw in a breath at the intensity of the bond.

"Why are you wearing clothes." I cover my mouth with my free hand. What is wrong with me?

He chuckles, "Sorry to disappoint, but I'm told that my wolf form is rather intimidating. I didn't want to scare you off. I thought you would be more comfortable if I were wearing clothes."

"I am. I mean, thank you. I somehow doubt that your wolf form could be more intimidating than your human form." Why can't I stop babbling? He's huge though. My wolf is no help right now. If he wanted to have his way with me, I'm not sure even with my Royal bloodline, that I could fight him off.

"Would it help if we sat down? I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable." I nod and without letting go of my hand he sits at the base of the tree. He is wearing a tight t-shirt and sweatpants. I can see every dip and curve of muscle under his shirt. There are a lot of muscles. Muscle on top of muscle. Oh, my Goddess. His skin is a rich bronze color even in the moonlight.

It's his eyes though that calm my nerves. The most brilliant shade of blue. They are so gentle. A stark comparison from his jaw. His jaw is so taunt, it looks as though it may shatter if he grinds it any harder. He is trying so hard to keep his wolf at bay.

I kneel on the blanket in front of him. "Can I ask your name?" His voice has a small growl to it. His wolf wants to surface.

"It's Hailey. Hailey Rayne Forrester." Might as well go with the full name.

"Can I call you Sunshine?" He smiles as he asks. Bright white teeth shine at me and I can just make out a dimple.

"Why would you do that?" I feel my face heat. He already wants to give me a pet name.

"Hailey Rayne sounds like a storm. You will be my light. My sunshine on a cloudy day." I giggle at his words. So cheesy, but adorable at the same time.

"I guess that would be okay." I feel shy under his gaze. He has yet to take his eyes off of me since we meet. Maybe even before he came into the opening. "What should I call you?"

"Yours." He answers without delay. "My name is Everest, though. Most call me Ever or E for short."

"A mountain of a name for a mountain of a man." Kill me now did I just say that out loud.

He chuckles, "I guess my mom knew what she was doing when she named me." I shiver as the sound of his voice wraps around me. "Are you cold?" Before I can answer he rips off his shirt with one hand and offers it to me. My mouth drops open and I'm left speechless. My mouth waters and I may be drooling. If he looked good with clothes on, Goddess, he looks even better without them.

His shirt hangs over our conjoined hands as I shift. It drops to the ground as a pool of wetness grows between my legs. I feel a throb there like I have never felt before. I lick my lips and scoot closer.

"Sunshine," My eyes jerk back to his face at my new favorite name. "I'm trying to be a gentleman, but if you keep looking at me like that."

I sequel and shuffle back. I don't move far. My hand is still in his. It has been since he offered it to me. His grip is firm but gentle. If I wanted to, he would let me pull it away, but I don't want to let go. "Sorry," I mumble as I adjust back closer to him.

A small growl leaves him. "Don't ever be sorry about that. I'm not sorry about how I'm looking at you. I'm not sorry about the scent that hit me the moment I removed my shirt either."

He takes a deep breath like he is about to drop a bomb on me. He turns my hand over in his, staring down at the two. His is so much larger than mine. Maybe twice the size if not more. He draws a pattern of a heart on my palm. I look up to see his face is flush. "What's wrong?"

"I have waited for you." Is he saying what I think he's saying? He cups my face with his free hand. "I'm not telling you this to pressure you. Just the opposite. I don't want you to feel rushed. I would never do that. I just wanted you to know."

What did I do in my past life to deserve this gentle giant? He is everything dreams are made of. Both wet and regular. He waited for me. He's not a fuck boy. He's a gentleman. "I have waited for you too. I never expected that my mate would have. Can I ask why?"

He shrugs his hand still on my face. He's looking deep into my eyes when he says, "Why wouldn't I. It would have felt wrong to be with someone else. My family has kind of a fucked up history when it comes to mates. I didn't want to have any boundaries on my side. I could only hope that my mate would be the same, if not most things can be worked through."

"What do you mean by most things." I lean into him.

"This tree, " He starts and looks up. "It has seen the worst of my family. I am the third generation to find their mate in this spot. My grandparents met here. Let's just say when they met my grandfather was not a gentleman."

I'm confused for a moment and then I catch his drift. "Oh..." I scoot closer to him so we are next to each other against the tree.

"Yeah, my dad was probably conceived where we are sitting. But let's not think too hard about that." He lets go of my hand and wraps his arm around me. He is so warm. He never put his shirt back on, so now my head is leaning on his bare pec. His nipple is pierced and he has a large tattoo across his chest. I'm not sure what it is, but it's massive just like him.

I try to swallow. My mouth is dry. "So... Your dad met your mom here too?"

"No, he met his first mate here." I can't help myself. I reach up and trace a finger over his nipple ring that is just inches from my face. I watch him shudder under my touch.

"His... His first mate?" He pulls me closer, so we are pressed against each other. "She was not a good person. She died under this tree that night. Her brother was my mom's mate. They were involved in some bad things. They were involved with Humans Against Wolves. My dad makes jokes that their first mates were given to them so they could be removed from this world. The Goddess cleaning up her mess through others. He has never been proud of what he did and has suffered for it. My mom was his best friend. His light amongst the darkness. They are second chance mates."

"I get it. Mates can be wonderful or they can be the biggest cause of pain in your life." This feels like the wonderful kind of mating. "My dad was bewitched to think someone else was his mate. It caused then a lot of pain in the beginning, but after... After is what I hope to have with my mate. What I hope to have with you."

A low growl that almost resembles a purr rumbles from his chest. I feel the vibrations through my whole body. It sends another pool of moisture to my panties. He inhales deeply and looks away from me. He leans his head back and I watch his chest rise and fall in rapid concession. His wolf is trying to break through and he is trying to regain control.

"I hope for the same, Sunshine." He swallows deeply. His voice is even deeper now.

"I do have something I need to confess." He looks down at me with a question on his face. His mouth is just inches from mine. "I'm not just a regular wolf. My parents are the King and Queen. I am the future Queen. That makes you the future..." I don't finish my sentence. My nervousness is back. What if he doesn't want the responsibility that comes with being my mate.

He can sense the change in my emotions. "That makes me the future King. I knew that before I walked out here. I knew who you were. I watched your interview. I remember thinking 'wow she is beautiful'. I would never run from you or my responsibilities. I am the Alpha of Elders Island. It's not the same but I do understand what it takes to be in charge."

I relax against him. How did I get so lucky? I can see myself very easily loving this mountain of a man. I can see us being partners as we lead our packs.

He tenses as if he has just thought of something, "Who is Dian?"

"Dian was my boyfriend. We were together for two years. When we found out that we weren't mates we broke things off." I look away as I speak of Dian. The pain of our break is still fresh.

"The two of you were together for a long time. Are you sure things are over?" A tremor runs through him again. This time it is not intended to be seductive, but that doesn't change the fact that it is. "I will fight for what is mine. I do not share."

"I would never expect you to. It's over with him. I am here because I wanted to find you. I knew I would find my mate here." I turn so I am facing him. "You are mine and I am yours."

He tilts his head down pressing our foreheads together. "That you are." I tilt my head up as he leans in. Our lips meet and a new flair of sparks fly. A simple kiss has never felt this charged before. His lips are soft but strong against mine. We press together once, twice, on the third, I lick his bottom lip. His lips part and I slide my tongue in.

With a growl, I am pulled into his lap. His hands grope my back as our tongues dance together. I adjust so I am straddling his lap. I feel his hardness beneath me and moan as it grazes my center. We pull away breathless. "Mine." He growls and pulls me back in. His kiss is more urgent now. I rock my hips over him and he holds me tighter. His lips move to my neck placing a kiss over the spot where he will mark me as his.

My heart rate is through the roof. With a thump to the back of my neck, it is all over. I reach back as if I have been stung by a bee. As my vision starts to blur. I hear Everest growl my name as I show him a small dart in my hand. The last thing I feel, is him shift us so I am under him. Then there is only darkness. No sunshine left to brighten his world.

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