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Chapter 3: I'm Sorry

Chapter 3: I’m Sorry (Xavier’s POV)

When we made it to the house, I decided it was best to sit down and talk to V, before Xand brings my mate. V and I have been together for four years now. She’s fun, not clingy, and she hasn’t ever complained when I brought someone else back to our bed.

We’ve never said that we were a couple, but she practically lives with me. She sits in my lap while I do my Alpha work and keeps me calm. I would never mark a woman, but V is the closest thing to a committed relationship I have ever had.

I got us settled together in my office chair with my arms wrapped around her waist. I don’t want to give her up. I don’t want to have a mate. My life was going so well. I snuggled her closer to me and kissed her shoulder.

“What’s wrong baby?” She asked laying her head back on my chest.

“My mate is here.”

“Oh. Who is she?”

“One of Martha’s relatives. I don’t even know her name. Xand is supposed to bring her by later.”

I felt her whole-body tense. I kissed her neck trying to show her that I do care about her. “So, what are you going to do.” She asked nervously.

“I don’t know. I would love to just reject her, but I need to make an heir. I don’t want her. I want you. I want to continue life as if this never happened. I wish I could just get their heir part without the mate.”

“Then why don’t you just tell her that. You can have your heir and then reject her. She can move on and find someone to make her happy.”

“You make it sound so simple. What would you do if your mate showed up tomorrow?”

“That would depend on you. I would reject my mate in a heartbeat if you made me yours.” I would never let her do that.

“You know I won’t do that.” V wants to be my chosen mate, but you can’t choose a mate until after you either reject your mate, or your mate dies.

“It’s not a decision that I have to make today, but you have to decide what you want to do,” V said as she shifted in my lap. More like grinding her sweet bottom into my hardness. She ran her hands up her full chest and moaned in my lap.

V just gets me. I sucked her neck and replaced her hands with my own. I trailed south knowing that she was already wet and wanting. Once she is nice and juicy, I picked her up, removed her little black dress, and bend her over my desk. I reached into my right drawer for my supply of condoms while dropping my pants. I removed my tie and placed it around her neck, then run a hand down her spine while I continued to remove my suit.

She presses back against me, earning a low growl in response. I rubbed myself against her wetness wanting nothing more than to enter uncovered, but I can’t until after I have made my heir. I pulled back and wrapped the condom over my hardness and slowly enter her from behind. I moved in slow but deliberate strokes.

I didn’t just want to fuck V. I wanted her to know it wasn’t just sex, that I care about her, and this is the only way I knew how to show her. It was hot and passionate.

We had been caught up in each other for a long time when I heard the door open and then quickly slam close. There was a commotion and yelling coming from outside the door. Fuck, Xand is here with my mate. I pulled out of V and found some shorts in the cabinet behind us. I kissed V before I went to leave the room. I mind-linked her to lock the door behind me as I faced my angry mate.

“Ummm... Hi,” I said ruffling my hair and sending a small smile at her.

At that moment Xander let her go before saying, “Hey bro, meet Lexi your mate. She may kill you. I’m going back to the party. Have fun.” Then he turned and left me alone to deal with my pissed-off mate.

Lexi stood in front of me with her eyes red, arms crossed, and tapping her foot like she is waiting for me to explain myself. “Let’s go downstairs and talk.” She blew out a breath in exasperation, but she at least followed.

I lead us to the kitchen and sat at the head of the table. Lexi sat on one of the bar stools at the island. I guess she wanted to keep her distance.

“So, is this where you reject me?” She asked barely above a whisper.

“I’m sorry, but I wish it was that easy.”

“What do you mean.” She asked again this time her voice is laced with anger.

“This is going to be hard to explain. So, can you promise to just hear me out first? I know I haven’t earned your patience, but please allow me the chance to tell you everything.”

“Okay, I’ll listen, but I’m not agreeing to anything until you have told me the whole story... The whole truth.”

“That’s fair. Thank you.” I ruffled my hair again trying to think of where to start. “I have never wanted a mate. Even growing up. You must know about how Xander and I came into this world to fully understand why. My parents had an unconventional start. At The Claiming, they met at, my dad raped my mother. Then brought her back here and locked her up for almost six months. When he finally came to check up on her, she was giving birth, to my brother and me, alone in her bathroom shower.”

She gasped at this information. I am glad that Martha hadn’t shared this about my dad, but it has shaped a lot of my beliefs. I continued with my story, “After we were born, they lied to everyone. Even us. Telling everyone that his mate had died during childbirth and playing off my mother as our nanny for three years.”

She leaned in as I spoke, showing she was genuinely interested in what I was telling her. “He spent those four years fucking everything that had tits and walked. Mom was miserable, but he wouldn’t let her go. It wouldn’t have been an easy task anyway since his wolf marked her. He made her hang around until he was ready. When he finally was ready, he got her shit-faced drunk and got her pregnant again with my twin sisters.”

She sat back riveted by my story. “My mom was the most forgiving mate in the world though and took him back. By doing this, though, she was almost killed by his ex-girlfriend. After all of the crap he put her through, she died suddenly after we turned eighteen. Xander was there, that’s part of the reason why he’s so crazy. My dad’s wolf died along with her. Dad followed a year later, ending his own life.”

She looked stunned by my story, but I still wasn’t done. “Finally, there is Xander’s mate. My poor brother was so excited to find his mate. He saved his virginity for her and thought she would be the answer to all of his problems. He found her at The Annual Claiming with some random Alpha pounding into her like she wasn’t just found by her mate. I know what was going on upstairs didn’t look much different, but it was. His mate then called him a limp dick and made some comments about our mom. His wolf flipped out and killed them both in an absurdly gruesome manner. He spent the next two months in a catatonic state. He hasn’t been right since. He has crazy outbursts and barely talks.”

“Are we talking about the same brother that brought me here?” She asked.

“Yes. Xander just started some new medication, and he has been a completely different person for about a week. I don’t trust that this is a permanent change, yet.” I shifted in my chair at this. I hadn’t said this aloud to anyone. “It has been five generations since an Alpha couple from our family has lived long enough to become an Elder.”

“So, you said it was more complicated than just rejecting me. I don’t see the complication.” She asks with a cold look on her face.

“The complication is, to continue the Alpha line, I have to produce with my mate or a marked chosen mate,” I told her, looking away, as I knew realization was setting in.

“Oh. So, what exactly are you wanting from me? What would happen in your perfect world?” Her voice sounded sad as she asked this.

“In a perfect world, my brother would be stable enough to be Alpha so I wouldn’t have to do this. I would still be Beta and an heir would not be necessary. In the world I live in though, the best-case scenario I can come up with, is to produce a pup with you and then reject you.” I hung my head. I hated this whole thing.

She laughed so hard she almost fell off her stool. “You can’t be serious.” She looked up at me a saw the anger on my face and stopped laughing.

“I am unfortunately serious. We would wait until you come into heat. You know that it will happen. Since we have met and not completed our union. For three days we won’t be able to keep our hands off of each other, and we will have the best chance of you getting pregnant then. I will make sure you are taken care of for the rest of your life. I will have your own quarters built for you. Once the pup comes, we will reject each other. You will be free to find your chosen mate, and I can continue with my life alone.”

“Why would I agree to this?” She hasn’t said ni, so I guess that us better then I could have hoped for.

I got up and walked over to where she was sitting and stood directly in front of her pushing myself in between her legs so we were pressed against each other. “You could try to run little mate, but eventually your heat will be too much, and you will be back. I can lock you up until then, but I don’t want to be that mate.” I placed my fingers under her chin and forced her to look me in the eye. “I could forcefully take you, right here, right now, but I will never be that mate. Our best option is if you come willingly.”

Her breathing had sped up at my last statement. “So what will happen with the pup.”

“We will co-parent as divorced human parents do. We may even get along better. I would never keep you away from your pup, or lie to them about who you truly are.”

“Can I have some time to think this through? It’s a lot to take in, in one day.” She said in a small voice. I could already feel victory in my future.

“I am sorry about this, and I am also sorry to tell you that if you try to run, I will be the mate that locks you up until your heat has come,” I told her as I stepped back away from her and returned to my seat at the table.

I know I am being harsh, so I add, “I am asking for one shot at this. Three days of heat. If it doesn’t take, I will let you go. I will accept your rejection.”

“Understood. I won’t run. Is there somewhere I can go shift? I need to let my wolf out. She is going insane right now.”

“Of course, you can go to the back of the property. There is a nice waterfall and a pool of water there. She will find it a peaceful place. Just go straight through that door and you will see the tree line. What’s your wolf’s name?” The last question was asked by my wolf. He’s curious.

“Akira.” She told me as she quickly made her way to the door and ripped her clothes off with her need to shift. I could understand. Mikey is really agitated by this whole situation too.

“You can come down now V,” I said out loud to a seemingly empty room. I knew she had been listening on the stairs. She had a travel bag in her hand, and my face fell with understanding.

“I’m going to go stay in our apartment in the Packhouse while you work things out with Lexi. I think that she will accept your offer, and I don’t want to make things any harder for her.” V told me in a small sad voice. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close. I agree with her. It will be easier to still be with her too if it’s not here in the house. Lexi is going to have to move in here until I can have other arrangements made.

V stayed in my arms for a while, and then pulled away. She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and turned to leave. I pulled her back and kissed her full beautiful lips passionately, before letting her go. She walked to the door, and I sat back down at the table. I sat there for a while trying to figure out my next move. All I came up with was I needed some help, but who could help me. Xander? My new mate seemed to have gotten along well with him. Maybe he can help me get her to agree.

I mind-linked Xand, “Where are you, man? I need you.”

“Getting head in your office, so fuck off.” With that he closed the mind-link so tightly, I couldn’t even try to communicate with him.

What the fuck? In my office. I’m happy for him, but this is just bullshit. I’m here dealing with V and Lexi and he’s getting head. When did we switch places? When did he become stable enough to seduce a she-wolf? I shook my head and headed towards the Packhouse. I would give him a little time to finish before I ended his good time. He needs a good time. I’m still going to kill him, but after.

The closer I got, the more I came to the realization that Xand was no longer just getting head in my office. Son of a bitch. He was starting to piss me off with this now. Once I made it to the door, I was mad. I banged loudly on the door and shouted “Xand, dude, in my office really. Come the fuck on. I need you.”

It sounded like they had just finished, and we’re making cute conversation that was annoying the piss out of me because they were taking forever. Eventually, I had enough and busted the door open. One of the female guards, I think her name is Courtney, walked past me smiling.

“Hey bro what’s up,” Xander asked with a smirk.

“I should stomp your ass into the ground for that.”

“I’d like to see you try little bro.” Xand has a lot more body mass than I do. He has spent most of his life working out and training, while I found other interests in the form of naked women.

“I need your help.” I change course of action because file threats aren’t going to help me in the long run.

“Not the best way to ask for my help, you know. I was definitely busy.” He said smiling the biggest smile I have seen on his face I think ever. He got laid, that’s for sure.

“Yeah well, every good time has to come to an end. Mine just came to a screeching halt.” I explained to him what I had asked of Lexi, and he laughed at me. I’m getting really tired of people laughing at me today and let out a warning growl.

“Calm down X. What do you need me to do?” Thank fuck. He’s willing to help.

“I need you to try and persuade Lexi into doing this.”

“X, I’m on new meds, not taking pills that give me magical powers.” He replied with a wicked smile.

“You just persuaded a female guard to have sex with you in the Alpha’s office, so maybe there is a little magic in those pills.”

He smiled again, and said, “Maybe your right. I’ll talk to her. You said she went for a run out by the waterfall?”

“Yes. Thank you, so much for this. I like being able to depend on you.”

“Don’t get too used to it. I have a feeling I’m going to be busy with that guard for a while. Also I... I’m not sure how long this will last. It’s not the first time we thought we found the right meds to help me.” Xander told me with a look of pain in his eyes.

“Well, then how about we both enjoy it while it lasts. You have fun with the guard, not in my office, and you help your little brother out with his mate problem.”

“Done, I just can’t make any promises on it not happening in your office again.” He said with his smirk returning. He clapped a hand on my shoulder and left. I hoped, to convince Lexi.

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